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  1. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    Is an updated schedule available yet?
  2. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    The Mayor is on both the OUC and GOAA boards. He and the State could have had this all figured out before building a zillion dollar train station/parking garage in a field 40 minutes south of downtown.
  3. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    I was not proposing that Sunrail run trains literally through the Brightline yard. I just meant that they should share lines from just east- northeast of the yard to the airport station.
  4. gibby

    Radius | 13-Story Residential [Proposed]

    I'd like to see a night-time rendering to see how the south elevation works. It seems like they just incrementally added stuff on that elevation just to get it by the Board. The NW elevation looks good but won't be viewed nearly as much as the south elevation.
  5. Artwork went up on the south side today.
  6. gibby

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Hopefully, they just needed to free up some cash to help finance Phase 2. Too bad they won't be involved with Phase 3. I think they did a great job with 420.
  7. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    It's 22 minutes on Amtrak.
  8. I like the idea of putting a new tower where the ballroom is but I can't understand how they would even consider demolishing the interiors of the south side of Church Street Station.
  9. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    They'll need their own spur to go around the actual maintenance yard (roughly one mile) but they should be able to share Brightline tracks from there north to the station. Regarding the OUC spur, I don't see how double tracking that line would cost very much. It's only about three miles.
  10. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    I cannot understand how they are coming up with this $250mm price tag. It's only a few miles of existing track that needs to be double-tracked. Brightline will be extending the line south from the airport train station to the OUC spur for their maintenance yard anyway. The OUC spur is obviously owned by OUC. The Mayor is on the OUC board. Most of the adjacent property along the spur is also owned by OUC and is undeveloped. This shouldn't be difficult.
  11. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    They should have had Brightline take care of all or a portion of the connection.
  12. gibby

    SunRail [Phase 1 Completed]

    It's my understanding that it's on hold because the cost was so high.
  13. The entrance will be on Pine Street.
  14. gibby

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Approved]

    All of the cars that normally park on the property are now parking on the Phase 3 property across the street. It looks very promising.