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  1. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    I am sure it does beat out ORL (although they do have quite high numbers) and MCO general aviation, but mixing these numbers into actual airport passenger terminal numbers is disingenuous. These passengers do not touch any part of the passenger terminals.
  2. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    Charlotte does it too...... and that is an airport that Orlando is right behind.
  3. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    Something to note, MCO is a lot closer to McCarren in Vegas that one would think. I was reviewing the numbers and Vegas counts corporate general aviation in their official numbers. They break it down and it is well over a million passengers. Obviously, Vegas takes on a lot of corporate private jets, however, these passengers never hit the true passenger terminals. I do not think they should be counted....... but they are. So airport passenger totals are not an apples to apple comparison. OIA does have private aviation, however, they are not counted in the totals. OIA totals are strictly from Airside 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  4. shardoon

    Golden Sparrow | Three-tower Residential [Proposed]

    I subscribe when my javascript is turned off lol
  5. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    Miami numbers are out. Orlando is running away with it. For 2018, Miami was 45.044 million passengers. So Orlando built a 2.5 million passenger advantage, and I only think it will continue to grow. Traffic Reports/December 2018 Monthly Calendar Yr Traffic Report.pdf
  6. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    We would be #9 in the US based off of 2017 numbers.
  7. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    Final numbers for 2018 at OIA are 47,697,000. That is a 6.92% increase over one year ago.
  8. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News They have all the monthly figures for the past year in pdf format. I also made an error, this was 12 month rolling, which will be calendar year pretty quickly once December figures are released in a few weeks.
  9. shardoon

    Metro Orlando Airport News

    Our monthly update on passenger counts................ Calendar year through Nov up to 47,362,900 Increase in 400k over the past month. 3 million more passengers over the past year. The airport originally projected passing 47 million passengers this year. At this rate, there is an outside chance that we approach or breach 48 million for 2018 after tabulating the traffic heavy Dec holiday month. We should fly by 50 million passengers by the Summer. Might as well just move the cranes from phase to phase on the terminal C. Does anybody know how many phases need to be built before they start building the sky train at the terminal?
  10. Still curious about the pool. I know there is a sky lobby. I wonder if the pool will be rooftop or an indoor pool?
  11. shardoon

    The Brightline

    The bond blocking lawsuit was tossed out of court. Hopefully this means construction is on schedule.
  12. shardoon

    The Brightline

    The problem with this is, sure, it makes sense if they suddenly own parcels in Xentury. However, unless there is a station on Disney land, I do not see Disney dropping magical express. Disney wants their customers to bypass everything Orlando and get delivered into their park. Unless there is a station on Disney property with an express train designated to and from the property every 15-20 min, they are not gonna play ball. Without Disney, this becomes a glorified station on the outskirts of Kissimmee. By bypassing I-Drive as well, I do not see the ridership there at all. Also, having a station so far out at Xentury, you are also losing casual Orlando residents.
  13. shardoon

    The Brightline

    Well according to the article in the OS, the plan is to bypass all of I Drive as well as Disney. It is simply gonna have a stop in Celebration and Lakeland before reaching Tampa. With that being said, I'll NEVER ride it beyond once just to see it, it's a stupid venture at this point, and it is a TOTAL was of money.
  14. shardoon

    The Brightline

    How so? The free magical express to Disney already has squeezed the rental companies from the demographic. However, Mears will take the full brunt of Virgin since I believe Disney outsources their Magical Express to them. I would wonder if it would be cheaper for Disney to buy in bulk train tickets to WDW for all their hotel guests. I would love to see how much Disney spends on their Magical Express program. Honestly, this may be a huge opportunity for Brightline/Virgin. By just having that stop, they can have one express train that runs back and forth from the Disney station to the Airport. The rest of the trains can continue doing the Miami-Orlando-Tampa dance. Direct from the Airport to Disney, I think it would be under 10-15 min each way. This would be a HUGE Disney contract and could probably keep the entire system afloat even if the statewide passenger counts are down.
  15. shardoon

    Zoi House Orlando/ New Tallest [Proposed]

    Just curious, from the airport zoning maps........ why is the entire county, parts located 10-20 miles from any airport or flight path capped at "up to 549"?