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  1. I'm expecting the new building to breathe life into CCS. Won't there be an entrance through the Bumby Arcade to get to the new building? Also, with the ballroom gone, folks will be able to walk along the west side of the tracks from South to Church, which should be a huge help and the southbound Sunrail station can finally move to its correct location.
  2. I'm lost. Is there some significant demo of Church Street Station that was approved other than that crap ballroom? The private tenant issue seems to be miles away from being relevant to this approval.
  3. Has it been confirmed that both Phase 1 and Phase 2 are to be built together? I've seen kinda conflicting info on that.
  4. It's going to look sharp from the lake when it's complete.
  5. Both Pine and Central garage doors are always open when I walk by, including this morning. I don't think I've ever seen them closed. It's surprising that there isn't a cut-through traffic issue.
  6. A Cambria Suites is under construction on the same property and a Best Western Premier will be starting soon across the street.
  7. Downtown Houston has over forty full city blocks dedicated to surface parking lots. Surprisingly, they've done a good job keeping their street grid together though. Once we get rid of about 90% of our prime downtown surface parking lots, I'll start getting interested in height. Back on topic, I'm surprised that this project went ahead and applied for a foundation permit for tower #2. Does it seem more likely that they might do phases 1 and 2 together or is there some logistical reason that they would want to do the foundation for phase 2 early?
  8. Foundation permit (BLD2019-15894) has been approved and no fees are due so this should be starting right away. They've also applied for vertical construction for tower 1 and a foundation permit for tower 2 but those were only submitted on Wednesday. Appears that they're calling the project Society Orlando now, unfortunately.
  9. Construction plans for this project have been approved by the City. I expect that this could get started at any time.
  10. I think the Downtown Development Board boundary looks nearly perfect, except maybe the area east of Lake Cherokee. The population numbers on their website are probably for the CRA boundary but that probably only inflates the number maybe 10-15%. I'm starting to think that their 43,000 population number might be pretty accurate for the CRA. I've counted around 12,500 units existing or under construction and that's just for buildings larger than 20 units. I'm surprised some planning group doesn't have a good database on all major US downtowns so apples to apples comparisons could be easier. http://www.downtownorlando.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/DwntwnCRA_DDB_Map-7.24.17-1.pdf
  11. Thanks for the excellent analysis. I agree with basically all of this but I do think that Tampa has done way better with historic preservation compared to Orlando. I don't think that's even close. They also have an excellent downtown street grid (like Jax), which is mostly intact (compared to Orlando).
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