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  1. Exactly, Lockheed with their their recently announced expansion comes to mind...... and they should be good paying jobs too.
  2. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Call me unimpressed with OTown West renderings. Looks like it is a residential version of Wyndham Bonnett Creek.
  3. The Brightline

    Then again, Mears will pad local politician's and Airport Board member's pockets with cash to prevent this from happening.
  4. Metro Orlando Airport News

    Looks like the Airport just approved $3.5 million to get the ball rolling on phase 2 of the expansion. Honestly, with the yearly 5-8% increase in traffic over the past 4-5 years, we will reach the new 55 million capacity within the next decade. I would assume that future phases on the West side of the expansion should not be as expensive since the landside terminal and facilities would have already been built as well as a good portion of the tarmac. 1st phase of the East side expansion will eventually be just as expensive as the phase that we are currently building. I am curious as to when they consider building the rooftop skytrain? I would assume they start during the last phase of the West side buildout.
  5. Metro Orlando Airport News

    Kevin Costner is gonna be very upset since we built it and they didn't come lol. In all seriousness, with a fully built full service train station, its only a matter of time until something gets built.
  6. Orlando Magic Entertainment Complex [Proposed]

    I little off topic, but if they are planning this complex in the same fashion that they run their team, it will never get off the ground. Just a little magic fan venting........ I think its time for the ownership to sell the team and get new blood in the franchise top to bottom.
  7. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Not sure if you meant that the person I was talking about is actually your father or simply he has similar concerns. The person that I am talking about in question sent multiple flyers out to my house with horrific geometric representations of what the skyscraper will look like from any driveway in the DP area. Even in multiple hearings about the skyscraper, Orange Tree and Bay Hill were used as an examples of who will see the skyscraper, line of site common sense be damned, they portrayed the thing to be the second coming of Burj Khalifa. It was a shady tactic and it backfired on them. As far as the Eye and any future I Drive attraction, we as residents need to understand that when we bought and built into the DP area, the tourism sector was here well in advance than most people. Honestly, from a traffic perspective, the tourist areas are really no different from most other urban/suburban areas in Orlando. Your reference to Dr Phillips Landing, while valid for lakefront residents, is invalid for any other area in the neighborhood. However, anything build on I drive above 200 feet is clearly visible from those houses. Are we to stop urbanizing I Drive just because of the houses on the Big Sand Lake, who were not even there prior to the late 90's? I honestly have no problem with the changing view from my house. The NIMBY people in the DP area are doing a disservice to everyone else. To be against the Fenton extension due to traffic is not sound. I look forward to a future I4 interchange there. It will be much faster for residents to avoid LBV and IDrive/restaurantrow using the Fenton extention. Anytime any dirt moves, traffic is an added calculation. DP area is no different than any other area in the county.
  8. Building, FAA approvals, and financing aside....... how in the heck are they gonna get a hospital certificate of need from the state for that location, 1-2 miles North and South of two humongous mega medical complexes? It flies in the face of common sense, and this is without FH and OH putting up a fight, which we know they will do.
  9. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Not from some of the concepts I have seen..... although extremely preliminary and will change. The point I was making is that the joker making noise against it would be against it even if you were building a duplicate of the Bellagio/Venetian/RockefellarCenter/yougetmypoint on this land. He is against any new development in SW Orange county.
  10. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Town hall scheduled for Feb 21st 6pm at rosen JCC regarding Otown West. Same NIMBY character that tried to torpedo the pollercoaster is trying to do the same for this. He also failed in stopping approval for Rialto phase 2. He consistently complains potential increased traffic, which he ignores all the road improvements on the books for SLR west end, I4 beyond Kirkman, the eventual DCP I4 interchange and the DCP extension to Apopka Vineland. One of his main objections to the skyscraper was the view it will cause for people in orangetree and bay hill neighborhoods, while clearly demonstrating a lack of basic geometry knowledge on line of sight.
  11. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Wouldn't that be "Beyond the Ultimate", which is at least 3-6 years down for the first dirt to be moved?
  12. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I am sure there were plenty of political donations that were made to change this. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, when the bridge initially opened, it was labeled as Fenton Street. A few months later, they changed the signs. And there you have it LOL. He always had a thing for those Bellagio Fountains and I knew it was only a matter of time until he mentions it in a press release....... I guess 3 hours later........
  13. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Well, he owned the land and had to pay a pretty penny toward part of the costs of the bridge......... and of course ego played into it........technically I am unsure if the eventual extension to Apopka Vineland is going to follow the exact path of Fenton St. If thats the case, Fenton St may just be left to the road on the West side of Apopka Vineland in between the power substation and the JCC.
  14. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I tried it multiple times to get into it via google, and I finally was successful. Most interesting part out of it was a leak about another property, Vineland Pointe. It looks like 4rivers is finally coming to SW Orange County. Of note, after viewing the pictures of the Village at O-Town project...... it looks like he is trying to do what he originally envisioned at I-Drive 360 here from back in the day prior to the recession. It looks so similar to the point that I am expecting an announcement about the Bellagio Fountains soon. Chuck Whittall is gearing up for another development in Orlando’s tourist area — and it’s a doozy. The president of Orlando-based Unicorp National Developments Inc. exclusively shared plans for a more than $1 billion mixed-use water-front mega project, dubbed O-Town, at Palm and Daryl Carter parkways near Walt Disney World. No tenants have been signed yet, and the development team is still being formed. But already, Whittall said he wants it to be a destination. “I want to brand that area,” Whittall told Orlando Business Journal. “O-Town will be known as a place to go visit.” The 85-acre site being eyed by Unicorp is owned and being marketed by Daryl Carter of Maury L. Carter & Associates Inc. Unicorp has it under contract and expects to close on the sale by year’s end, which would set O-Town up to begin construction in first-quarter 2019 and be completed around mid-2020. Carter was not available for comment by press time. See the photo gallery above for a look at key Unicorp projects in Central Florida. However, Whittall envisions O-Town including a 100,000-square-foot grocery-anchored retail center, 1,500 upscale apartment units in multiple towers and 150 homes together in an area called Village at O-Town. Along with that will be an area called The Boardwalk at O-Town West, a tourist-centric complex with a mix of restaurants, shops and a 600-space parking garage. In fact, Unicorp is considering buying another 5 adjacent acres to expand the project, Whittall said. The Village at O-Town will surround a man-made recreational lake with a beach-like shore amenity similar to ones made popular by Miami-based Crystal Lagoons US Corp. Single-family homes are expected to be priced from $500,000. Resort-style community amenities will include a clubhouse, recreation center, jogging paths with exercise stations and a dog park, Whittall said. The development team so far includes project engineer Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc.; and Miami-based Zyscovich Architects and Altamonte Springs-based general contractor Roger B. Kennedy Inc. are working on the apartments. The remaining team members have not yet been selected. The project would be huge for the area, as new shopping centers create jobs and provide residents, businesses and tourists more amenities. Plus, luxury apartments and homes are in demand to provide housing to retain and attract top talent to the area. Whittall is going all in on O-Town, in part, because that area may soon need retail offerings. That’s because sections of nearby retail centers may be affected by the ongoing $2.3 billion I-4 Ultimate revamp of Interstate 4, Whittall said. One center in particular that’s expected to be impacted is the Crossroads at Lake Buena Vista, across the street from Walt Disney World’s eastern entrance, on South Apopka Vineland Road and Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Whittall said. “Those people will need new places to go.” Representatives from the Crossroads at Lake Buena Vista — which features a Gooding’s supermarket, Red Lobster, Uno Pizzeria & Grill, TGI Fridays and other restaurants — were unavailable for comment. Meanwhile, rather than general retail, O-Town most likely will target specialty retail shops commonly found in tourist areas, like Unicorp’s I-Drive 360 tenants Tervis and Flip Flop Shops, according to Unicorp Director of Development and Leasing Alexie Fonseca. “We would like to have a mixture of national restaurant brands, but we’d also like some concepts locals aren’t familiar with,” Fonseca told OBJ. “For example, we are looking for brands that have only 20 locations across the entire U.S. — not those with 20 locations in a single state.” And southwest Orange County — the area around Disney — still is ripe for growth, said Cindy Schooler, senior vice president and market leader of Orlando retail real estate brokerage SRS Real Estate Partners, who isn’t involved in the project. In fact, many are watching the $130 million, 400,000-square-foot Vineland Pointe shopping center being developed by O’Connor Capital Partners on 64 acres near Disney and Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets. “Vineland Pointe is probably the most active conversation on that corridor right now. The retailers for that project are aligning correctly, and as more commit, it begets even more,” said Schooler, who represents tenants such as 4Rivers Smokehouse, PDQ, WingHouse and Dunkin’ Donuts. Vineland Pointe is expected to open by this year’s third quarter less than 2,000 feet away from Unicorp’s future site, so the two projects should be able to co-exist. “Unicorp’s project will be much more experiential and sophisticated,” Schooler added. “If you want big-box retail, you go east [to Vineland Pointe], but if you are looking for more experiential, go west [to O-Town].” Meanwhile, Whittall is optimistic that he has another hit project on his hands, one that someday may be on par with other area destinations like Winter Park or The Mall at Millenia area. Unicorp already played a big role in identifying South I-Drive’s entertainment district with its I-Drive 360 project, and Whittall said his goal is to build on that.
  15. Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Business journal has some article about unicorp doing another huge project near disney at $ 1 billion. Ofcourse its behind their paywall. Anybody have incite on this?