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  1. That’s too bad, hopefully they’ll come back with something more compelling. Not sure why there would be money put aside to do an environmental study and then not do it? It sounds like most people are against this for environmental reasons, however they still somehow support the Whitewater project? I feel like these would complement each other and clean the river up. Not many cities have the natural infrastructure to do something like this and don’t Do anything.
  2. So other than initial temporary construction jobs, I just never understood how it would create that many jobs..,.with the idea of multiple hotels to support it?
  3. Let’s hope there’s a little separation from the hotel so they complement each other and not one big blob
  4. At this point in time a realignment could mean a move up to be more with market and stadium sizes such as Indy......Another example of Des Moines being “grander” than GR, very nice, larger stadium downtown and marketing well done closely resembling the Cubs and including all of Iowa
  5. That Rendering would be almost ideal for that angled corner with the amount of brick/glass and height ratio....that and the summer ave/bridge st lot would be great infills
  6. Taller....story of GRand Rapids’ life. I think there’s been exactly 3 projects that surprised/exceeded my height expectations....river house, Bond and the castle...
  7. I’ve heard Des Moines Iowa has a similar project although with a $117 mil price tag. The more I’ve been there, the more similarities I see between the and GR, although they seem to do things a little “grand-er”, maybe it’s because it’s the Capitol and largest city in Iowa https://www.desmoinesregister.com/amp/629135002
  8. Still don’t understand why they wouldn’t put a East bound 96 (south) to Westbound 196 exit? Seems like it would be penny’s during this project
  9. Agreed there are tons of these 100 sor so room, express type hotels going in and yet still no flagships brands in the entire metro area! Not that this location should be a larger flagship but My issue was The brand. There’s actually already 7 holiday inn properties in the area already and I believe another one under construction by the airport bringing the total to 9. Meanwhile there are zero la quinta, cambria or several Marriott brands such as aloft, element or 4points. Many people especially “Marriott people” stay for the brand and if the economy dictated these kinds of hotels close I’m sure one of the 9 holiday inns would be almost the first to close
  10. Boring, don’t they realize there’s already like 5 or 6 holiday inns (and expresses) in the area and the brand is kind of dying? There’s plenty of brands not tepresented or under represented in the market at similar price points.
  11. The outside of Macy’s is wayyy nicer than the jc penny
  12. With the exception of the existing Brann’s building I could care less that other structures be replaced, however as highly visible as this location is off 131 I would love to see much more of a statement in the development, That doesn’t mean heigh or density by any means but design . a rooftop part of The restaurant would be cool, more brick and glass, less sheet metal.
  13. That could have something to do with them making GRR an operating base
  14. I can speak as someone who has worked in hotels that is one of the biggest asks; a “Walgreens” or some other brand name Pharmacy and not just for the pharmacy but the connivence store. Also Many out of town visitors want A brand name one that they are familiar with because they know it will have a good selection and pricing and bonus if it’s 24/7. I love to see a good mix of local and national retail but That’s why a Walgreens would thrive downtown.
  15. Would be cool if they could elevate it on top of the old butterworth dump, would be removed enough for noise, have parking And views
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