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  1. There was originally to be a Phase III if I recall, an office tower to the South. However, this was more of a dream of the architect than the actual committee. So, while the plans may still be out there, they were never officially part of the final plan. As it stands, Phase I and II were the only planned pieces. I think...
  2. That is not the med school. The med school with be the building on the West end of the development.
  3. So what. If it means more money, investment, and jobs downtown - I could care less that there are selfish motivations. Actually, it is good, it means that the cash will keep flowing. Better than a one time gift that bankrupts the benefactor. These types of self serving gifts are the ones that grow entire industries, not single buildings. I would argue in most cases, yes, these things are typically a burden. However, I would also argue that in GR the arena at least has been a huge success for a single reason. GR was terribly underserved. Up to the time the arena was built, there was not a single 4,000 seat or larger venue in the region - a region of one million plus. But, I can see where cities with nothing unique to offer and stagnant populations would have problems squeezing value out of these investments. The very fact that the Van Andel makes the top ten arena's list every single year is testament to the fact that it is working here. Convention centers are another animal - luckily our center was supported by a lot of private money, removing some of the community and state burden. Will it ever make money, no. Convention centers are a success if they break even. Their real goal is to create visibility and bring people to the region which can develop intangible benefits such as future vacations or relocations - hard to measure. Plus the fact that well, you need a convention center and having a crappy one screams that you have a dumpy, old, stagnant, town.
  4. Actually GR rates very high when it comes to the possiblity of a sports team. The last list that the Sporting News put together had us in the top three for the most likely and most viable markets. We are the most prosperous market without a team, and within the all important 60 minute travel time circle, there are around 2.5 million people - way more than enough. It could happen, the problem is, no one around here believes that...
  5. It is possible, and would make a lot of sense. They might as well work them together, to both their benefit. VAI could use a decent flow of talent and MSU is actually a highly rated sciences school without an outlet. Perfect.
  6. If I recall the original VAI plan for phase III was for an attached office tower to the South of the building. Early speculation was for a decent sized tower - but I think as the project advanced phase III itself was scrapped. I believe it was something that the architect was pushing (for more visibility) than anything. However, this would be an ideal location for the medical school,
  7. There are also all sorts of equipment and wiring tunnels all over. Mostly fiber and electric but also some heating from the old steam plant. Trust me, there is a labryinth under the city from Spectrum all the way to St Mary's.
  8. superNOVA

    Traverse City

    If you ask me it is growing too fast. Northern Michigan is losing a lot of its old character.
  9. Actually he is. He was probably one of my best professors when I was at GVSU. Well at least one of the only ones with real world experience.
  10. I just like the door on the Towers building that is now three storeys off the ground. You can see it when coming West on 96 through downtown. Hope they have it sealed.
  11. They are just throwing a bone to St. Mary's to keep them from feeling left out. Plus, it is not like they really want to look like they are favoring one hospital over another because in the long run, they will need them both. St. Mary's actually does have some highly respected staff and departments. It is just a different type of facility, not much like Spectrum. That being said, we all know this thing is going on the hill. My bet, the Christman development - I am guessing that the very reason they are moving forward on this so quickly is because they see MSU as a good long term lock.
  12. Looks like they are going to do it all at one (or close to it) after all. The ramp and lot around the towers building are coming down and the grade is being worked on down to Division. Interesting that the private side of this got off without an official ground breaking or much fanare at all. I even thought that their development was to be slightly delayed - guess not.
  13. The Children's Hopsital is slated to begin after the construction of the Cancer Center. This has always been the plan. Spectrum has a policy of one project on the hill at a time to reduce congestion.
  14. It is not owned by Spectrum but the logistics of such a project demand that the developer and Spectrum have an understanding. Spectrum is a hospital and has to be aware of the effects of its development and the developments around it.
  15. Well. The Cancer Center is definitely a go. The other project tied to it looks OK and might as well go up while the Cancer Center does. The reason for this is because the next project on the list, the Children's Hospital will make it extremely difficult to build on both sides of Michigan at the same time. Spectrum has a policy of one project at a time to reduce the inconvienience to customers and ambulance drivers.
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