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  1. gibby

    SunRail Polk County already paid for a nice study for Sunrail expansion. The real issue over there appears to be re-routing CSX freight out of downtown, which would be expensive to take care of.
  2. gibby

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    I finally read the full report and I was surprised that the units along Orange were removed because the ARB requested that. They wanted the drop-off area on Orange to mirror the drop-off area for the Courthouse. I think it would look better if there were units facing Orange and the garage was hidden.
  3. gibby

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    When is the earliest that any of the new terminal gates will be ready?
  4. gibby

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    There are plenty of developers that don't want to value engineer down to the last nickel on projects and who do want to have a good looking product when everything is finished.
  5. gibby

    Lake Nona - Medical City

    I think Nona is a great example of well managed sprawl but it's still sprawl. There are parts of Horizons West that are very well planned out by the County and those areas will be 1000X better sprawl than stuff from the 90's like Hunter's Creek but all these areas create hard to solve transportation problems for the future and they will hinder downtown growth. I do agree that Tavistock did get some huge commitments for development in that area and it has been helpful for the region but definitely bad for downtown growth.
  6. gibby

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    Most cities have been getting better about requiring the garages to be hidden behind some kind of useful space, Modera Midtown Atlanta for example. If there's some kind of use like apartment units hiding the garage on at least two sides of the building, then I don't really mind the pedestals too much. Disappointed that the ARB didn't require that for this project, especially since their initial submittal included the units facing Orange.
  7. gibby

    X Orlando | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    I'm glad that it's moving forward but the east elevation looks worse with all of those units facing Orange eliminated.
  8. gibby

    Ideal Orlando Public Transportation

    1. Sunrail to MCO without a transfer station. 2. OBX to Lynx Station. 3. Greyhound, Red Coach, etc... located adjacent to Lynx Station. 4. Sunrail to downtown Deland. 5. Sunrail expansion to Tampa Union Station.
  9. gibby

    The Brightline

    Wasn't double tracking the CSX line for the southern expansion included in the $150mm cost?
  10. gibby

    The Brightline

    Any idea why it would cost $250mm for Sunrail to connect? The entire southern expansion was about $150mm I think, including stations. Thanks.
  11. gibby

    The Brightline

    I don't remember anyone with the City making a push to have a downtown stop be part of the GOAA negotiations with Brightline. Someone could have done something. If there was a behind-the-scenes effort that failed, then fine but I have no evidence of that being the case. Downtown was clearly left as an afterthought. We will be stuck with a square peg in round hole, quarter billion dollar Sunrail connection situation when we could have resolved this much earlier if anyone had at least tried.
  12. gibby

    The Brightline

    I agree. The other cities get huge investments into their downtowns and we get to sit around trying to piece together a complicated, two-seat, quarter billion dollar, three mile transfer station-style airport connection. We should have allowed them to use our brand new zillion dollar airport station with a condition that they connect downtown or at least something better than the current situation.
  13. gibby

    The Brightline

    Lots of interesting clues. This will end up being great for Tampa.
  14. gibby

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    They received building department comments on 6/20 and have not resubmitted plans yet.
  15. gibby


    Yeah, the ridership for both hospitals is terrible and I don't get it.