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  1. I believe they already prepped the new site and have an interior layout however no released plans of the exterior height/finish, I'm sure it will be taller as even the newer ones in traverse city and kalamazoo are taller than GRR. As for the old tower, one airport that comes to mind is Tucson. The old tower there is still standing as its connected to the old terminal. Its got a southwest retro look. Ive been there at night and its got cool lighting. Since the old GRR is connected to the terminal, it seems like it may not be worth dismantling at least at this time unless they do major reconstruction to that part of the terminal. For the time being, It would be cool if they can turn that into a public space of some sort and on the outside add lights or an art piece.
  2. you could very well be right, and not that they wouldnt locate in the same general area but 2 chicken places immediately next to each other seems a little odd. either way hope its something else new to the area.
  3. Probably a good thing that theres some outside pressure to update the control tower as its been talked about for years now. I vividly remember reading somewhere I think its the 2nd or3rd oldest in use of any similar or larger sized airport? The new site on the other side of the airport should make it more visible to i96 and Im sure it would be taller, but I hope they put a little money into making it "iconic" or at least unique. Cool example is at Dayton
  4. at least BJs is a new to the area chain, always thought it was odd that "Beer city USE" didnt really have any of the chain beer bars like BJs, Granite City, Yardhouse ect. Looks like the 3rd propsed building is set up like a fast food place, hope its one of these; https://www.lansingstatejournal.com/story/news/2022/06/15/michigans-first-raising-canes-construction-underway-east-lansing/7614588001/ but probably too close to Chick-fil-a
  5. game changer new tallest 40+ stories....then scaled back to 24 to "blend in better" then ultimately an unnoticeable 12 story meh building with a brand new Holiday in express and some market rate and subsidized apartments!
  6. NHL may seem "most likely" for GR but do you really think there would be a team in GR before Milwaukee, Cleveland, Indy, KC, Cincy, Quebec, Atlanta, Houston, Portland?
  7. well heres a screen shot of the rendering with the color scene they were questioning sounding like they didn’t like it, the developer said it’s the chains branding. Looks brown and tan brick with red accents which Tim Hortons came to mind, and I could see them doing ok by the theater without the need for a drive through.
  8. based on the design and commissioner questioning the color scheme, Im guessing Tim Hortons?
  9. Saw this on the airport site...certainly looks to be about twice as tall, twice as wide and twice as long in person too.
  10. The job one is basically cities with close proximity, plus FL, TX, and AZ...Looking at the net migration is very interesting considering how many more people move from Houston, Boston, DC, Atlanta, LA, Albany, even Nashville and then the ones that moved from out of GR to Muskegon, AA, Minneapolis are all somewhat surprising to me.
  11. I do know many of the international visitors stay at AGP
  12. Not sure if shoulders are an MDOT or more likely an Interstate standard as US131 has some bridges with very little shoulders to accommodate more lanes and is obviously not an interstate. I listened in on the MDOT meeting today and from what I could take away is the grand river bridges plan have a lot of zoning and sensitive things to work around but are high priority bridges because of the construction method and how they are anchored under the river. All similar bridges are scheduled to be replaced by 2035 with deeper anchors and these ones has the most amount of traffic. This will also make for longer and less total spans, I think 5 instead of 9 if I heard correctly. The overall length will be the same, the height will be a little higher and will be widen. The end result as far as travel lanes will be the same for east bound (2 through lanes and the entrance lane from Market, and will add an exit lane to market for westbound) however they plan to also widen it enough to be able to accommodate for an additional through lane in each direction in the future when necessary with minimal disruptions (so approximately 4 lane capacity and 58 ft total wide each). So bravo to MDOT for planning ahead on this one, however I was disappointed to hear there are no plans to include any other related bridge replacement/widening such as the ones mentioned above simultaneously while the construction is happening due to budget and unique concerns to those projects.
  13. Sad to see the old Big Boy go, its iconic brand with very few locations left but blocking the c-store because of alcohol sales is absurd. I mean it would get a lot of alcohol sales given the immediately surrounding demographics but so what its not going to produce any more bums in the area
  14. It would for sure be an improvement but seems unnecessarily large project that could be accomplished cheaper, faster, and with less disruption by rebuilding Wealthy over 131 with right side exits wider, and more pedestrian friendly while also allowing 131 to be widened as well. Its like MDOT suddenly realizes left side exits are not normal and are more dangerous
  15. That seems so obvious. I believe there used to be a third left lane "up the hill" westbound that ended right before LMD. Its now just striped as 2 lanes and should be relatively easy to add a 3rd however there are some narrow bridges between Lane and Market that on both sides . I am wondering if this project could possibly replace at least some of those bridges simultaneously since the freeway will be closed (specifically westbound 196 over Kent trails, Butterworth, possibly Lane ave)
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