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  1. unique1rdu

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Kane Realty has the Tower 4 Webcam up. Tower 4
  2. unique1rdu

    Raleigh Union Station

    City of Raleigh posted a great video to Youtube of the Raleigh Union Station site showing the difference from 2014 to present: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHOWylkCvjc
  3. unique1rdu

    Raleigh Union Station

    Picture of some of the furniture inside Union Station
  4. unique1rdu

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    More information on North Hills in review for 2017 and what to look for in 2018 and beyond https://issuu.com/northhills/docs/2017_year_end_review?utm_source=Kane%2BRealty%2BCompanywide&utm_campaign=1e2da95158-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_01_23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_88819f4ae6-1e2da95158-54673513
  5. unique1rdu

    One Glenwood

    I see steel going up. This building is really going to change that area, I only wish it was a 20 story building.
  6. unique1rdu

    One Glenwood

    I located this construction cam of One and Two Glenwood. Place mouse on image to move left to right. http://heritagepropertiesinc.com/properties/one-glenwood/
  7. unique1rdu

    The Dillon: Kane's first downtown mixed use project

    I'm hoping for a Mami Noras to open up somewhere in the warehouse district!
  8. unique1rdu

    Triangle Economic News

    Very interesting article on cities that meet Amazon's needs: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/here-are-the-cities-that-meet-the-criteria-for-amazons-second-headquarters-2017-09-07
  9. unique1rdu

    Triangle Economic News

    They should just give it to Kane Realty and be done with it. He seems to be he only one in this area that can get things done within my life time
  10. unique1rdu

    Triangle Economic News

    @ DPK. That link is from the Winston Salem Business Journal. I will wait until someone local (Triangle Business Journal or local news, paper) reports it's going to RTP.
  11. unique1rdu

    The Dillon: Kane's first downtown mixed use project

    Wecam of Dillion https://app.oxblue.com/open/clancytheys/thedillon
  12. unique1rdu

    301 Hillsborough Street

    There was an article in the MidTown news regarding two developers interested in purchasing this site http://www.midtownraleighnews.com/2014/10/02/4200641/raleighs-downtown-lot-sale-could.html
  13. unique1rdu

    Green Square & NCSECU HQ

    This is the topping off ceremony of the NRC Center. Some interesting information on what will be inside the building: here
  14. unique1rdu

    Blount Street Commons

    This development has officially "jumped the shark"