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  1. I think that's for the commercial space. The townhomes are supposed to be located along Mariposa.
  2. gibby

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    It's much more urban now but it wasn't much different than the LHP area (now) in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The MARTA station really changed that area but it's really grown in the last few years, especially since they added the 17th Street overpass. It's still only one block away from a single family neighborhood.
  3. gibby

    Orlando Museum of Art Downtown property?

    It's 2.5 miles from downtown Atlanta to the High Museum. It's 2.7 miles from downtown Orlando to Loch Haven Park. I think Loch Haven is a good location, but the City needs to help encourage some complimentary uses nearby.
  4. gibby

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I hope you're right. A Lake Nona location is absurd.
  5. gibby

    Economics and Communities

    I read that book in 2009. It outlines everything very well.
  6. gibby

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    This project is really coming together.
  7. This thing is fully under construction. I didn't realize that it was this far along.
  8. gibby

    Economics and Communities

    What are you basing this on? This is like the exact opposite of what actually happened.
  9. Their retention pond is located underground, beneath the parking lot. The bottom of that underground pond needs to be at least a foot or so above the water table so that ended up dictating the grade of the center. Putting the retention underground typically means that the site is about 2-3 feet higher than a comparable site with a normal surface retention pond (like the Wawa across the street). Older developments nearby don't have retention ponds so they often tend to be closer to a normal street grade.
  10. I took this yesterday from the second level of 55 West.
  11. gibby

    The Brightline

    I agree. This connection is going to be very complicated and something will end up being substandard (having to switch trains or increased travel times between Kissimmee and downtown). Having the main train station be located about 5 miles east of our main train line makes everything difficult. I think the best option is to have all Sunrail trains stop at the airport, using the new Brightline tracks through the OUC spur. This will screw up travel times between Kissimmee and downtown but they can hopefully minimize the delay. This will make a transfer station unnecessary and Brightline won't need to have an extra station between the airport and wherever their next stop will be. The best option (other than Brightline building a station downtown) would be to have the OBX service stop at LYNX station and then go straight to the airport so Sunrail could get downtown from Kissimmee faster. This would not help folks from Kissimmee get to the airport though but it would fix the Sunrail travel time issue.
  12. I remember it needed a lot of dirt to sit there for surcharging but that dirt has been gone for years.