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  1. **Mods please relocate thread if needed** Hello Charleston Board, I am trying to find some information (late decisions here) regarding what kind of activities are going on in Charleston for New Years Eve. I have a group, all from Raleigh that is contemplating making a trip down there next week. Most all of the group are recent college grads, with a couple underage (20 years old) people that are looking to join. Wanted to find out if any bars and restaurants in the Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, or Isle of Palms area offer 18+ admission on NYE. Figured going straight to the locals would be my best bet at finding any information. Any info or places I could contact and inquire about age restrictions would be great. Thanks!
  2. Passed by "The Hook Up" on St. Mary's this evening and paper was over the windows. Checked their MySpace page just to make sure I hadnt mistaken what I saw and comments were left about it being closed. Once again, it seems this location is cursed.
  3. Maybe one of you may be able to help me with this question: I was recently out at the observation park one night, sitting in my car on the phone with the windows down. I heard what sounded like a military helicopter (ie the sound of an Apache) taking off and looked out but it was not a helicopter, it was an airplane with a prop on each wing. My initial thought was that it might be one of those Osprey aircraft that the Marine Corps uses, but couldn't understand why one of those would be at RDU. Other than the sound, the only thing I can really use to describe it (since it was night and I couldn't really see it) was that as the blades of plane spun around, they had a green light on the tips of the blades that made a green lit circle as blades rotated. Strange, but it got my curiosity level up.
  4. I have a friend that is a CPA for Grant Thorton that takes the ExpressJet flight to Birmingham at least a couple of times a month if not more, as one of his biggest clients is located there. Before this flight was introduced he had to fly US Airways to CLT and then to BHM. I am sure that if this is true, he will be quite disappointed with this news.
  5. Doing some of my own thinking about this, I've wondered where in the world would an operation of this nature go on the grounds of RDU. The only logical thing that I can come up with is over there near the National Guard station. But I know that some of that land does back right up to Umstead Park. I think it would be absolutely great for the airport and the area to have NetJets here. It sure would increase the air traffic around here, which at certain times of the day can seem staggeringly slow.
  6. I managed to make it back out to RDU this evening to see the departure. Seemed to be quite a few others who were out there for the same reason because as soon as it took off and cleared runway 5L most people left just as I did. Quite amazing to see such a large plane just lift up and take off just like it was an Embraer 135 or any other small regional jet.
  7. Managed to take a few pictures while I was out doing some Christmas shopping today.
  8. I went out there yesterday to take a peek. It was sitting just behind the fence between the UPS and DHL cargo areas. Absolutely huge and absolutely an incredible airplane. Sure wish we had birds that size flying in and out of RDU on a daily basis. If you're saying it'll be out there again today, i may head back out there to take a few pictures of my own. Saw plenty of 747s at JFK in New York, but I think the only one I may have ever seen here was Air Force One on a few occasions.
  9. When is this taking place today?
  10. I did manage to catch the AAL 777 from London the past two weekends as it was landing on 5L from the parking lot at Triangle Factory Shops. Having a plane that large fly just over your head it pretty cool. I wish there was an area where I could get closer, but anywhere else and I'll have the RDU Police coming after me. I do manage to get by the observation deck from time to time, but nothing compares to having a plane fly above you as compare to in front of you. When I saw that DAL 777 that was departing from RDU to Dubai, I got all excited because I though maybe I had missed some major news and there was going to be another 777 servicing RDU. Guess it was just a rare occasion. ***On a side note. Does anyone know where or have any pictures from when the Concorde came to RDU? I remember it happening and being on the news and I know I've seen a photo in a retail store somewhere in Raleigh, but I cannot remember where I saw it. Any information on that would be great because my searches on Google and Yahoo have turned up no information.****
  11. Just happened to look at Flightaware.com just a moment ago there was a Delta Flight #8, a Boeing 777 that apparently was supposed to go from ATL to Dubai, but stopped here at RDU and then is now enroute to Dubai. Any of you have a clue what this might be about?
  12. Jim Anthony's son is one of my best friends. I've talked with him (his son) briefly about The Warehouse, but nothing substantial about what will be going into the building and its long term plans. With the approval of Mr. Anthony, I will be glad to give you guys updates about the club/venue when they become available.
  13. ^Pourch and Bassment is run by Paul that used to bartend at Lucky's. He left there a few months back to start the new bar. Opened last weekend. Haven't been yet, but will try to make it on my stops this weekend on Glenwood.
  14. What kind of jet would Virgin America use if service began at RDU?
  15. I've really tried my hardest to remain as positive as I can regarding this project, but it just really seems so far fetched to me that I really question what will happen. I also live very close to this site, I would estimate about 3 miles from it, just off Glen Eden Rd. I understand the real estate market quite well where I live because it is a very prime area. But the spot for this tower and its condos and the outrageous prices still baffle me. I'm no real estate expert (but I hope to be soon) but I just really cannot imagine paying over a million dollars to live in a high rise condo with no better view than the top of Crabtree Valley Mall. If you really stop and look around where the building will sit and imagine yourself on the 43rd floor, your view will for lack of better terms be crap because the building sits in an absolute hole. The back of the buildings may look over the top of the trees, but will only have view of an the Camden Apt. complex on Edwards Mill and the front of the building will likely not see anything higher than the top of the Embassy Suites across Glenwood Ave. Looking towards downtown, you'll catch glimpses of the beltline and some office buildings and the top of the mall, which is quite unattractive (look at google earth and tell me if you don't agree) and your view to the north west will likely be really nothing more than trees and maybe the hill coming down Glenwood in the winter when there aren't leaves on the trees. This project would have a completely different feel to it if it sat, lets say on the lot at Kidds Hill where the old Food Lion and Brendal's was. At least in this location it would sit on land high enough that condos would have at least a view of something in the town. I honestly believe that the whole condo part of this building should just be scrapped and let it just become a Westin Hotel by itself. There have just seemed to be too many things in limbo with this project from the start and it seems to just continue, meanwhile the RBC Plaza downtown is what like 10 or 12 floors from completion of the main skeletal frame? I really don't want to sound like a "negative nancy" and I've tried to give this place a chance, but the more I think about it every time I drive past the site, the more it seems like an absolute waste and a lost cause.
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