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  1. Maybe verizon will finally put a stupid tower near 528 and 520. Never fails losing service for a few miles every day during my commute.
  2. They could..... but Disney wants to have their cake and eat it too.
  3. Richard Branson wants to feed his new cruise line with passengers from Orlando.
  4. Las Palmeras just filed plans for 1000 new timeshares in 3 separate towers. One 19 stories and two 18 story towers. This is the old Westin. I guess with the Universal announcement, all the convention hotels are gonna dust off their expansion plans.
  5. New non stop service announced on Eurowings to Munich. Hello Oktoberfest!
  6. I don't think we get as much convention traffic if it is not in the tourist area. We are top in the country due to its proximity to the tourist areas. Downtown would be just another medium city trying to attract conventions such as Charlotte.
  7. They are clearing all along 528 on the north end from St. John's river to Wedgefield. Although, I now noticed land clearing along 528 on the south side between 520 and the first toll this morning.
  8. But what is all the clearing to the north side of 528 from 520 onwards for miles and miles along the road?
  9. However, if the Disney station comes to fruition, Mears, can kiss that Magical Express contract goodbye.
  10. It amazes me how far we have come. In the next 5-10 years, when tourists come off a plane, they will go to a train station at OIA and potentially board different trains and lines to the attractions. Locals will most likely have a connecting train to another train station to Sunrail. We are getting there, although it has been a sloppy process over the years....... Also, I am noticing land clearing along the beachline out by the 520 interchange. Does this have anything to do with Virgin?
  11. Folks, when it is all said and done......... that second rendering is what we will get..... but the rubiks cube will be twisted straight again.......and we will just get a stubby glass building, short on height.
  12. shardoon


    Florida hospital has always had an amazing PR department. ORMC could have been doing a certain medical procedure for years, but when Florida hospital would finally start doing it, Orlando Sentinel would suddenly have this huge article on how Florida Hospital is starting to do this cutting edge procedure that will benefit this community for years to come. ...... completely ignoring the fact that this is old news for ORMC.
  13. BB can draw up an iconic building like that. Financing could also be in place too. However, it wouldn't surprise me if the city told them to tone it down and we end up getting a box with a visor.........
  14. Even Aloft built a pool in the former OUC building. I also looked up other AC hotels around the country, and almost all of them had pools.
  15. I remember the proposed Orlando Midtown. It was anchored by a 30 story Wyndham. My have times changed.
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