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    Hardcore Heavy Metal with a taste of rap in it.<br>(Something you don't need to know here)<br>Computer<br>Everything popular... almost<br>and slipknot, of course(favorite member is corey, my avatar has his pic).<br>DUALITY(by slipknot)<br>i push my fingers into my eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes<br>kuz its the only thing that slowly stops the aaaaaaaaaache<br>but it's made of all the things i have to TAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!<br>Jesus it never ends, it works its way INSIIIIIIIIIIIDE!<br>IF THE PAIN GOES ON...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIH!<br>(really AWESOME band action)<br>I have screamed until my veins collapsed , ive waited and now my time's ellapsed , now all i do is live with so much fate. i wished for this i b----ed at that , ive left behind this little fact , you can not kill what you did not create... ive gota say what ive gota say and then ill swear ill go away but i cant promise youll enjoy the noise... i guess ive saved the best for last, my future seems like one big past, you've left with me cause you have left me no choice...(an amazing all-guitar sound comes up) I PUSH MY FINGERS INTO MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY(quick drums and then imediate all-band action)EYYYYYYYYYES!!! CAUSE ITS THE ONLY THING THAT SLOWLY STOPS THE AAAAAAAAAACHE! BUT ITS MADE OF ALL THE THINGS I HAVE TO TAAAAAAAAAAAKE!JESUS IT NEVER ENDS, IT WORKS ITS WAY INSIIIIIIIIIIDE! IF THE PAIN GOES ON..........IM NOT GUNA MAKE IT!!!!!!!!-(this is the chorus)(more lyrics later)
  1. that university was constructed next to my bday, the 24th of aug... so wait thats traffic in downtown detroit?! thats... uh... ookkk.... wah?! today it took me 3 hours(minimum) to get home from school, the traffic made the ride at least an extra 2 hours, we were standing for like 10 minutes and moved for maximum 2 minutes and finnally found a different route to our apartment, so wait is that really traffic?
  2. wow these pics got me interested, all 8 pages were great. i think i just noticed how great the ren cen looks for some reason. oh but the rest of downtown looks really impressive, and massive. its great! i enjoyed the pics and hope to see more, keep it up guys...
  3. i hope to see updates of the construction of this building in this thread!
  4. hah! if they build this im going to ask my dad to visit dubai just to see this crazy thing!
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