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  1. Haven't actually been in yet to sample the goods, but have seen the decor and it's eh compared to Urban Mill's. I'm pretty sure they painted, and the color palette isn't as bright as before. And there are lots of "coffee" themed pictures, nothing too original.
  2. That, and the fact that the inside is completely torn up. I peeked this morning on the way into work, and they've got a ways to go...
  3. I don't know if Hopcat is still opening on the 17th, but they're definitely doing some serious work in there. I can't see much through the windows, but I can hear what sounds like a jackhammer from a few floors up...
  4. Corner of Fulton and Ionia - not sure if this has been posted about already or not - but there is going to be a sports bar going in at this location that's been empty for so long. Couldn't get an opening date or even a name out of the nice guy who was in and out of there yesterday afternoon. He would only say that it was going to be "pretty sweet."
  5. La Flor on Eastern and Burton is out and the sign says that "El Chisme" is in - don't know when, though. There are a couple of El Chisme's in the Chicago area, but I don't know if this is part of a chain or what. Hope not...
  6. Didn't Sephora used to be in Woodland? They must be ready for another shot at GR...
  7. Looks like it's a second location for Skinny's - the first is in the Ramblewood Center on 44th in Wyoming. I hope they do well... I think S-Curve closed because business slowed way down - they tried cutting back their hours at first and then just closed it down altogether.
  8. Does anyone know what went in on the basement level of 100 Grandville? It used to be the S-Curve Deli, which unfortunately closed earlier this year, but this morning I saw a neon sign that I think said Cafe - I couldn't read the rest...
  9. I heard this weekend that Real Food Cafe is opening another location up near Northland Drive. It's supposed to open next month, I think.
  10. Finally! Two new stores in Spartan's future Tuesday, July 18, 2006 By Chris Knape The Grand Rapids Press Two new grocery stores owned by Spartan Stores Inc. are expected to anchor major developments being planned along East Beltline Avenue NE and Northland Drive. The area's first P.F. Chang's China Bistro is the only other tenant announced for the Village.
  11. Looks like it - here's a link to a PDF of the flyer: http://www.dwellingplacegr.org/images/home...iving_flyer.pdf
  12. Parade of Downtown Living starts on Friday and goes through Sunday. Friday: 4 - 8 Saturday: 10 - 5 Sunday: 11 - 3 If anyone is interested, Tall House (Stop #9) is hosting a little cocktail party from 4 - 8 on Friday...
  13. For anyone who was interested - GRYP is not confirming next week Thursday as the official sneak preview of the new Monte's. The unwind meetings are usually the last Thursday of every month, but the last email from GRYP said they couldn't promote a specific date. Hopefully it's soon, though - I'm getting very curious.
  14. There's a Beaner's going up there too - but closer to Lake Eastbrook Drive. Doesn't that seem kind of close to Breton and 28th Street?
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