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  1. "Bank of America Corp. is adding a 32-story office tower to its Ritz-Carlton hotel project in uptown. A news conference is scheduled for noon today at Founders Hall. The tower will join a redesigned 17-floor Ritz at property the Charlotte bank owns across College Street from its uptown headquarters, spokesman Terry Francisco said. The hotel will still have 150 rooms. The Ritz will now open a year later in 2009. The office tower is scheduled to debut in 2010. The bank will occupy 25 percent of the tower with about 1,200 employees, some new hires and some from the existing workforce. The bank says it has 14,000 employees in uptown and 15,000 in the greater Charlotte area."
  2. The Borg is a good ride. Maybe it doesn't take much to satisfy me... Top Gun is my favorite ride at the park.
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