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  2. The Avenues was renovated a few years ago, its quite nice. And belk is taking over parisian so the avenues will now have two belks.
  3. found this while searching the web, does anyone have any clue where it is?
  4. it would have to be a lot faster and carry more people.
  5. Winston-Salem, NC.....the gmac insurance building is cut out on the far left so it does have another scraper that is taller than than the emerald one.
  6. great photos keep up the good work, i really enjoy this section
  7. geez guys im just messing around. lighten up
  8. be careful goin back behind those buildings, are you carrying a weapon because the gangs of detroit are notorious.
  9. welcome to the forum scrongo, where in jacksonville do you live?
  10. i wasnt rationalizing, well i kinda was, but your example is a lot different. i was just saying we beat them last year so i could tie it into their only road loss. if that makes sense.
  11. we were indys only road loss last year. if we beat them last year, we can beat them this year.
  12. that is very true...it kinda sucks though because or schedule is extremely hard.
  13. they also said the titans were going to be THE TEST...so how many are there?
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