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  1. macrocosim144

    Aloft Hotel?

    Its sad if you look at satellite imagery of cities like Orlando or Atlanta you can see the direct result of neglecting to develop a dense urban core in lieu of suburban sprawl, the nature disappears very fast, and is usually gone for good. As more people decide to call Asheville home we will see if the trends change, though for now most of the owners of the surrounding lands seem more than happy to sell out the farm for cookie cutter houses and strip malls... which is a shame. Its not easy to get a project off the ground, but if you can truly get the public behind it then a council will usually go along with it. Then again there must have been some way he refused to play ball and it killed the project. Though truly if he's got a good idea there is always some other city he can bring all those jobs, culture and massive economic impact to, the SW principle always applies... Some Will, Some Wont, So What, Someones Waiting...
  2. macrocosim144

    Aloft Hotel?

    That does seem to be the track record, but in their defense the developers dont seem much up to the task of presenting the right projects and doing so intelligibly enough to get public support; not to say that its an easy task but surely its not impossible. Instead things usual devolve into an egomaniacal pissing contest from both sides.... ahhh its a good thing im not human! lol
  3. macrocosim144

    Aloft Hotel?

    Well it's surely better than that hideous sunken surface parking lot. The design is okay ... I guess. Would probably look better with balconies on each room and some more of that rusted iron siding and absolutely no "synthetic stucco" I hate that crap it has to be repainted way too often and looks cheap as hell. My vote is for a total recreation of the Swannanoa Hotel, what a beauty! But I guess it's too much for todays builders who seemingly prefer stucco and styrofoam over anything else.
  4. macrocosim144

    I-26 Connector

    Id do one larger landmark focal point central structure with smaller structures on each side of the valley; with suspension lines & separated east & west traffic flows. Its hard to say about the architecture... maybe something with a modern/deco tinge (Grove Arcade'ish). Plus some sort of accessible working space on top of the main central tower to shoot of fireworks for special occasions; everyone in the central city would see them from there! lol This could be fun to design in 3d!
  5. macrocosim144

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Very cool about dueling dragons, although I could never stomach that ride for some reason it felt like getting in a rough car wreck; unlike the Hulk which flows like the wind. However a DD HP conversion could be interesting if they enclosed some of the ride instead of that huge bare track ... would feel more like a linear experience and could carry a story line a bit better. Tri-wizard theme seems to fit perfect, what with the dragons and all. It must be an awesome job creating projects like these.
  6. macrocosim144

    Capital Center, Asheville

    Overall I think thats a great design, considering what it looks like now that is a huge improvement. The 60's didn't always produce the most exciting architecture thats for sure ... in fact they probably ripped down some really neat building to build that eyesore. I wonder what was there before? In Orlando the 60's was the most destructive era to our historical architecture, we lost many truely fantastic buildings for those big quasi-modern elcheapo cement boxes. Such a waste...
  7. macrocosim144

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    Right on! Besides we already have enough for the beer and pretzel crowd! We need a world class PAC. We need reall mass transit. Screw sports!
  8. macrocosim144

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    They say there will be a highly technical ride ... my best guess is allowing guests to attend a quiditch game! Or attend a wizarding duel. If they can pull that off it would be awesome! One would think they would build another attraction in the forbidden forest as well with all the strange creatures and huge spiders; could be fun. I wish they were appropriating A LOT MORE land to this area ... I can think of a million rides and attractions! lol
  9. macrocosim144

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I think if they are smart the castle will be visible from i4 and all the surrounding areas. It's easy to hide the castle from view if they want to from specific areas inside the park. I agree this will be the icon of the park just as Cinderellas castle epcot ball etc is to Disney. Imagine seeing that mountain with the castle atop for miles in every direction, what a presence that will create! Besides Disney doesn't have anything cool as harry potter this is a great opportunity for universal to one up them on a very visible scale. I say go as big and as grandiose as feasibly possible!
  10. macrocosim144

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    OMG this is so cool! It looks like the Hogwarts castle will give Cinderellas castle a run for its money. I cant wait to see more detailed renderings of this project. It looks like people will be able to see that castle for miles I wonder how tall it is.
  11. macrocosim144


    The Republicans only care about public wars and bridges to nowhere. We see what they did to the highspeed trains here in fl. For now its up to local communities to try and change things for themselves. Denver is a great example; they are heavily increasing their light-rail system and building that high-speed rail that us Floridiates were tricked out of by the republilcans. Orlando seems like its truly attempting to work on the transportation issue and that's refreshing to say the least. It's amazing the difference in the way things are run here since the Democrats took over ... were actually making progress on so many fronts. Of course not everything's perfect but as a native I have lived the difference.
  12. macrocosim144

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    Yeah I think it will add to the city for sure. Im sick of going to the TBPAC its too damned far (though I love the venue). The performing arts centre will be refreshing and will surely add to our status as a city.
  13. macrocosim144

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    The citrus bowl is not in the boonies its right off obt and the east-west and near I4 strategically its a good spot for traffic flow. With upgrades to the traffic infrastructure IMO it's the best place for it. It is smart to keep those crowds a good distance from the CBD ... when tens of thousands of people leave the games we dont need them clogging up orange ave and all the new residential in our city core; anyways most of them just want to get on the hwy and go home. I dont know about your chaos fears. IMO public space is only as chaotic as the plan designed to control the flow. A central location with easy transportation access that keeps the minions off the core city streets ... I dont think it gets any better than that.
  14. macrocosim144

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    I think its time that Orlando "the city" gets a fair chunk of the money we generate hosting millions of tourists. Trust me there is more than enough money to build all three of these projects. Personally I would build the new arena over by the football stadium area with its own east-west / obt / I4 access, a huge parking garage and decent public transport for the downtowners to just ride in. The whole complex would be interconnected and save money on security and countless other services that could be grouped together. As another plus having only one construction site for two of the major projects would save a ton of money on the front end.
  15. macrocosim144

    The Plaza

    When the city and region solve the transportation problems we will start to see much larger projects; as it is now the roads cannot handle it and decent public transport is still a wet dream.