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  1. Why didn't the GOAA make the intermodal center flexible for multiple types of train service. Heck, in fact, the intermodal center was designed when only Florida High Speed Rail and Sunrail were planned. How did it get to being obly able to be build out for Virgin Trains? What am I missing?
  2. Quite a few OBJ articles recently talking about nonstop flights to Japan and China and how aggressive Orlando is pursuing them.
  3. Still waiting for the so called huge 1000+ room hotel on the parcel next to this to break ground. People used to say that it had the financial backing of the JW Marriott Disney people.
  4. I am sorry, but I 4 is not gonna be ready for at least another 5 years.........
  5. There is zero consistency on here of what airports are lumped. West palm is included with Miami even though the airports are over 70 miles apart. Why not add Tampa and St Pete with Orlando, Sanford, Daytona and Melbourne? They did the same thing with NYC......white plains all the ways to Islip.....really?
  6. Obviously, this is a moot point since they acquired all the land for hotels, theme parks and an entertainment district near the convention center.............. however, if that did not go down, Universal had deep enough pockets to buy parcel after parcel and redevelop that entire North end of I drive between SLR and UB. I know certain land owners would have welcomed the offers in that area. Some were actively waiting for an offer that never came.
  7. shardoon

    Orlando Transit

    Didnt all the old ones, pre automated doors, wind up at the vegas monorail?
  8. Quite interesting. The September numbers were delayed and finally came out. 12 month rolling passenger count actually dropped for the first time in years. It dropped close to 100k down to 49,808,000. Maybe being closed for Dorian played a role?
  9. Numbers not out through September yet. However, pretty interesting that the half year numbers are out for all airports and Orlando moved up to the 8th busiest in the US and 27th in the World. Quite surprised that we came in ahead of Vegas. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_busiest_airports_by_passenger_traffic
  10. I believe it is only 400ft. The 440ft is at sea level.
  11. September numbers to be released in the next few days. I expect for us to smash through 50 million passengers on this report.
  12. So they managed to make one short and stubby building that much worse by essentially doubling it's girth optically since it will all look like one giant building.
  13. Amazing..... 9 floors in 12 months............ wtf
  14. So interesting. I have to read up on box jacking. I always wondered about what will go down at 417. Also, mentioned crossing 528 twice. Where? Maybe this is why all the land clearing on the north side?
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