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  1. sc smitty

    Cancer Survivor's Park

  2. sc smitty

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Also facade changes including elimination of windows and changing some materials to stucco, leaving more flat, empty walls compared to the old design. The south facade looked better before as viewed coming up Main St from the river. Old design: Proposed design:
  3. sc smitty

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    There isn't anything that is false about designing a building with quality materials, good proportions and detailing. Buildings have been using elements of classical Greek architecture for thousands of years. Does this make them fake? A building can use time tested examples of good proportion and design, and take elements of the past and reinterpret them to create something modern and of it's time without recreating an exact replica of the past.
  4. sc smitty

    Camperdown (Greenville News Building Site)

    Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Take the dated looking style of the old Greenville News building, which was once considered modern and trendy, and trade it for the new trendy and soon to be dated style of everything being built today. In another 20 years, people will be looking at it and wanting to get rid of that outdated eyesore.
  5. sc smitty

    Field Street Row

    Looks nice overall. I'd love to see more of this row house type of development. Wonder if anyone will actually pay that to live right next to the train tracks though. While I rarely see a train during the day, I frequently hear it coming through late at night from where I live less than a half mile from this track.
  6. sc smitty

    Cancer Survivor's Park

    DSC_4780 by scsmitty, on Flickr DSC_4774 by scsmitty, on Flickr DSC_4651 by scsmitty, on Flickr DSC_4637 by scsmitty, on Flickr
  7. sc smitty

    Buncombe St. Mixed Use Project

    This looks pretty nicely planned out, and actually looks good after so much of the bland architecture we're used to seeing lately. I like the use of the townhomes to transition to the existing neighborhood, and preserving some existing trees to create some green space instead of paving everything over.
  8. sc smitty

    Proposal: 708 S. Main

    I don't see too much difference in the look between this and the Link building. Both are just the same trendy design with stacks of boring boxes that are ugly and out of scale with the historic district. I had been hoping this version of the project was dead.
  9. sc smitty

    Augusta Square

    At the previous informal review, the DRB also criticized this project for looking like every other apartment project in town. The latest revisions haven't done anything to get away from that. Pretty sad that so many architects can't show any original design creativity and seem to just copy the same style being repeated everywhere around town and around the country.
  10. sc smitty

    Pendleton Street [between West End and West Greenville]

    Ironic that they market the property as being in the "Historic West End" at the same time as they destroy the thing that makes the area historic.
  11. sc smitty

    Augusta Square

    The vision plan and the design guidelines that exist for the neighborhood both focus on having infill development that is in scale and character with the established neighborhood. Even when stepping down to 3 stories at the back corner, this proposed building fits neither. Yes, the current buildings on Augusta itself are run down and it could be argued that anything would look better than that. I think most anyone would be in favor of something new there, though 6 stories on this section of Augusta still seems excessive. The part I have a problem with, and I think other people in the neighborhood feel the same on, is the demolition of several existing one story homes on Woodfin, and replacing them with more of the same exact style boxy crap that is showing up everywhere. I know I would defiantly not want someone to do something similar and bulldoze homes across from where I live and put up a 3-4 story building. Once the city starts letting developers encroach into existing neighborhoods like this, where does it end?
  12. sc smitty

    Bon Haven to be demolished?

    Bon Haven has finally come to an unfortunate and unnecessary end: John B. Cleveland, who built this house, along with contributing towards much of Spartanburg's development, would be disappointed to see how greedy and short-sighted his descendants have become. For some reason, the Clevelands were intent on leading people to believe the house was falling apart and not worth saving. I saw the house only a few years ago, and you can see what good condition it was in. City council also had the opportunity to place this important piece of Spartanburg history on the city's list of protected structures, but failed to show some backbone and act on it. To trash something so old and well built is sickening.
  13. sc smitty

    Augusta Square

    I also live a few blocks away, actually in the Greater Sullivan neighborhood. My home was built in 1923, a similar age to most of the homes in the area, which certainly qualifies as historic. Just because they're not as fancy as Hampton Pickney or other historic districts doesn't mean they're not worth preserving. The house where the proposed pool would go, while in need of some restoration, could easily be the nicest house on the street. Density fronting Augusta St is fine, but with all the talk of the need for affordable housing in the city, tearing down homes in some of the last remaining affordable neighborhoods near downtown doesn't make much sense. Hopefully the actual planning commission does have a problem with something after admitting that it looks out of place due to it's size.
  14. sc smitty

    Augusta Square

    It would be nice to redevelop the Augusta St frontage, but the back half intrudes a lot into the existing neighborhood, and is way out of scale with the existing single story houses immediately behind and across the street from it. It also takes out several homes in a historic neighborhood, but since this is being proposed by the same developer that was planning on demolishing the Wilkins Mansion, he obviously doesn't care about that.
  15. sc smitty

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Viewing the eclipse at Fluor Field