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  1. gibby


    Why can't the OBX train just back into LCS?
  2. gibby

    Orlando Transit

    Connecting downtown to the airport is #1 on my wish list. Rail to the convention center would be #2.
  3. I walk past this property at least twice a day and I'm very anxious for it to be redeveloped but this looks really bad. It's just a big parking garage with some units on top. The driveway locations look good but the building is terrible. They should at least move the tall part of the building to the west side of the site instead of the east side. The 520 project looks great along Eola Drive. Hopefully, the City has them put units on Eola Drive instead of the parking garage. I wonder if they even met with staff before coming up with this.
  4. They should split the Tampa-Orlando trains and the Orlando-Tampa trains in Auburndale with half of each train going to Miami and the other halves going to Orlando or Tampa. Northbound trains from Miami should also split and Auburndale with half going to Tampa and half going to Orlando. This would almost double service without increasing track usage much at all.
  5. And it's the same team that totally hid the garage on the Lakehouse project. I'm still not really sure where the Lakehouse garage is. This project is awesome but the I-4 side is a real letdown.
  6. Orlando has a huge north-south urban strip to work with. I think it's very comparable to Atlanta on a smaller scale. Also, Atlanta has tons of single family just east of Piedmont.
  7. I totally agree. Also, the Brickell project has mostly underground parking even with a high water table. The water table at the Sentinel site is pretty low and would allow for at least one level of actual below ground parking, I believe.
  8. gibby

    Brightline Trains

    Is that due to a Beachline agreement issue? I was looking forward to taking it to Cocoa someday.
  9. gibby

    Brightline Trains

    Beyond the obvious craziness of this, the fact that someone would call the co-chair of the House Blue Dog Coalition a "leftist" is pretty nutty.
  10. gibby


    This is going to be my favorite post, going forward.
  11. If they can get that sweet road grid added through there and get a ton of units entitled, I'll be happy.
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