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  1. This is Not good!!!! On Yahoo's front page South Carolina, Rhode Island and Michigan are the worst states to look for a job!!!
  2. The vista is really starting to come along. I got a chance to drive through the vista while going to Mellow Mushroom's today for lunch. And I was saying to myself in the next 5 years this section of Columbia is going to look really different. At the bottom of the vista near Public's they are building none stop. I think now the city should start adding more national recognized shops.
  3. 803metlife


    I'm glad to see this finally materialize to something . I know it was stalled for a minute and the economy didn't make things any better. Just glad to see the ball starting to move again
  4. I read the article this morning. I think it's a great ideal!!! If you get the services provided by the city either you can get annex in with the city of Columbia or seek services else where. It's an awful lot of areas that get water,sanitation and police services but is not counted in the city population. I'm expecting to see the City of Columbia stretching it's boundaries soon
  5. A while back we all thought by the next census Charleston would've caught up with Columbia. But for the last two years Columbia had more people moving here than any other part of the state... Do anyone still think Charleston will over throw the capital????
  6. Great News!!!! Richland County Council will vote tonight on property tax breaks for a potential 200-job, $600 million Google data center near Blythewood, but the Silicon Valley company won
  7. It's funny outside of NC and SC everyone else think of the Carolinas as one. I'm from Landover, MD now residing in Columbia,SC. And to be honest I've always thought of both Carolinas as one. But Charlotte is a new kid on the block and haven't had all the exposure other southern cities have experience such as Atl, Miami, NO, Memphis but is on it's way to leaving it's mark. I think when Charlotte's Uptown develops more into something unique more people will catch on. The city itself are taking the right steps into becoming something great but it takes time. It just isn't going to happen over night. But the way the entire south is growing right now I expect most of the Carolina cities such as Charlotte,Raliegh and Columbia to pass older cities such as Richmond and Baltimore. But for right now when people think of Charlotte they think of Bank of America and Wachovia.
  8. More great news!!!! It's good to see Columbia move up... We use to be last in everything but now it seems we're making the top !10 in everything. It's a plus that SC's big 3 was in the top ten.
  9. TV talk tycoon Oprah Winfrey will be making a stop in the Capital City soon. Barack Obama's campaign has announced that Winfrey will join the senator at a campaign event on December 9. This should be real big!!!
  10. I got a chance to check it out this week also. It's really is a nice addition to downtown. I've never seen one of it's kind.
  11. I wonder what will it be????I hope's it's a new high rise
  12. 803metlife


    In today's State Paper the City of Columbia is planning it's shelter near the CanalSide Development. WoW..that's a pretty bad move to me!!!!Especially if their trying to aim at a certain class of people. I don't know any one who wants to walk our their door and see homeless people. Not saying anything is wrong with that, but I definetly wouldn't prefer such. What do anyone else think????
  13. That's one thing I love about Columbia the streets are so wide.. I don't know of any city with streets like ours.
  14. It's that time of the year!!!! On Oct,8 at 7:00pm the Colonial Center will be hosting The New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76'ers. NBA exhibition game. This is a must see game!!! Tickets are now on sale!!!
  15. I found the website for the movie and you guys can check it out yourself.....There's more than plenty of different shots of downtown Columbia.... I can't believe they pulled it off....Columbia going for Boston... Anyway here's the site Death Setence The Movie Offical Site
  16. Has anyone seen the commercial for Kevin Bacon's new movie Death Sentence....If you haven't please check it out....You can see different shots from around Columbia . I also saw a USC sign in the commerical where he's jumping off a parking garage downtown....
  17. Shops, restaurants and offices are planned for one of the most prime pieces of real estate along the Midlands
  18. 803metlife


    My only problem!!!!!! Me being from Columbia I don't like how over the years USC will have something and will not allow public access or give the chance so something or somebody else to use their facilites. For example Their previous baseball stadium . They we're too selfish to allow Columbia to keep our Minor League baseball team. Also Hockey....the inferno had to build their own facility. It should be some kind of agreement between USC and the City of Columbia for sports and other recreational usage of these places. Instead of it's ours get your own!!!!! USC has cost the City of Columbia to lose out on grand opportunities. Also USC wouldn't allow the panthers to practice or play it's 1st season in their stadium. The list is endless. If this scenario is going to be played out at the end. Columbia should re-think even trying to partner with USC to take us to the next level.
  19. Wow.....Since they built that super walmart it looks as if that area has opened up for development. I think it's a great ideal for dutch square and can improve the area.
  20. Yeah that is pretty decent for Columbia..I'm starting to notice a trend with Columbia ranking higher on the polls nowadays. Just this year alone I've seen Columbia do pretty well for it's self. But back to the thread....Another positive annoucement for Newberry...Newberry County rolled up another new employer Thursday, luring Schweitzer-Mauduit International to an existing industrial park just off Interstate 26. Schweitzer, an Alpharetta, Ga.-based maker of cigarette paper, plans to spend $4 million renovating a vacant, 54,000-square-foot specialty printing plant. Earlier this week British aerospace parts supplier Nasmyth Group Limited announced Tuesday its plans to hire up to 70 workers at a new facility. Now this!!! Two in one week...
  21. Nice picture.... I never noticed how many power lines were actually on Main St.
  22. An international company today will announce plans to locate its North American headquarters in Newberry. The company was not named but it is in the aerospace industry. The company plans to invest millions in a new manufacturing facility and will bring new jobs to the county. So this is great news for the midlands area
  23. 803metlife


    I drove by there also... the site seems to be pretty busy. I'm happy to see this devolpment come to life. I hope the bull street project can move to a similar pace
  24. That's great news to hear. Columbia is definetly a good city to invest in. And companies like Samsung would give Columbia the boost it needs. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Convention is a big step for us. Can't wait to hear more develop from the fuell cell research.
  25. I think this is a pretty good ideal. Especially considering the time and distance from the city to the Village of Sandhill. The city bus service is starting to expand it's reach
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