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  1. Thank you! Now, does anyone know if and or when they’ll get a video cam? :-)
  2. Maybe this will help push the light rail project as well as the RTP transit hub?
  3. I’m not sure, while $22 million is a lot of money in general, it’s not a lot when you think how much land there really is available to utilize.
  4. One thing that you can count on in Raleigh is let’s do a study! Forget the fact that this will be the third study in almost as many years...Lol
  5. One Glenwood One Glenwood One Glenwood I think that I have made my point? One Glenwood is the way that developers see a fast return on investment. It looks an awfully lot like an office building and parking deck built next door that you will find all up and down Six Forks Rd., Falls of the Neuse Road etc. Nothing really special or different as even the height is par for the course. So yeah, I am expecting an office/apt building next door to a 6 or 7 story parking deck.... God, please prove me wrong!
  6. Not a betting kind of guy, however, I am of the thought that it won’t happen for a long, long, long time...I think that they don’t have a tenet and will bide there time until they do...imho
  7. I think that this building has now been topped out...
  8. In regards to the future of downtown Raleigh, I was reading an article from Wral’s Tech-Wire that gives the appearance of more talk in the tech world of Google or a similar company buying Red Hat... And because downtown Raleigh doesn’t have other large companies like Red Hat I think that it would put Raleigh back about 10 years...imho
  9. Didn’t Dallas TX build an Outer-Outer loop in order to better control growth around Dallas and Ft Worth?
  10. Hi Green_Man Great picture, thank you! But surely you don’t think the stadium in this picture is smaller or intimate than the NCFC proposed stadium? They look similar in size to me...22,000 seats?
  11. On the North side they have steel up to the sixth floor.... nice addition even if it’s not the full potential. (Sorry, not the full potential of the site or lot...imho)
  12. Great to have a philosophy, I agree! So now, until that philosophy is better determined and as the paying public, how many vehicle spacers are we talking? :-)
  13. Unless I didn’t read correctly, I am concerned that parking wasn’t mentioned as well...?
  14. As much as love the Dilion project by Kane, I was really hoping for a design here more like the ones at NH’s...sigh...
  15. Sad that they reduced this project from 12 to 11 floors. It makes a visual difference in downtown...
  16. @ DPK My thanks for the awesome pictures! I have to say that my hands down favorite is the picture which includes the Bull. (Bull-E?) He looks as if he wants to say, sorry I didn’t mean to get in your shot...Lol
  17. Not sure what you are saying? Old development rendering or comparison?
  18. The more that I think about it, the more I believe that if Amazon chooses the Triangle, they will actually go to downtown Durham. My reasoning is that there light rail system is much further along than Raleigh’ s bus system that we’ll be building. Plus Amazon can actually help speed theirs up by being a sponsor? Durham is also more like Austin TX/open, liberal and if I am correct the have enough land downtown to build a large amount of buildings. Just a thought. :-)
  19. Orulz, I like your ideas a lot. And I especially noticed and agree with your last comment about years later building an heavy rail lines underground. I have been to scared to say anything until you’re comments, so thank you for outing me...Lol :-)
  20. I just read an article in where Amazon’ real estate chief John Schoettler emphasized key priorities for the company’s HQ2 search at an event that was held at Seattle's Sheraton Hotel on Friday. He stated: “We look to it being a combination of buildings and facilities probably within walking proximity to one another,” Schoettler said. I am thinking that the Triangle/Raleigh won’t look as desirable from that perspective due to no one specific area in the Triangle region has the ability to have that much space within walking distance? I believe that specifically in Downtown Raleigh we have boxed ourselves in (pun intended) with “you can’t build taller than” which really limits companies like Amazon and Apple? Maybe the best thing to do is to wait a few more decades and hope that home grown companies like Red Hat etc will start requiring much more space than they do now. Not that I want instant gratification mind you, but just not so much regulation that we’re almost building a wall around downtown Raleigh.
  21. Did anyone else see the 5:30 news on WRAL about HQ2? Had an extremely small comment that referenced John Kane’s idea to put this project between The Warehouse district and Dorothea Dix Park...very interesting imho!
  22. That land bounded in yellow, is it a real option?
  23. A great article. Thank you for sharing!
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