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  1. the microbrew scene certainly taking a step backwards the past year or two, sad to see both Founders and Bell's sell out, several closings and even Perrin in the news as it was part of a collective that was still considered a local microbrewering now selling out to....Monster Energy Drinks https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/01/perrin-brewing-co-parent-company-sold-to-monster-beverage.html
  2. It would not be necessary to build a new or expanded stadium in order to move up to FCS in fact the current stadium is already larger than many in FCS, however a larger crowd may demand that later on. All the directional MI schools which are FBC/ another level up from FCS and 2 levels up from D2, have stadiums over 30k capacity but rarely fill them and FCS would be a much better move for GVSU than FBS/MAC level). The small town thinking GVSU folks keep saying cost is a major roadblock to moving to FCS so this would only be more a reason for them to stay in their safe space. I still fail to see how it would be cost prohibited and not have a higher upside. Other than being required to offer more scholarships (whats 50 more schollys in a school of 20000?), the move is more like changing conferences, keeping the same facilities but playing against better opponents and theoretically recruiting better talent. Yes there would be arguably more travel costs, but with that comes much larger opponent football payouts as well as more recognition outside of MI that could also equate to more merchandise, ticket sales and athletic boosters. I could see basketball playing occasional games or hosting tournaments downtown at the VAA but football would probably stay in Allendale for foreseeable future.
  3. It appears to have, sorry about the poor quality but these were taken a few weeks ago. Also the preliminary work for the customs area picture from a few months ago.
  4. CBK? Are you referring to places that allow you to scan to pour your own beers? Or maybe something like the Kalamazoo beer exchange where prices change based on supply/demand. Anyway hope they bring some new and exciting things for that space and a vitiate casino would be great for business/tourism. As far as another building in the site, it could probably be done considering all the super tall (and narrow) skyscrapers recently built in nyc some can’t be more than 50ftx50ftx1000ft lol
  5. Thats great news. What kind of 2021 total year estimate is it looking like? It seems as if the Project Elevate was delayed about a year but looks like it has currently completed expansion for the customs area and looks to have started on the concourse expansion but there has been very little information reported about it.
  6. THis would be a very odd move. The BOB is a huge draw for visitors and its right across the street from the massive riverfront surface lot that Amway Hotels already owns, why not develop that with a ramp to increase parking there along with a tower that would have more rooms than the BOB and keep the BOB for entertainment purposes??? If its got to go, hopefully the Gun Lake Band is able to put a casino in it at least to make up for the lost tourist destination.
  7. About time, GR is the largest metro area without a D1 program...by a lot, in facts theres several other D2 to FCS transitions this year and all are much smaller schools in much smaller markets. Its almost embarrassing that a school the size of GVSU, with the success they've had and the financial backing/boosters has refused to move up for a long time, with the excuse that it would be too competitive and too much money even though they have 4x the amount of tuition paying students that most of their competition. FCS is the right move for them, lord knows they wouldn't want to do it any bigger than necessary and this allows them to keep the facilities they currently have so MAC would be out of the question. Ohio Valley/Horizon could be a stepping stone and really the only other conference that may be better fit is Missouri Valley with Youngstown St ILL St IN St ect being closer and Pioneer not a good fit because its all small private schools even though closer. It would be great to see another GLIAC school(s) move up too (Wayne, Ferris, SVSU or perhaps NMU?) This move will allow them to compete and win in football gaining more exposure, more recruiting talent and also certainly more exposure in basketball, but all other sports about the same. As mentioned it could also allow GR to host NCAA tournament games that Dayton, Des Moines, Spokane ect always seem to host, that alone would would probably make it financially worth giving out a few extra scholarships.
  8. Very interesting the high Asian growth just about everywhere, although seemingly a lot less than some metro Detroit suburbs like Novi and Troy. Also interesting the low overall percentages in GR and especially Wyoming and the large growth rate of whites and decrease of blacks in GR proper....I guess thats the gentrification you always hear about but seemingly opposite of some other peer cities.
  9. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/11/completed-40m-renovation-brings-modern-grace-to-landmark-grand-rapids-hotel.html The article first says the hotel is 29 stories then later says its 32. On wikipedia it says 28. Does anyone know the floor count? was is modified at some point(s)? Also height is listed at 318' which I thought it was a little more for some reason and certainly appeared to add about a floors' worth of height in the renovation, any confirmation on that?
  10. LMAO, using the word "privilege" on this topic shows you associate everything with politics. Modernizing the freeway would actually help with your freeway fears you mentioned including reducing traffic jams....less pollution, adding sound barriers....less noise, making it safer.....less accidents ect. Ive spent a good deal in other countries and you comparing the US against European cities shows you dont think about things like population density, subsidies, gas prices, land prices, commutes, driving patterns, car culture (especially in MI) and a bunch of other factors that would be reasons why Grand Rapids Michigan is behind places like Paris France in the shift to non-car transportation. In fact, name me another american city metro area that is smaller and/or less dense than GR with better non-car transportation options? And Im really an advocate for a variety of transportation solutions including rail, air and water....but still waiting.....And you bringing race into this discussion? The area you mention between 28th and 196 that is now heavily hispanic but it was virtually all white when the freeway was built so they already did that with the white ppl homes, and in other words the poor/minorities CHOSE to move close to the freeway that also runs central to the city, not the other way around. And if you ever been to CA or NYC, or Chicago, you would see houses that are actually right next to freeways and emanate domain that eats up their property to expand freeways. This would not be the case here, a quick google map satellite image and I didnt see any residential properties that border 131 in that stretch, so rest assure, you dont have worry about people loosing their homes over this infrastructure improvement.
  11. Spare your political rant for a different place, this is URBANplanet, urban areas have highways and growing ones need to be modernized. Everything pollutes but it would pollute a lot less if most vehicles were electric so maybe that should be your aim? Not sure where you got your 10s of thousands numbers but 131 was build to run in the MIDDLE of the city and poor people may have followed due to lower property values but it wasn’t designed to hurt poor ppl. It’s a major throughfare serving HUNDRED thousands each DAY and modernizing it by widening, safer right side exits/lanes, maybe even sound barrier/Landscapping/pedestrian crossings should save time in commutes reducing pollution also making it safer reducing accident injuries costs and pollution, imagine tearing it down and forcing hundred thousand more vehicles into city streets increasing time, costs and pollution way more.
  12. I inquired to MDOT a while back about the 196 grand river bridge rebuild and adding some sort of aesthetics to it but they said that’s not in their budget. There are a few minor examples I can think of such as the 94/131 interchange in Kalamazoo with landscaping/lighting and nicer bridges but as mentioned the M6 build is it bland as it can get. Seems to be more common in most other states even the peer city I always look to DesMoines has a wide freeway through downtown with nice Landscapping and visual aesthetics. There may not be as much room for landscaping but a few trees and bushes and vines here and there seem to go along way. as for 131, looking at a satellite image there should be room to widen if they redid all the bridges, the safest thing they could do is eliminate the left lane exits and convert into a right side exit.
  13. I wouldnt say uninhabitable, phoenix didnt boom until ACs were everywhere but yes easy access to fresh water here will be more and more important
  14. I see what your saying but Domain in Austin is totally different concept than Tanger outlet centers. Domain has heavy restaurant and bar mix with small but medium/high end retail. But perhaps Tanger is trying out something like than on a "cheaper" end of the scale and yes GR is prime for a Topgolf its a golf market and they're expanding rapidly to similar size markets, they need a fair amount of space and like to be near retail and highways so that would be a great location for one
  15. Is it just me or is the front door of this place extremely lame, I mean theres a slight retro facade but you can easily drive by and not notice what it is. Now thats theres a casino involved they should put up a sign that grabs your attention like a real casino or a real theater would....
  16. Not sure how you wouldn't believe they would save money long term? even if initial costs of implementation and/or maintenance is higher in wind or solar farms than a coal plant (which it may or may not be).......but the fuel is free so yes sad to see the trains go but think of the cost saving in not having to constantly mine something and the logistics of transporting it and just to one small plant in MI so overall impact of all these coal plants eventually shutting does will be huge savings at the expense of coal and rail jobs. Yes things have to be mined to make the "clean or green energy" products thats why I call it what it is, energy independence not clean energy. On the train note, are there any current tracks between GR and Muskegon? I know Muskegon is trying to revive the port and if theres any chance of a commuter rail doubtful a line to Sparta would make sense in the foreseeable future but perhaps Muskegon or Holland
  17. lol the grandville has its back to the river, then mows down all the trees except the ones right on the river and wedeges a parking ramp then a surface parking lot next to it, at least the tx one has a dock and a couple of buildings to embrace the waterfront there
  18. Just noticed an update from the airport showing mock control tower layout and looked somewhat odd, maybe heptagon shaped. Glad they seem to be moving forward with all of the project elevate expansion plans (slowly) including the control tower which they said was too short but commented it was still at least 3-5 years out. Interestingly the currently tower is apparently the 2nd oldest tower in US top 100 airports, its estimated at 136ft and the new similar looking ones recently built in kzoo and TC are listed at 166 and 160 ft. so hope they building something aesthetically pleasing and taller than those since it will be even more visible. https://www.facebook.com/FlyGRFord
  19. Not sure if this should be here or restaurants, I dont visit mlive much at all anymore since the comments and free articles went away and now some are complete bias/agenda but saw this announcement and looks like a really cool addition to the Ada village thing going on there https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2021/05/garage-bar-grill-plans-new-ada-location.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=grandrapidspress_sf&fbclid=IwAR0sHKleeNRYf9ck8PUAL4gtBiESjHHUorOxOhf_JjIY3wHlSLKD4_qbBrs but with just a single story its begging for a rooftop section!
  20. they do realize they live in a city? I would say decent filling at least along Bristol but might close in a bunch of land thats not being used is the bigger issue. I always wondered why there are several patches of land on the NW and NE side that never got developed as city streets in a more organized grid or suburban infill pattern like inner SE/SW areas or like metro Detroit, Chicago did in the same era of housing 40s-60s?
  21. speedway sucks as a company, obvious price gouging at least when they were an Ohio company maybe less so now that they sold out to the Japanese. Buccess is a little ridiculous and way more of a travel center/destination almost mini-walmart type and really only in the south, pretty sure if Waffle House isnt this far north, Buccess wont be for the foreseeable future especially with gas engines, prices and travel patterns changing rapidly. Best chain gas stations missing from this area are probably Kum and Go or Caseys General stores and theres also pretty much no travel center/newer truck stops outside of Holland. We are stuck with horrible selection of dingy non-exciting franchises of foreign global conglomerates like citgo (Venezuela), BP (UK and largest single source of pollution in Lake MI) of course Speedway (Jappanease). Crystal flash, 4-star and Admiral were all local until they sold out. Ago the local Citgo owner is probably the dirtiest. Even ExxonMobil where J&H a local franchisee has a big presence of modest generic stores by todays standards. Nationally I see much more of a trend improving the retail part that doesnt seem to be happening much here. The only hope for a local brand that has some character to expand would probably be Wesco but they dont seem to grow much especially not in GR. Gas station rant over....
  22. At least MI finally hit 10mil officially
  23. small waterpark possibly, the old splash/bulwinkles place on 28th street wasnt that old when it closed! But an amusement park takes up way too much space and wouldnt be economically viable, the only urban one I can think of is downtown Denver built when the land was wasteland, now developers will do anything to get it
  24. Lol must have been competitive, pre-pandemic business had Greenville ranked ahead of GR in breweries per capita, https://www.foodandwine.com/beer/craft-beer/cities-most-craft-breweries
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