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  2. Orlando or Jacksonville

    The Avenues was renovated a few years ago, its quite nice. And belk is taking over parisian so the avenues will now have two belks.
  3. ***Picture of the Day***

    found this while searching the web, does anyone have any clue where it is?
  4. Jacksonville Transit

    it would have to be a lot faster and carry more people.
  5. ***Picture of the Day***

  6. ***Picture of the Day***

    independence hall
  7. ***Picture of the Day***

    Winston-Salem, NC.....the gmac insurance building is cut out on the far left so it does have another scraper that is taller than than the emerald one.
  8. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    i think it would look good in miami. it does look kinda chubby
  9. Detroit Photo of the Day

    great photos keep up the good work, i really enjoy this section
  10. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    ooOOOOooo even better accat
  11. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    very nice pic man.
  12. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    go to and click on file manager, then type in your screen name and password if you dont have one create an account, its free. then click add new files, browse under file 1. then just go to my documents/my pictures, find the pic and press open. then on the netscape page press ok to "Are you ready to add these files to your web space?". you can then go back to the intial page of the netscape site and go to "browse my files. click on the image then copy the url at the top and paste it ehre under img. hope that was helpful
  13. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    Im trying to find a new one I like, Im sticking with the duct tape.
  14. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    premiere trade plaza looks very nice!
  15. Detroit Photo of the Day

    geez guys im just messing around. lighten up