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  1. University of Washington webcams: http://www.washington.edu/cambots/
  2. Those stations happen to be in two of the major activity epicenters of Seattle. So no, it is not an amusement ride.
  3. The monorail links Seattle's major shopping district with Seattle Center where Key Arena, Opera House, Memorial Stadium, etc. is located and many fairs and festivals take place. More than tourists use the monorail. I think what you are trying to get at is that it is not a commuter line. When I worked downtown, I only used it to get events at Seattle Center.
  4. Sundodger


    Seattle unveiled their jersey today: Microsoft will pay the club $4,000,000 a year for five years. They also announced that season ticket deposits had reached 16,200 and they are having a 102% conversation rate of deposits to season tickets. In a few months (or less), Seattle will lead the MLS in season ticket sales. Season ticket holders: 1. Toronto FC - 16,641 2. Seattle Sounders FC - 16,200 (begins play in 2009) 3. Los Angeles Galaxy - 7,915 4. D.C. United - 5,976 5. Philadelphia - 5,000 (rough estimate of ticket deposits from mid-May; begins play in 20
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    NBA Talk

    ^ Mark Cuban is the man. He should be NBA commish, David Stern sucks. Bud Selig is thousands of times a superior commish to that corrupt, angry, liar, David Stern.
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    Here are some aerials of Chambers Bay from 2005 right before construction Looking west over South Puget Sound toward the Olympic Mountains: Looking east, Mt. Rainier & Mt. Adams in distance, Ft. Lewis and McChord Air Force Base also visible: Looking north towards the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Tacoma is below 'Inc.'. Seattle in distance just below the larger mountain, which is Mt. Baker. Glacier Peak is the other prominent visible mountain:
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    The USGA just announced that Chambers Bay will host both the 2010 U.S. Amateur & the 2015 U.S. Open. Chambers Bay is a new municipal course in University Place, Washington, just outside of Tacoma. Here are some articles on the subject: U.S. Open here? It took a vision - Tacoma News Tribune Digging An Open Landmark - Golf Digest Chambers Bay is that good - Golf Digest Pics of Chambers Bay and Wisconsin's Erin Hills - Golf Digest Highlights: [*]Chambers Bay opened just last June, and it
  8. Sundodger


    Here is a press release from a few days ago: MLS Seattle Reaches 10,000 Season Ticket Memberships (from Seattle MLS) KIRKLAND, WASH.
  9. There is a 100% chance the Sonics will not be in the city limits of Seattle. Blame the idiot mayor and grossly inept city council for that. I am glad I no longer live in Seattle proper. When the heck are the voters going to wake up? Go Renton!
  10. Actually the only way to get the NHL is to save the Sonics. If they build a new arena in Bellevue, it will be NHL viable. Key Arena is not NHL viable.
  11. ^ that wasn't Seattle U's problem, they were a D1 powerhouse. They finished 2nd overall in the NCAA basketball tournament in the Elgin Baylor days. Part of the reason they dropped down was the program was getting a little shady.
  12. Seattle U. making a Div. I comeback? USF Director of Athletics Bill Hogan Named Athletics Director at Seattle University That would be sweet. It was stupid for them to kill their successful D-1 program in 1980. Gonzaga and Portland have both shown that Seattle U. was wrong in that decision. Hopefully they can work their way into the West Coast Conference adding a third NW school to the three Bay Area schools and the three So. Cal schools.
  13. That isn't Portland's weather, we are talking Portland, OR, not Portland, ME. Portland doesn't get much rain at all during the summer. The rain in the PNW is seasonal; wet and mild winters, dry summers with no or low humidity. It goes weeks without rain. No thundershowers, nothing.
  14. That means every city east of Denver is too rainy for baseball then. Charlotte gets a heck of a lot more rain during the baseball season as Portland. Portland gets 12.07 inches of rain on average Apr-Oct. Only the MLB cities in CA, CO, & AZ get less. Sure it does.
  15. It was Yakima, WA but that store closed. The smallest is probably Anchorage, AK. Next smallest after that would probably be Salem, OR, if you don't count it as part of the Portland metro. Spokane, WA would probably be after that.
  16. Portland is twice as far as Seattle from where I live. Look at my avatar, can't see anything like that in Oregon. Heck, google the word "sundodger." I am a Mariners fan and assoc. with Seattle, not Portland. Heck, I lived there until 2001. Portland is where I go to avoid sales tax on expensive items. I am just stating the reality about the Portland market. Like it or not, it is the best open market for MLB currently but that is another topic for another thread I guess. On the original topic, work with Richmond and put an NFL stadium in Williamsburg for a regional Virginia franchise al
  17. You can't agree with what is not true. Hollywood, sure, but when do major sports teams take on a suburban identity? 13.8 miles from DT Miami to Dolphins Stadium, 16.97 miles from DT Ft. Lauderdale to Dolphins Stadium per Mapquest.com. So Miami address, in Miami-Dade County, and closer to Miami to boot.
  18. How is this any different than Turner South? Wouldn't a team in Charlotte hurt Turner South and the BRaves? Of course it would, but there is nothing they can do about it. No they do not. Again, read MLB's rules. Actually they do fall within MLB T.V. markets; the whole entire country is portioned off! Portland is a major league city. People rather watch MLB or play baseball, hence Portland's great MLB T.V. ratings and the great baseball played in the Portland area. Portland is a great baseball city. Portland's stadium is horrible and if you have ever bee
  19. Who here doesn't know this? I was just telling you in the last thread the stadium isn't in Ft Lauderdale nor even in the same county as Ft. Lauderdale, that's all. FSN = Turner South. There is nothing they can do about it! Do you know MLB's rules? Portland does not fall within Seattle's radius; there is nothing they can do but beotch and whine. D.C. was another story as it is 35 miles from Baltimore. Exactly, it doesn't fall within a current team's territory. D.C., San Jose, and N. NJ have these issues; Portland, Norfolk, and Charlotte do not. Understand?
  20. Are you serious? Realigning a few teams is nothing close to the other changes made recently. If you look at recent precedence, MLB is quite comfortable with it currently. Hence interleague play, wildcard, extra divisions, league affiliation changes, etc. Seattle only broadcasts in Portland because FSN carries the games there. They are not the same t.v. market. Does Charlotte have TBS or Turner South? How about Norfolk? The economics doesn't work presently for that dream to be realized. Then why say the nonsense above if you really believe MLB is open to more change?
  21. A minor realignment is no big deal anymore after all the changes the last 11 years. It isn't an issue that will affect a team's relocation. You can say the samething about Charlotte - Atlanta and Norfolk - DC. The reality is that the two cities are too far apart for other franchises to do anything about them. DC-Balt. situation was different as DC fell within MLB's defined radius of another franchise. Portland, Charlotte, & Norfolk don't have this to worry about other franchises as they fall out of the defined radius, E. Rutherford, NJ however does not and will have to work a
  22. No, that isn't true. They moved to D.C. because it was by far the best market to relocate to. All they have to do if the Marlins move to Portland is move the Pirates to the East, Rockies to the Central, & Marlins to the West. Another thing they could do is switch the Marlins to the AL and another team to the NL to fix the AL West's geographic inbalance and create a regional rivalry with Seattle.
  23. ^ The Expos stayed on the east coast because DC was by far the best open market for MLB. It had nothing to do with east vs. west.
  24. I don't see it that way. Portland is a less saturated sports market than Charlotte. Also the westcoast needs one more team for balance. Plus Portland is way ahead of the game with ballpark financing and working with MLB.
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