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  1. Yeh that is good. Also, in pres. bush's article this morning he said Americans are addicted to oil and need to become less reliant on it. That also bodes well for the star.
  2. If this works, how long do yall think till we get a Light Rail?
  3. I like your thinking but the only problem is that there isn't an extensive enough network in nashville for that to become an option. If you live in green hills and work in d-town Nashville, what would you do if your employer offered you a train coupon?
  4. Nashville Is currently building its first commuter rail line. This has to be the most cost effective line built in modern history. I believe it is a 30+ mile starter line with 5 stations that should open in 2006. It was also a very fast project and should be used as an example of how rail transit can be stated for low cost as I believe the entire cost of the line was less than $40M. There are proposals to extend this system with 4-5 more lines. Nashville Commuter Rail discussion on UP
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