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  1. My dream would be to live right beyond the edge of a traditional neighborhood, so I could have a large lot (preferably at least 2-3 acres) while at the same time be within a short biking distance (or reasonable walking distance) of at least a few amenities. The eastern part of the West Duluth neighborhood here in (you guessed it!) Duluth, MN, where our store is, was built around or slightly before the turn of the century (1900), and consists mostly of single-family dwellings on narrow lots with alleys, a big park, and some stores, usually having apartments on the second floor. The steep sl
  2. Sounds very nice, but the last point makes me very nervous: # The neighborhood is organized to be self-governing. A formal association debates and decides matters of maintenance, security, and physical change. Taxation is the responsibility of the larger community. So a "new urbanist" neighborhood should have a board to tell me that my relatives can't park their motorhome outside my house, or that I can't have ham radio antennas on the top of my house or in my backyard?
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