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  1. PHX seasonal on AA was added this year but looks like it only ran for a couple of months, wish that one would be year around. Delta and United have been pretty intact with their destinations for a while and other than Delta adding Bos and perhaps swapping for JFK and allowing AA to have LGA doubt we’ll see any changes but long shot would be Delta adding SLC, SEA or LAX. AA has made a lot of changes and looks like the swapped the full size route to DFW with CLT the downgraded back to American Eagle so no year around mainliners with them right now. The airport really does seem like it’s in a transition right now and they are also marketing a lot so hopefully gaining people who look to use other airports. However there still a void on the West Coast which is much less traffic than Florida but looking for a round-trip between San Diego there’s a lot more cheaper options through Detroit and Chicago right now. If allegiant would do the LAX route I would have considered that too
  2. As far as I can tell Nashville is seasonal in the summer months so maybe some people there but the rest are seasonal in the winter and doubt many Florida locals are trying to get to Michigan in the winter....Colorado maybe
  3. Many smaller Canadian markets have really good international/Caribbean destination routes, hope we can pick a few up in a couple years when the customs expands. As for the new destinations, i’m never going to complain about new destinations and JAX and NO are nice but will they last long? What’s that 10 FL destinations now? I’m not at all surprised that it was allegiant, just disappointed they still Doesnt go to LAX while they already offer that to much smaller markets and on longer routes. Also our airport has almost an embarrassing amount of seasonal destinations considering we are not the destination most bf the time. I realize this is pretty much allegiants business model but something like FLL where GRR is it’s only City not year round and a large enough market to support it. The main line like AA to Miami in the same market as well as other large hubs phx should be year around.
  4. Yeah a quick look at the weather leads me to believe that most likely it’s more seasonal destinations on Allegiant to Myrtle Beach and Fort Walton Beach, two other allegiant focus cities that happen to be in the 80s and sunny today. Unfortunately, It’s only 60s and cloudy in LA
  5. My guess is both Allegiant and LAX is one of the hubs so other than that maybe return to Myrtle beach or the new hub ft Walton beach, they also seem to be doing smaller mainstream hub city’s like cincinatti , Baltimore or Newark (it doesn’t say new destinations in the announcement) I could see SW maybe Stl again, Dallas love, phx or Vegas slim chance Delta does Boston Slc or even slimmer Seattle or jfk
  6. Maybe setting up Cygnus as a construction staging area?
  7. GR8scott


    I think we will fare better locally with breweries Considering founders, bells even new Holland and Perrin are expanding pretty rapidly across the country. We’re also noted for pretty high-quality products here. The above listed “micro”breweries have been around for a long time before the real “craft” breweries took off. I think lower quality places and the guys who think theyre bigger than what they are will shrink first
  8. My guess is two hotels announced just after all the Switch hoopla....A "Marriott" and (another) Holiday Inn Express. The hopeful in me said this is great to have the only "actual" flagship Marriott in the area but skeptic in me said its probably a 3 story courtyard or some other partial service marriott family that already has multiple locations in town. I found this and appears not only was the skeptic correct, it appears to be the same exact hotels built next to Meijer...lame https://cascadetwp.com/getattachment/8fd55b6d-d86a-4b66-95e3-a869d001903a/170807.aspx
  9. Grr- lga has been around for years via American and/or delta/northwest. Boston and jfk would be great and complete all east coast hub options. Out west, Seattle is now a Delta hub and offers a lot more Asian connections than slc could also lure Alaska On that route at some point. Allegiant is probably over due to go to lax and united to sfo is a long shot but possible as I believe they tried cities like Madison and Des Moines
  10. Yes but something more representive of a city of 75k people, meaning taller and denser but doubt anything over 4 or 6 stories will will happen
  11. one of a few remaining open spots for that a new tallest would work perfectly....here’s to hoping it’s a 40+ story tower there!
  12. Seems like it would have been much better to reverse the signs with the larger much more visible on being GRCC on top and the building name smaller and on the building
  13. Cool footage....cringe at the blown opportunity to actually do something “Grand” on 196 bridge of the “Grand” river in “Grand” Rapids
  14. You’ve probably never noticed because Michigan ranks somewhere between 45-50th state by percentage of EV adoption
  15. If they moved up with the big boys like western, Oakland, or even valpo, they could schedule several good non conference match-ups a year, mostly on the road but occasional a big home or nuetral game at vaa that could fill the seats. The excuse was always the major cost of upgraded facilities but fact is they could play big games at vaa and the football stadium is already at Fcs standards so other than giving out a few more full rides, travel and having to pay coaching staffs a bit more to be competitive, I would think the visibility, as well as revenue from appearance and increased attendance would far outweigh the cost
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