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  1. gibby

    Brightline Trains

    Is that due to a Beachline agreement issue? I was looking forward to taking it to Cocoa someday.
  2. gibby

    Brightline Trains

    Beyond the obvious craziness of this, the fact that someone would call the co-chair of the House Blue Dog Coalition a "leftist" is pretty nutty.
  3. gibby


    This is going to be my favorite post, going forward.
  4. If they can get that sweet road grid added through there and get a ton of units entitled, I'll be happy.
  5. I think this is exactly correct.
  6. gibby


    Thank you. So, the goofy shuttle service is still an option? If someone lives in downtown Kissimmee and wants to go to downtown Orlando or to the airport, what would those two options look like?
  7. gibby


    I'm still pretty lost on what's being proposed. What is the current proposal for Sunrail to connect to the airport?
  8. Ah, yes. That's true. I forgot about that. Good catch.
  9. She voted nay. Zero republicans voted for it.
  10. I think this is a great policy. When our downtown population doubles, I'll be happy that we have space set aside for retail/restaurant use on all of these main corridors. Walking past an empty retail space is way better than walking past a block-long parking garage, in the meantime.
  11. Wow, that looks excellent. Thanks for the photo.
  12. That's a 60' r/w that would be signalized, not a small alley. It could eventually poke its way north to connect to the quasi road located behind the 7s project. Having three signals super close together and using some alternate pavement for this stretch would really slow cars down and make it feel like part of downtown.
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