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  1. Uptown

    It seems easier for the train to just back up into the station, after it gets onto the main track. I'm not sure how much time would be lost but maybe only 4-5 minutes. Yes, I totally forgot about the Amtrak train length issue. It would fit just fine at the South Street station location though, where that pond is.
  2. Uptown

    I think the bus connections are too critical. I think Greyhound is supposed to relocate to near Central Station soon also. I think Amtrak should relocate and it would be great if Brightline had added a tag-on into downtown and included the station next to Central Station. I agree that the spur alignment is very inconvenient.
  3. Uptown

    I've wondered about the same thing. I do think that the I-4 improvement plans show that new spur but I forgot how I found those plans.
  4. Metro Orlando Airport News

    FLL takes a lot of international traffic away from MIA also.
  5. I think it looks great, especially from the lake. We need ten more similar size projects asap.
  6. Where can I find information about this 408 bike trail?
  7. I'm counting 23 floors plus the green feature on the top.
  8. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Yes, that retaining wall is terrible. I have not seen a site plan. How would the drive-thru function?
  9. Amway Center

    How will Hughey function in this area? Seems like the brown diamonds conflict with Hughey.
  10. Crazy! Pine Street was supposed to connect through. This plan is garbage. The City is being played if they even think about going along with this nonsense.
  11. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Oh, wow. What a shame.
  12. Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    They need to get rid of that delivery lane on Orange and pull the entire retail section closer to the road.
  13. Pretty exciting. Hopefully, some real demo will start tomorrow.
  14. There will be an outdoor patio for the burger place. It should look pretty nice when finished.