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  1. Which Gilmore site is this? I have been woefully out of touch.
  2. Isn't that the corner where Elle got dumped and had to phone her step-brother with her cell phone in Clueless? It is truly glamorous!!!
  3. I love this Meijer, too. We call it "International Meijer" and usually go there or to Knapp Street. I like the size of Int'l Meijer and the fact that the layout has stayed relatively the same over the years. And like you, I love to hear the vast array of languages spoken by the shoppers.
  4. How'dja get up there? Guess I better be careful what I say, eh? Nice shots.
  5. Have never used Hotwire. Have used both Travelocity and Expedia. But lately I've been going directly through the airline. For instance, if you know which airlines fly into your destination city the most, go on their website and check them first. You can often get a lower fare there. I recently flew from GR to San Francisco for $230. You can generally get Chicago to San Francisco for $200 or under, but to add GR for only $30 extra was amazing, and time saving. Wish I could help more with GR-LAX. Maybe try Southwest.
  6. What's a Kansas City Dipping Company? Does anyone know what's going in across from the Kava House? Speaking of which, who would have thought a coffee joint in an old dry cleaner would turn into such a cash cow? Not me unfortunately.
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