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  1. It ended during the height of fuel costs when many airlines were cutting back on routes and trying to save anywhere possible. It seemed to have good demand so perhaps it will return someday.
  2. Not only that, I'd wager construction costs have gone up a lot more then seven million since this was proposed.
  3. All groundbreakings are symbolic gestures, hence the shiny shovels. That being said, actual work is getting done as I type... site prep in the form of environmental cleanup. I'm happy this work will be done before the snow flies. Maybe I'm a little too optimistic but I guarantee there are plans. Maybe they are being tweaked but generally renderings and plans are worked on very early in the process. Just because we haven't seen them doesn't mean they don't exist.
  4. The construction work going on now is environmental remediation work. They are in the process of removing two large tanks believed to contain petroleum contaminants. This work will take 6-8 weeks and completes the site for actual construction to begin in the spring.
  5. Nothing yet, but keep in mind, in most projects there are two fronts... the public and private. You can be assured the Nitkin has been working with his architect behind the scenes while the more public effort of securing funding was going on.
  6. I won't argue with many of those points, but 1 and 2 are not really negatives if you think of it outside the box. Phoenix sold their Enfield location to Mass Mutual, opening the door for them to move closer to their home office of Springfield. In the process, I'd argue a Hartford company, The Phoenix, got stronger and a stronger Hartford presence by reclaiming 100% of the Boat building (which many floors were being rented out). ING, is a European company with no ties to Hartford is at least staying in CT... their moving also opened the door to Travelers and Aetna (Hartford based companies) to strengthen their downtown presence. If I had to choose, I prefer to see Hartford become the Ins capitol again. Number 4 just makes me mad, so I won't comment.
  7. Any word about filling that retail space? Heard mumblings some time ago about a bookstore (borders I think) and a high end grocery store.
  8. I like to think there are plans in existence if they are discussing phases of development and funding... but who knows with this project.
  9. Someone else could probably answer definitively, but I think it's apts at first, to be converted to condos after 5 years.
  10. It was in the courant the other day, but I too didn't noticed it online. But rest assured, it's official. No idea if we'll see any plans before the funding gets finalized (the 120 day window). Hopefully ground will be broken this summer... to bad they just paved it
  11. Awesome news... A little worrisome about the 120 day ultimatum thrown down for the funding by Nitkin's group. Likely just a little paranoia given the time that's elapsed on this project.
  12. I agree about adding just any retail... but something like an outlet village is a destination that people already travel hours upon hours for all thoughout NE. Plus Front street has the Convention center crowd to draw on. It's really a unique location and not your typical rehab rebuilding in the heart of a city. Put something unique that neither of the regional malls offer and it will do well without hurting Buckland/West Farms/Blue Back. Throwing a random retail store in the heart of downtown right now... while I hope someone does it, that would most definitely be a gamble. A charming village of premium outlet stores clustered together, easy money.... J.Crew, Calvin Klein, Polo you name it. People eat these places up.
  13. what's it cost to park in the convention center? or maybe some underground parking could be worked in. Just an idea. I feel like Front Street needs to offer something (retail oriented) that the malls don't. The other idea I had was a Fanual Hall like place... but I still feel like an outlet village would hit the spot. But, you are correct, parking needs to be considered.
  14. Exactly!!! It would be a destination that shoppers would come to the city for... and boost appeal for conventions. You can also add some residential (condos or apts) above the stores.
  15. Should I stop holding my breath now? Anyhwho, I still maintain that a retail outlet village would be perfect at Front Street (a la Clinton, CT or Wretham, MA). It would appeal to the West Hartford crowd while not competing with it and it offers something that Buckland doesn't (Buckland is utilitarian shopping not a destination). It would also be great for the convention crowd.
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