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  1. That's great to know that downtown is more active. Potential new businesses should really take a look into DT.
  2. I would like to see The city of Flint create an temporary department for cleaning up the flint River. Like an entire administration hiring many unemployed people to clean up the river. It helps out the river's appearance and creates jobs. Of course, when the river is clean, most of the workers will be out of work, but they can keep about a fourth of them for maintaining the river.
  3. I want to see high end retail downtown, a recreational and retail complex based on the river, and new entertainment venues.
  4. yeah, that was 1 of 3 sites that were considered. But I don't know if they already decided on another site or not.
  5. if only those people could join this forum...
  6. yeah, I wish it was still there. Oh, by the way, i cant see the pics of autoworld u posted.
  7. if they left the old IMA( A.K.A. Autoworld) around, it could have been the IMA again. Why did they destroy it anyway? It was bigger than the current one.
  8. I like how a casino brings lots of money to the city, but i do not like the increase in crime that they bring. I hope they build up the police before this casino is built.
  9. you would think by now the architect would have drawn the plans for residence halls.
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