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  1. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    You read it wrong. The site was never meant to be live until Monday. The $69.99 fee is not to buy it...... but them to try contact the owner to make an offer. They owned it all along. Go to, still lands on godaddy and you can read their verbiage about the $69.99 service. They probably own that too. However, .pro., .org, .io, and .online are still available.
  2. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    So now it looks like they are making movements on the remaining stretch of the Daryl Carter extension. This is not the Otown West project or Beacon Point. This is something entirely new. Of note, the owner must have had a much better offer from a developer than OCPS because OCPS was gonna do a land swap with them to put the new middle school next to the new high school....... however, it seems the owner decided to cut off discussion and OCPS decided to keep the current land for the middle school off Apopka Vineland. 2018-2-A-1-4_Kerina_Parkside_Community_Meeting_Notice.pdf
  3. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    This is what I was alluding to before. Between the larger Universal Hotel being built and the iSquare strip mall......... there are a few fast food restaurants and a gas station. Those small parcels can be gobbled up and developed into a big urban style hotel fronting I-Drive. That literally makes 2 mega resorts next to each other. Suddenly this isquare concept wouldn't seem that far fetched to a investor with a real financial backing to get Isquare off the ground. Connecting it over Kirkman with a large pedestrian bridge......... we will start getting an urban wall on the North end of I Drive........ then the dominos will slowly fall and more and more of these hole in the walls will get razed to make way for large urban destination resorts........................... man, give me the casinos now....... ok, I can dream LOL.
  4. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    That resort would never had been 7 star to begin with............. however, the prospects for something like this at that location did go up with the new Universal resort very close by. In fact, just a few land purchases of the days inn, chevron, red lobster, and 7-11 can create a wall of mega resorts on that area of I-drive.
  5. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Breaking news......... isquare has 18 months to come up with the money or forfeit the property. Technically out of foreclosure..... temporarily lol. Westwood blvd 1200 room convention hotel moving along slowly, looking to break ground next year under a national brand.
  6. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Most ideal thing would be an elevated monorail. ..... but also the most expensive.
  7. I have a lot of experience with assisted living facilities. To call them low margin is borderline laughable. Now, whether it makes sense to pay all this extra money to house in a highrise is debatable...... but blanket statements like this are absurd. Most are private pay. Our facilities start at $4800 and run upwards of $6000 a month. Memory care is extra. On the average 90 unit facility, with 60 assisted units and 30 memory care units, the net income per month after expenses is about $2.2 million. Granted, this is for a cookie cutter facility with a suburban setup. I do not know what the added expense would be to be in an urban highrise, which I would expect it to be a lot more. Now as far as the jobs.......... they are the low end except for management which runs from $75k to $125k with and an extra performance bonus structure in place.
  8. How do they ask the FAA for approval for a certain height when they don't even have a particular site chosen?
  9. Does anybody have knowledge of where the FAA application stands? The only use I have for this project (because I don't think it will get built) is to see what happens with the formal FAA request.
  10. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Well finally found out about that land across the street from Otown West on Palm Parkway. It is dining and retail called "The Beacon." This is being build by a South Florida firm. Smart move on their part. They will get off the ground first, there is tones of residential going up in the area, and get first shot at picking off the restaurants at the soon to be doomed Crossroads.
  11. shardoon

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Universal looks like they are adding land bit by bit to form one giant congruent piece.
  12. shardoon

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Just curious, with everything going on downtown...... would you all call this the largest building boom in downtown history? Between the new residences, office towers, creative village etc....... I think this beats out even back in the early 2000's, Now if we can only get a proposal like the SMOG. I don't know if anybody remembers that one from 15 years ago lol.
  13. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    If it is a sterile train, then it would have to remain sterile at the north terminal. I do not believe there is a way for it to connect with each airside without affecting plane traffic. The only option is doing a loop around the main terminal roof East side and West side with a station above the existing people mover station letting out behind security. Too expensive if you ask me. DTW does not connect their new North terminal with McNamara.
  14. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    From the plans, it looks like it is all behind security, so its sterile just like DFW and DTW. It appears to only be for terminal C and D completeting a circle.
  15. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    I'm assuming terminal D is the mirror image on the other side of the intermodal center. My question is, when do they start building the sky train? A complete build out of terminal C is large enough to warrant it being built. Obviously when D is built is can complete the circle.