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  1. It'd still be nice to see MARTA expanded to areas like Cobb where commuters like myself would appreciate it, but BRT will undoubtedly become the next expansion of mass transit for commuters in Metro Atlanta. Riding the bus into the city is really not as bad as most would believe and hopefully CCT (Cobb Community Transit) and GRTA will work together to expand the hours of travel times to benefit ALL commuters. Anyhoo, just felt the urge to give my two cents on this matter. I just hope I'm not met with disgust by you urban dwellers. I promise I don't live like the rest of suburbia!
  2. Wow, spoken like a ignorant commoner. Bigger homes, bigger yards, and more cars on the road are what's killing Atlanta quality of life. Numerous people throughout the region all complaining about the same things, but still manage to play hypocrite and fall in line with a Governor who simply suggests building more roads to solve our ongoing and tiring problem here in Atlanta. Atlanta fell for the auto-oriented model years ago and people are getting fed up. I pray every day for happiness, but I also pray for Atlanta to make a move forward towards a better infrastructure. Shirley Franklin has
  3. Should be quite a change of pace from Auguuuuusssstaaaa...as my relatives say it.
  4. I know, I saw that. How exciting! I cheered when it came on tv.
  5. Hopefully the new "Buckhead Village" development will solve this problem.
  6. That's the funniest thing I've heard ALL DAY
  7. Yeah, but at least it's just ONE interstate, not two merged together
  8. Oh if only Kennesaw had a football team
  9. I have done so...and am alive and well.
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