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  1. ...darn, I guess I have to be "that guy" but every project needs one, I love the sleek design of this building and what it brings downtown, the "city center" feel for Sunrail Users and its impression, I know in many cities has an impact on the riders and their chance to splurge. I DO (I know it's Orlando) but given its central location, the building just one hundred feet taller, I believe 430' would give the building a more IN YOUR FACE city center vibe, but would also attract the developer to appeal to higher class, and larger business tenants (and small). With subtle LED lighting, A nice white and blue or green hue to the building that's noticeable would be very pleasing. I always have questioned why Orlando has yet to set up a high rise or top floor public gallery, used for art, dining, bands, and local charities that is set in the top of one of the taller buildings, and is open for public usage. I'm thinking, Suntrust, Mank of America has a restraint I believe, but privately owned, the Court House could too, or Dynetech. It would be a nice thing to have a building with a dedicated "public level" that people with permits can do what they want to use it for (as long as part is always open). I still fear that height restriction while...normally for a city can be rather nice and produce much better pedestrian and urban environments....Orlando is ALSO a tourist Mecca. When your on I drive....or say your in East Orlando, and have just moved there, you see The Orlando Eye, Skyplex, the new 450 foot sling shot, along with possibly I square, and the building developers who are going to start throwing in 550 to 650 foot skyscrapers and may challenge skyplex. Downtown doesn't have to start building 700 or 800 foot buildings, but it is best for them to increase the height limit to 600 feet (yeah a pipe dream) so a few large office tenants come in, and you have an intriguing enough skyline, that newcomers, visitors and locals when they think of where they want to go for fun, isn't JUST I drive. It's a pipe dream and won't happe, but considering they allow to 441 feet, this would look sleeker and more impressive if slightly taller, and perhaps they could experiment with brick and mortar architecture at the pedestrician or below the 100 foot level and see how that interacts.
  2. 55 West

    I still would be glad to keep Suntrust as the focal point for that area of town, it just didnt seem right in the position 55 west is in. It makes suntrust look short and chubby, but certainly adds density, and vibrancy to that area. I never went to well with that project. If something taller than suntrust came i would certainly like it in that position, but I realy would be upset if they decided to knock it down than build nothing.
  3. Businesses I would like to see Downtown

    ^Im pretty sure at least one project will. Probably a 24 hour walgreens or CVS as said previously, but does anyone know if the publix will be 24 hour or just nine- to- five style. Im guessing just half days as people dont want to listen to the sounds of a grocery store at night, but it would be possible ( and should be done) to block this out from flooding the first few floors.
  4. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    Wow. Very impressive, Much more dense than I thaught this area would be.
  5. Captial Plaza III

    Well, if they put homes or something I would agree, but since it is a plaza style, wall of concrete type dead end, it only allows for more restaurants and retail similiar to wall street plaza area. But I can see where youre coming from as far as it catering to vehicles in a way.
  6. Captial Plaza III

    The dropoff area appears to me to appear almost as a side street, as I expect it to have retail space around there which would improve the urbanity in that area in my opinion.
  7. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    The residential project looked a little taller than benchmark which it probably is, but than again Benchmark was only 10 stories! It looked so tall for a 10 story building.
  8. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    ^ I dont believe that has been posted. thanks.
  9. THE Orlando Photo Thread

    Cornerstone looks nice. I think it would help if there were some shops on Jefferson. To allow pedestrians to wander from Orange ave. and give the side streets some activity, with nightclubs possibly.
  10. The VUE

    Excellent. I should be in the area sometime next month, so I hope to see a significant difference in the activity, and construction since Ive last been in town last April.
  11. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    unfortunately, that parking lot doesnt assist with the street, pedestrian level activity, a project of 4-8 stories with some extra retail would be excellent for the residents of that area.
  12. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    I like the way the density appears when you drive from I-4 from the southwest. Its going to be one of the ways we will distinguish from I-drive by having a city-like skyline as opposed to suburban sprawl.
  13. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    ^ I hope lack of sales doesnt kill too many projects. It's really a shame to see developers put up projects that start out in the higher 300's and say if they reach a certain mark like 40% sold they will break ground, which you know isnt going to happen anytime soon.
  14. ARCHIVE: Downtown Orlando Master List

    Does anyone have info on how the Vue construction is going. Last I heard they were clearing the area, to make way for the development. Have they completed that portion?
  15. News on the Ivanhoe, 801 N. Orange?

    So we can add an extr 10 floors to the prelimenary design, with (hopefully) a better look. I really expect this project to bridge central business distrist and uptown, but will hopefully do it in a tastefull design.