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  1. 93sportie

    Greater Boston Photo Thread

    These are from my vacation in the Boston area in late July. I love your city. I'll add more soon
  2. 93sportie

    The Littlest Bar | Off-topic posting

    Allright, I'm going to give you folks a try. Is there anyplace in Logan or DT Boston to store 2 pieces of luggage for an afternoon while we sightsee. Hotel is in Woburn, so I'd rather not go to the burbs just to drop off luggage & check-in, then go back DT to sightsee.
  3. 93sportie

    Jacksonville Transit

    Not knowing your start to end points, I can't give you a definititive answer. JTA site may help you more. http://www.jtaonthemove.com/services/