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  1. Raleigh Union Station

    Can someone please remind me of the number of train tracks that are supposed to be “around” the “wye” near Union Station? One on the curve going/bearing left as you approach downtown from the west? And then one more on to the right of the new Union Station? I thought that they would have two around that new platform? One just to the left and one to the right of the new platform? So if you add the newly refurbished one that again curves to the left, then we would have a grand total of three tracks? I forgot, there is one more track coming east from the Goldsboro area, which brings us to three currently and four in the future?
  2. Triangle Economic News

    I do agree that Raleigh is a tech hub, has top talent, academics, and will continue to grow. But by percentage Atlanta is and has “more” in all those areas. Also, I think the fact that Raleigh is so close to DC is not in its favor. Why spend so much money to just move around in your neighborhood when you can see an even bigger impact by moving further south and to an even cheaper market? (I believe that Atlanta is a bit cheaper than Raleigh in most respects) But all and all, I would love to be proven wrong... :-)
  3. Triangle Economic News

    Sounds very cool, but... I find it very unlikely that Raleigh is really in the running against Atlanta? So different in so many ways, even when you add financial incentives into the mix. I could believe Atlanta vs. Dallas or Raleigh vs. Nashville but Raleigh is again way to different from Atlanta to make a fair comparison imho!
  4. N&O Site

    Tick Tock...
  5. Raleigh Union Station

    If I remember correctly, isn’t the grand opening for this so-called “Union Station” to take place in February 2018?
  6. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    Willard is so square! Lol
  7. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    I know that I will be called an arm chair developer, but is John Kane the only developer that is willing to actually propose buildings a little taller AND a little less bland? But more importantly actually deliver on said proposal?
  8. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    I am sorry, but that could not look more like a box if it tried...sad!
  9. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    I wish that they could move this building and utilize it to make one of two nice homes for some lower income families. Just a thought!
  10. "Smokey Hollow" - Kane's Second Downtown Project

    And not meant to make anyone mad but, Kane did a really good job with Dilion that I was hoping for something more interesting and less hospital like for this project...
  11. "Smokey Hollow" - Kane's Second Downtown Project

    I thought that the entire area around Smokey Hollow was limited to 12 stories? My understanding was that the 12 stories was the top number of floors before even more city scrutiny. That just like 400H and the Centre City building, which sit in the 20 storey limit area?
  12. Triangle Economic News

    In regards to MetLife, what exactly is it about Cary? I can personally say that I have never understood the business draw to this town. Unless the Town of Cary truly offers great financial incentives and a more central Triangle location? Or is it something more? Kind of like North Hills? Wake Forest? I am starting to answer my own questions and I don’t like where I am headed or the answers that I am reaching. :-(
  13. Triangle Economic News

    With John Kane on board maybe his latest land buy would actually be a really good place to put or fill in with 100 seven story buildings? Close to downtown, Duke Raleigh hospital, NH’s shopping and retail. And don’t forget that John Kane had previously mentioned being up for developing a new transit system?
  14. Banks in downtown Raleigh?

    If I remember correctly, 10 plus years ago FCB had planned to put a 30 story HQS building where PNC is now...
  15. Banks in downtown Raleigh?

    By December 2017, Raleigh will only have the corporate headquarters of First Citizens Bank and North State Bank. And so while FCB has it’s HQS at NH, NSB has it’s HQS on Falls of the Neuse Rd. Meanwhile, back downtown (at the bat cave...Lol) we have the regional HQS for PNC, and the soon to be regional HQS for FNB. In a city of almost 500,000 people I expect more...old story I know... Now for the latest news: Available via the N&O or TBJ...FCB announced that it would be consolidating about 125/or so personal from it’s NH and Garner locations to the Prominode 2 on Six Forks rd. Stateing that “where trying to keep personal under one roof”. This really surprises me as surely they could have simply put everyone together at NH? Anyone want to venture a reason as to what’s going on with FCB? Please and thank you!