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  1. Largest single day announcement of new flights. We are now officially Fronteir's largest Hub. 17 new destinations added. A ton in the Caribbean. We need that new terminal open asap and we need to restart building the half finished portion.
  2. Parking is a huge problem at the airport. I would love to be able to park in Terminal C, but they closed it and made it an employee parking garage. I think they need to open it up and fast...... I travel again this Thursday.
  3. Considering the alternative meth addict that we could have had, ill take DeSantis any day of the week.
  4. Passenger traffic already 90% 2019 memorial day. KLM just announced direct flights to Amsterdam this fall. Gonna say it again, the airport messed up with delaying phase 1A expansion. They based it off crazy projections that wouldn't have us fully recover traffic until 2025-26
  5. This came out of nowhere. Four 200 foot hotel towers on I Drive near Daryl Carter Road. Disable Java to view https://www.growthspotter.com/news/hotels/gs-news-camden-market-i-drive-digital-screens-art-district-hotel-hospitality-20210526-vem5mct2fvgt7nmezuzri4roqq-story.html
  6. Frontier continue to expand in MCO. Adding St Maarten and Costa Rica flights. We potentially will be full hubs / focus cities for Frontier, Jetblue, Southwest, and Spirit. I flew out of MCO last week and they were busy as heck. Like I said before, I am upset that they suspended the phase 1A expansion of the South terminal. However, interestingly enough, when taxiing by the South Terminal, it appears that they have the concrete structures for each gate all built up for the 1A expansion (kind of like elevator shafts built first on a wooden apartment building). Are they simply going to le
  7. Centurion is expanding to many locations. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as the south terminal is not limited by space like the North Terminal
  8. Anybody have inside news about lounges in the South Terminal? Centurion?
  9. Daryl Carter extension opened. Now I am just waiting on the interchange. This will save me 10 min off my commute to and from home. It is amazing how that will add up. 20 min a day X 5 days a week X 52 weeks is giving me 3.6 days back of my life each year.
  10. They should have never stopped to begin with. Now they are gonna have to spend so much more money with the ramp up. The same can be said with the poor decision of the airport to shelf the phase 1A portion of the airport. Air travel is bouncing back so much faster ( at least in Orlando) than initial projections. We will be spending a lot more money in the short term re-ramping up construction on that phase.
  11. Is the limestone here with sinkhole happy soil capable of having a boring project? I feel like this would be trying to drill through a wet sponge.
  12. A tunnel from the airport to I drive in Orlando?? I do not think this is possible in Orlando......
  13. This is the never ending rivalry between the two hospital systems. Advent health has a better PR department because I always see advertisements on the news about cutting edge procedures that just started getting offered in Orlando at Advent Health when in reality they were offered at Orlando Health for a few years already.
  14. This has Disney's hands all over it, with Unicorp riding the coat tails. Disney loves the direct exit right onto hotel Plaza Blvd. Unicorp gets to clean up all the scraps and collect homeless tenents in Otown West. The only place I really want a home for is Buffalo Wild Wings. I do hope they move to Otown west.
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