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  1. I've lived in Belmont for the past 6 years and I feel like the neighborhood is always taking two steps forward and then one step back. It's been a couple of years since someone has been shot in my generally vicinity and I had just started to feel very comfortable in my neighborhood. This shooting seriously sucks for the victims family but also, for my own selfish reasons. I really love the location of this neighborhood. I love being able to walk to Cordelia, run to the Y, or walk and get a beer at the Brewery. Since the killer hasn't been caught (much less identified), I'm now on my own house arrest making my husband paranoid when I take my son out the front door. Hopefully, we'll inch back into some normalcy as the days pass..... We did stop by the scene on Tuesday to ask the police if they could give us a description. Their reply was that "it was a male that could look like a lot of people."
  2. This is A.O. and Dorothy Steele walking down Tryon St. You can see the Ivey's sign in the background. He was a professor at JCSU and she taught in the public school system. They're collection is housed in the archives of JCSU and can also be found here: http://library.jcsu.edu/digitalsmith.html Some other images that mostly deal with JCSU can be found on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ A lot of it is the campus which fortunately didn't tear everything down every 20 years.
  3. At least there's brick at the bottom. In other news, is any one else slightly disturbed by the amount of old oaks they're cutting down for the beautification of Seigle Ave.?
  4. Perhaps once 28th Row goes up it will help that little spot.
  5. I think I read here that they won't start the project until 3 of the units are sold. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll go through with it.
  6. I really disagree with the possibility of this decision. Any suggestions on how to try and stop it? I know they aren't building the lightrail for my sole benefit, but if such a move impacts my hopes for an easy walk to a station, it impacts my neighbors too. If they move to push the line to Tryon, or if they have already decided - I wonder how this will impact our Big Brother NoDa....
  7. My cousin has lived a few blocks away for about ten years and loves the area. I do too, but live in the Belmont neighborhood. I've been pleasantly surprised with the outcome of Steel Gardens and am quite jealous of you that you can walk to the retail area of NoDa.
  8. Go Belmont! I've lived in the neighborhood for about 2 years and have been impressed with the amount of change I've seen. I chose to live in the area because I wanted to live near downtown and this was the price point I could sustain. I love my house and get along well with my neighbors. I'm also close to everything I want to be near, including work. Unfortunately, it's not walking distance, but close enough for now.
  9. Not sure what the eyeroll is about either. I've been lurking on this forum for quite some time deciding on an area of Charlotte to live in. Now that I'm here, I have something to talk about.
  10. Does anyone know what the new construction will be beside the Salvation Army on Seigle? I just noticed it today and was curious.
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