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  1. Not everyone of these is a success story...Des Moines similar sized city but often a step ahead of GR has had their local favorite open a similar sized downtown market and under the same name btw. Looks like it’s putting pressure on nearby restaurants. Fortunately for Bridge street there’s not much there anyways and there hasn’t been much in the design calling for this type of setup.
  2. Like the layout just wish there was a little more height than all 2 and 3 story buildings.
  3. GR8scott

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    What I meant by it was the biggest increases were specifically to hub airports meaning many people are getting connection flights instead of driving directly to Detroit or Chicago, probably in part to costs not being among the highest in the country these days.
  4. GR8scott

    Suburban Projects

    I could see Dillard’s buys some assets and doing well in rivertown
  5. GR8scott

    Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    A luckys would be cool
  6. GR8scott

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    The growth is great, I know there have been some added capacity recently, and heard they are trying to get more western US destinations but 15% is also not unheard of. After years of small decreases, there was about a 20% increase in 2009. This probably has little to switch alone and more to do with years of efforts to finally make it not among the most expensive in the entire country with mass leakage to DTW and ORD as it appears the numbers to those airports as well as ATL are up big
  7. GR8scott

    Village of Ada - Complete Makeover

    Officially it’s not a village, it’s nothing but an unincorporated area Inside of a 36sq mile township of the same name. The people who live near the development have the same voice as the people who live over by the forest hills performing arts center or up near Egypt valley. Maybe they should incorporate into a village??
  8. GR8scott

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    Yet Des Moines has nonstop flights to LAX, PHX, SFO to name a few that GRR doesn’t but probably should. I like to compare these cities because I have family there and for some reason they tend to be a step ahead in a lot of things there, although it probably has to do with being the Capitol and largest city.
  9. GR8scott

    42 (now 14) story building coming to downtown GR

    They would invert the number to be 012 stories... but really i am I am disappointed as one less space that could have had a promanant feature on the skyline will be another blink of the eye. Also disappointed this now probably means Hampton inn and suites number 7 instead of an actual Hilton. Absurd a market the size GR is doesn’t have a single flagship brad hotel, by far the largest in the country without one....and largest metro in the country without a D1 spirts program and largest without a FM hip hop station and probably largest without an arena that’s a complete bowl and I could go on and on but really kind of fitting how anti-“grand” the visionaries in a lot of ways here
  10. GR8scott

    Suburban Projects

    It’s way too late to add a freeway belt with all of the suburban development that happened in the last 25 Years or so. Besides making m6 into an interstate and turn north in Georgetown twp to connect with 96 bear Marne, I don’t think there would be much demand/traffic. It would be much better to improve the existing infatrictre and widen to at least 3 lanes in each direction like a normal metropolitan area and add a few exits like Knapp st and Patterson Fulton a full exit ect. weave/merge lanes between exits, maybe lighting, convert some of the left lane exits to right with flyovers, convert 31 to interstate standards from Holland to grand haven, get federal funding and complete 131 into Indiana and make it I-67. Improve key corridors like e. Beltline, alpine, Wilson, 28th and 44th. I could go on and on about the serious lack of infastructure investment in the area but an outer belt will never happen nor should it at this point. I think the other reason it didn’t happen and development to the south did is geography. There’s rolling hills and woods all east and north with little suitable farmland. To the south, it’s easy to convert flat, cleared farm land sold in larger chunks into developments.
  11. GR8scott

    Lakeshore Projects

    Not really considering it’s a majority population. Outside of Holland There’s like no Dutch restaurants, no one still speaks Dutch, no Dutch flags flying in yards, no Dutch tattoos ect. It’s no where remotely close to Italian pride or even other common Europeans like German, English, Irish, Polish. I wish there was more of an identity and pride in the area.
  12. GR8scott

    Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    Wouldn’t want it to appear to be over 12 stories tall now
  13. GR8scott

    Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    That’s how I read it but sounds like wheeler is afraid that a little competition will make his slice smaller, in reality the city is saying the whole pie should grow with the ability to host larger or more conventions and they would feel safer spending 50k to investigate before they invest 50x that amount. What I don’t get is how they came up with the numbers of 400 rooms and specifically 24 story tower at this point? What if they find they only need 200 rooms would they use the opportunity now to build a 12 story limited hotel like the Hyatt place? Or on the other end they need 700 rooms, would they build a 40 story tower full service Hyatt? In other words are they set on that size/height and only concerned to fit that? I sure hope if they spend that kind of mo why it’s more open ended to build to capacity and hopefully go larger if that’s what the study shows.
  14. GR8scott

    The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    There's no doubt that happens and how can you blame the agents that have access and want to make something quick on the side. The sad thing is sometime the renos are done badly and the buyer has to redo things to their liking.
  15. GR8scott

    Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    wow, site 2 and some of 14 developed would block out the idea of direct freeway access, seems like a big mistake. Maybe 14 could be a hotel?