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  1. I think downtown Orlando and Tampa each have about 15,000 and downtown Miami has about 90,000. It's hard to find a very good source for the info though.
  2. Wow, we'll have Orange/Robinson, Radius, 520 Church and this thing all under construction at the same time. That's probably 1,000 to 1,500 units.
  3. I checked the City permitting website and nothing has been submitted to the City for this property, other than the conceptual zoning approval application in 2018.
  4. I love that building. I hope they don't do something similar to what was done to the Metropolitan.
  5. Really? That's an excellent point. It's still beyond my understanding how the City has not forcefully made them extend Pine.
  6. It filled in the gap a bit. There's still a few gaps to go though.
  7. No. I've tried getting help from her office in the past and was very disappointed.
  8. No, I gave up. The City was not being very forthcoming with info so I gave up.
  9. Construction plans have been formally resubmitted to the City. Apparently, they got their ARB approval for the updated design. They could be approved in a couple of weeks unless they have further denials. I'm guessing that they could start construction in maybe February.
  10. The Seattle area has an unemployment rate of 3.3%. It's down about 1-1.5% since the wage laws were passed. California has an unemployment rate of 3.9%.
  11. Wait, you're saying that California has a terrible economy and that it started to be terrible after minimum wage laws took effect?
  12. It's actually a very excellent paper.
  13. Other than maybe the immediate area near the station, why can't both systems use the same tracks between the airport and the main Sunrail line?
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