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  1. Is the behind security APM going to be on the roof like miami and DFW, or something elevated indoors like Detroit? Granted it will need to be expanded to actually leave the whole terminal C complex to circle to terminal D. Of note, Jetblue and Caribbean airline move has been delayed due to the hurricane. I fly out on jetblue in mid October. I asked the MCO Facebook account if it would be done by then and they seemed optimistic. It would be a shame if they didn't move by then as I had a better timed delta flight that I could have taken but used jet blue just to see the sterile area or the new terminal lol.
  2. So a total of 4 carousels for 15 gates, soon to be 19? That seems pretty low. Secondly, with phase 3 and 4, I believe everyone comes and filters to this area. What happens when Terminal C is built out at 60 gates......where do the other carousels go? It cannot be 4 for 60 gates?
  3. Is it just me or do they not have enough baggage carousels?
  4. I cringe, but memories of the Denver baggage system fiasco creep into mind when hearing this story. I know it's a completely different type of baggage system. Denver had to scrap the whole system. Something Orlando does not have an option to do because essentially the whole airport design was based upon this baggage system.
  5. Started reading the OIA master plan that was developed in 2013. They had the triggers to contracting different phases based on passenger counts. For the purposes of the master plan, they call phase 1 the intermodel center with APM. Phase 2 is what just opened. Phase 3 trigger is building out the northern portion of terminal C which starts at 50 millions passenger. I believe we pretty much will be at that this year. Phase 4, final phase of terminal C, trigger at 60 million passengers. Then they move on to the mirror image of terminal C, which is terminal D. Triggers at 70, 80, and 90 million passengers respectively for each passenger of terminal D. At complete build out, combined North and South terminal capacities measured at 100 million passengers. Parts of these expansions are complicated because they have to budget to extend all the runways except the far east one by about 2800 feet. Aparently it is needed to mitigate the height of any hotel in the south complex.
  6. I dropped my wife and MIL at the airport on Sunday and they had a fence blocking the escalators up from the C garage. I pick them up tomorrow so I plan on visiting and taking a tour of the non sterile areas.
  7. First time I noticed, however, there is now mention of phase 2 funding in the capital improvement program for the 2021-2027 fiscal years. They added funding for it. This is new and is the phase beyond the restart of construction of phase 1A. https://www.orlandoairports.net/press/2022/09/22/goaa-board-approves-fy-22-23-budget-updates-capital-improvement-program/
  8. Back to the Tampa thing........ based on most recent rolling 12 month numbers numbers, not sure this isn't simply a keeping up with the Jones'es. Tampa has essentially 355,000 people per gate. Orlando is running at 395,000 per gate without terminal C. Even after Orlando's terminal C opens, they are still gonna be at 351,000. Just for reference, when Terminal C broke ground, Orlando was at about 425,000. Granted the projected growth back then for Orlando air traffic has been and always be exponentially higher than Tampa. Tampa doesn't need to do this right now. FYI, These numbers are wrong. Orlando was close to 51 million
  9. Few things..... I don't know much about tampa.....Tampa...... but was this really needed there? I do not think they have a huge amount of traffic.
  10. Universal should put in a bid to buy those apartments. Such a valuable piece of land on the corner.
  11. I heard a rumor..... not sure if it is true...... that the reason for no third spoke was that the control tower at the time, not sure if it was the current one or the old one....... couldn't see the area where a third spoke would have been for ground control.
  12. Well, now I see it all. This is an aerial from 1969. Looks like it did in fact go straight through..... but it ended into a dirt road right after I4
  13. It's rather glichy......but enjoy. You can search all of orlando history via historical satellites and aerials. I've spent hours on this thing. So cool going back in time and seeing different stages of the orlando road construction, regular construction etc. Going back to the old 197ps Airport, disney construction, I4 construction all on sattilite and aerial images. Even can see the old DP citrus packing back in the heyday on aerials. It's like Google earth, but going in a time machine. https://www.historicaerials.com/viewer
  14. Ahhhhh....... yes. Thats still on as far as I know. In theory once Spirit is no more, I anticipate Jetblue's presence at terminal C will at least increase by 50%
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