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  1. Safe bet, I can only hope a good number are local or at least local investments with the amount of money generated, it would be absolute missed opportunity not to prioritize keeping the money local
  2. Are they now redoing the entire tower? I though the original plan was just the top which kind of looks weird with two different color glass
  3. They did just announce preliminary work on international part which is 1 of the 3 phases in the project so doesn’t seem too delayed. Seems like this would be a great opportunity time to “double down” on construction while passenger volumes are lower and less of an interference/more social distance available
  4. GR8scott

    BEER 2.0

    Perhaps it’s survival of the fittest with two main contributing factors; quality of product and quality of outdoor beer garden. Let’s hope the quality product guys stick around and everyone elevates their beer garden game
  5. Meh not sure why there was so much put into this “expansion” before increasing capacity on the south side. They could also create and extension for an arena entrance off oaks across from studio park
  6. Really hoping that parking lot holds out for a TALL development, there’s not a better spot around for something grand scale, iconic and new tallest, when will the market be there though? Would love to see something at least 500’ at that location not predicting that for 2021
  7. Meanwhile I been reading about some other states like CO, AZ and CA That are taking advantage of the low traffic and timing to double down on construction projects while enforcing social distancing practices of 6 ft and providing additional safety resources Also paid sick leave so no one uncomfortable is working while trying to stimulate one aspect of the economy and come out of this ahead instead of playing catch up
  8. I thought it was essential if it had to do with unfinished projects that could be affected by weather when being open to elements. IMO Construction should be considered essential if you can do it applying proper distancing and other safety measures, great opportunity to keep the economy going and get some road construction projects done.
  9. Just depends where the number stands as of January or so, I’ve seen an estimate that was already over 10 million by about 45k and another that was at about 9.985million so the factors between January and July could make the difference. immigration in has probably stoped, I can’t see many people moving jnto the state in the next few months because of a job and if anything people in Michigan will want to leave if they can. Plus the death toll is in the hundreds now and could be several thousand by July.
  10. Let’s hope Covid19 doesn’t screw up census counts and Could be really close to whether or not Michigan is officially over 10 million people for the 2020 census, that could have bigImplications
  11. Also could be covered with federal funding. No expert on the cost But should be similar size and scope to the 4 lane 880 ft one in Holland which I can’t find the cost of but New Orleans built an 800 ft one for around $15 million in today’s costs. It’s more of a bridge for the runway than an actual tunnel. The tunnel is not included in the project elevate but my whole point was AFTER that stuff is completed, this seems like the next big projects to tackle
  12. A tunnel for direct I96 connection would shave a good 5 minutes and a mile off every vehicle travel between downtown, north and east of the airport equating to thousands per day, which in turn would alleviate one of the busiest stretches of road in 28th between Patterson and 96 which is only 2 lanes in each direction. the airport end of it is open to build it and so is the newer 96 ramps that abruptly end at the airport property. I see two barriers in the way being the small runway And the train tracks on the north side of the airport. the smaller sized runway would be considerable cheaper to build a tunnel than say the commercial grade runways (by the way already have a tunnel for airport vehicles) and the airport has stated the runway is due for a rebuild. tunnels under runways are nothing new Or exotic and can be found at many airport including DTW, ATL and LAX to name a few as well as places like Holland’s west MI regional airport on a similar sized runway for a pass through road with little traffic. the aerial view of traffic flow to the airport is frustrating since it’s adjacent to an interstate with an exit there and no direct connection, can’t think of another airport in the country with a better opportunity to do so and hasn’t acted yet.
  13. The renderings look like they will add a lot of height, length and width to the A Concourse but the question Would be can they add to the main part of the terminal? There may be just enough room to add a traffic ramp for a second level for drop-off / check-ins to help with traffic flow, that and the tunnel under the north runway for direct connection with I-96 would make it seem like a “full sized” airport after these improvements!
  14. Even more likely and probably cheaper is the space inside the circular area in the south for a “ loop around similar to the i94/196 near Benton harbor
  15. The building and the sign look great, wish they did something a little more funky with the carport cover like a V shape retro design
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