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  1. gibby

    Central FL Roads and Highways

    I think it would be great to have some type of development there instead of the pond. The pond could certainly be re-designed to at least allow some townhomes facing Colonial with garages in the rear. Connecting the west part of Colonial Drive to the North Quarter area could really help. I-4 is already a huge barrier. It seems like a bad idea to make that barrier wider by putting the pond there.
  2. gibby

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    If all or most of the recent proposals make it out of the ground, it will no longer be no man's land.
  3. Yes, 55W has units on the Church St. side of their parking garage and you can't tell if there is a garage at all.
  4. I still can't believe that the Developer wanted to hide the parking garage with units along Orange Avenue and the City had them remove most of the units and now we'll have an exposed parking garage to look at.
  5. gibby

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    Republicans pulled this trick out early in the campaign but it never stuck. There were like 2-3 days when they slung this around on-line but it never went anywhere except for MAGA cultists. It was clearly a made-up charge.
  6. gibby

    THE Orlando Photo Thread

    That's note the Angebilt. That's the building across from the Plaza. BTW, I used to have my office in the Angebilt and it was great. The original glass on the windows let a lot of heat in though.
  7. gibby

    THE Orlando Photo Thread

  8. gibby

    Olive Townhomes in South Eola

    Hopefully, the remaining lots to the east will have cross-access to use the new Pine Street driveway that the Olive is building. That would allow easy redevelopment of those remaining lots facing Summerlin.
  9. gibby

    Other Metro Area Projects

    I agree. I thought the City/County had TOD based overlay design requirements for areas near all the stations.
  10. I think all these ideas are great, especially the trail and the O-line but I still can't believe that the City didn't pressure FDOT to include underpasses for Miller and Columbia as part of the I-4 work. They at least should have gotten some pedestrian underpasses included.
  11. gibby

    Olive Townhomes in South Eola

    I think the City policy is to have a max height of 35' along Summerlin, transitioning to a max height of 120' on Eola, with a max height of 200' on the west side of Eola. I just hope that when the corners of Summerlin/Pine or Summerlin/Central are redeveloped, they're able to utilize the same driveway that this project is building. This project will have eight units total, including the duplex on Central. Replacing four houses (that haven't even been lived in recently, as far as I can tell) with eight lived-in units is a great addition to the neighborhood. I hope it spurs some new development nearby.
  12. gibby

    Olive Townhomes in South Eola

    I like the project.
  13. gibby

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    It's great to see Pine Street poking through on that map. Hopefully, the City will stay committed to that.
  14. The second crane is up.