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  1. I played around with some ideas for this about five years ago. It really does need to be reconnected.
  2. Exactly. Two way traffic should help fix that, I would hope.
  3. Anything that blocks the view of the Landmark Buildings is an improvement.
  4. This is the worst part, by far. Was this done because of Church Street being closed so often for Area events? It still seems like they could have found a better way.
  5. They typed Jefferson instead of Jackson by mistake, apparently.
  6. This happened for sure? I thought that was cancelled or put on hold.
  7. There were also some surveyors out there a few days ago when I jogged by.
  8. gibby


    I agree. Getting it extended to Lakeland would be awesome. There's a big CSX traffic and r/w width issue near downtown Lakeland. Hopefully, someone will try to get that resolved. Allowing CSX to share the new I-4 track from Plant City to Auburndale would be a great solution IMO.
  9. They finally got re-started on the block work for floor #4 today. It's been about four weeks since they slowed down. Hopefully, it'll start going pretty fast now.
  10. I checked the City permitting website and they appear to be actively pursuing their building permit. Their last resubmittal was on April 22. They probably need to appear before the ARB one more time but it looks like this is very close to receiving full construction plan approval.
  11. There's about 87 feet available between the railroad r/w line and the existing parking garage. There should be plenty of room to build something nice there. They should build twin residential towers with parking in the existing garage.
  12. They're working out there every day but it's hard to see any noticeable progress over the past 3-4 weeks.
  13. They finally started construction on this thing this week.
  14. I've lived in Thornton Park since 2005 and the planes have never bothered me. During certain weather patterns (this is my guess), they fly directly over my house during the afternoon.
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