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  1. Most of you are probably aware of this already. With Model D's redesigned website, they now have a pretty good "development database." http://www.modeldmedia.com/developmentprojects/
  2. Great updates Michi! dtown: The Ellington is located at the corner of Woodward and Mack. Also, it's nice to see that the police station on Park's getting some attention.
  3. Jin Kim

    Detroit Off Topic

    If you are talking about the building next to New Hellas Caf
  4. Jin Kim

    Detroit Off Topic

    Perhaps rising but still low compared to when they bought the articulated busses decades ago.
  5. Jin Kim

    Detroit Off Topic

    They used to, but recently I have not seen any after they started to switch to new busses. I think ridership is low enough that there's no need for them anymore.
  6. My understanding is that the Met is also one of the most contaminated buildings in downtown due to all the chemical used by jewlers that used to be in the building.
  7. Jin Kim

    Detroit Off Topic

    I'm in agreement with Lmichigan on this one. Increase in drug related murders is probably is an indicator of increase in drug related crimes in general and for that matter drug use. Those problems don't happen in isolation. When left unchecked, they can have a profound affect on a community. I don't think that the Chief McCoy is unaware or ignorent of that. Nevertheless, the statement is too simplistic and at least a bad PR.
  8. Great pics of Whitney, guys. What would be the fair market value of building like Whitney? Is the owner waiting to sell or to lease? Any plans?
  9. A bit of update on the MGM development. I saw the first of above ground structure this morning. It seems like a ramp to a parking structure, not surprisingly located by the Grand River exit on North bound I-75. So that's one structure down... Anyone with information on how many structures will be built in that lot?
  10. Jin Kim

    Detroit Off Topic

    Wow, Wolverines are outnumbered on this forum or what?
  11. Jin Kim

    Detroit Off Topic

    Those wraps tend to be the kind where it's actually a mesh on closer inspection - plastic sheet full of holes - and usually black from inside.
  12. Well I didn't mean it to be actually used as a temporary store, but rather just a window dressing that'd make it appear as if something's in it. For example, Lindell AC displayed various Detroit sports memorabilia in windows before they closed. It's actually considered a landmark among Detroit sports fans. I thought they might just do something similar for the Superbowl. Which might be kinda cool. However, for me, it's more important to display signs of redevelopment during the Superbowl. For example, I think a half dozen or so giant cranes in the new MGM lot alone is going make a huge impact on the image of the city. BTW, it's amazing how quickly they've moved on the new MGM lot. I think just about all of the buildings' foundations are complete. It just goes to show what motivated developer can do in the city. Having the casino money obviously helps. Question: do any of you know what's planned for the lot where a city parking structure used to be next to the Ramada Inn on Bagley?
  13. Hmm. Odd. I hope they're not planning on wasting even more money by doing one of those temporary storefront makeup jobs for the Superbowl on a building that'll only get demolished shortly. They should have just demolished it right after the ceremonial ground breaking then put a fence around it with a sign describing the new transit center. At least that way people will see development happening. Instead they now have a bunch of signs in CBD telling visitors that there's a transit center there when clearly it's an abandoned building. I hope not too many people end up going there expecting to catch a ride somewhere.
  14. What's been proposed is nothing more than a (small) group of businesses that'll be branded "Asian Town." It'll be very artificial like New York's K-town in Manhattan, which in reality is just a few Korean restaurants along a city block. Most Koreans apparently actually live in a section of Queens. I don't expect an ethnic neighborhood to spring up along Detroit river.
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