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  1. accatt2204

    55 West

    I still would be glad to keep Suntrust as the focal point for that area of town, it just didnt seem right in the position 55 west is in. It makes suntrust look short and chubby, but certainly adds density, and vibrancy to that area. I never went to well with that project. If something taller than suntrust came i would certainly like it in that position, but I realy would be upset if they decided to knock it down than build nothing.
  2. Well, if they put homes or something I would agree, but since it is a plaza style, wall of concrete type dead end, it only allows for more restaurants and retail similiar to wall street plaza area. But I can see where youre coming from as far as it catering to vehicles in a way.
  3. The dropoff area appears to me to appear almost as a side street, as I expect it to have retail space around there which would improve the urbanity in that area in my opinion.
  4. ^ I dont believe that has been posted. thanks.
  5. Cornerstone looks nice. I think it would help if there were some shops on Jefferson. To allow pedestrians to wander from Orange ave. and give the side streets some activity, with nightclubs possibly.
  6. accatt2204

    The VUE

    Excellent. I should be in the area sometime next month, so I hope to see a significant difference in the activity, and construction since Ive last been in town last April.
  7. Does anyone have a rendering of the LYNX Kissimmee intermodel center?
  8. Projects for other areas of the metropolitan area... The Wellesly At College Park Super Channel 55 Altamonte Springs Hospital Winter Park, Regent Hotel Winter Park, Construction Pic, Veranda Park at Metrowest Promenade At Metrowest The Condominiums of Plaza del Lago at MetroWest Esplanade Center at Metrowest Please feel free to add more when you find them.
  9. Awesome news. I hope Tallahassee could soon become the true hub of northern florida.
  10. Great to see a nice mix of mid-rises and highrises to diversify the downtown scene.
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