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  1. I'm actually looking at getting a condo in Skybridge Terrace off Morehead Street and even there (outside of the 277 loop actually directly overlooking 277) even if you choose the least expensive unit you're looking at $210 per square foot minimum. I've never actually looked at condo prices anywhere else besides Lille, France so I really don't know what the ranges are by square foot in the largest U.S. cities and cities of Charlotte's size. It seems as if intown condo buyers are paying the prices of what Charlotte will probably be in twenty years as opposed to what it is now.
  2. I'm sure its buried somewhere, but what exactly is the timeline for the Piedmont Courts/Siegle Points redevlopment? I haven't heard one word about condo presales. Same thing for the SoDa lofts which I think someone mentioned that they've already seen elevations. Thanks.
  3. Who is the developer for "SoDa" Lofts again? Is there a website for the development already or is it still in the early, speculative phase?
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