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  1. I'm not a Walmart fan persay, but I do enjoy going into the Walmart Neighborhood Store on Pelham quite a lot. It sure beats going to the Supercenter store on Woodruff Rd. any day! The two stores couldn't be more different from each other (minus some product offerings) and yet, they are so close to one another. Too funny!
  2. Nothing that I'm aware of at the moment? I would assume that H&M won't begin any construction phase(s) until the holidays are over and we start Q1/FY2013?
  3. H&M coming to Charlotte (@Southpark AND @Northlake)! Yippie! Yippie! Yippie! Not just 1 store, but 2 stores!!! http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/morning-edition/2012/08/report-hm-clothing-stores-to-open-in.html
  4. I thought that I read somewhere that the funding for the second leg of the light-rail had finally been approved by the government? This section being from Uptown to the University area.
  5. Maybe I missed it having been mentioned somewhere already but can someone please explain the reason/significance for the new highway emblems that are painted onto the road's surface at the 85/385 interchange? Yeah, when you're driving you can see them on the road in front of you, but does anyone really need them with the normal highway signage already in place? I was thinking that maybe it was for the downtown airport or something...I dunno? Ya'll know what "signage" I'm talking about?
  6. Aeropostale: What was it that "Mommy Dearest" said? Something about "NO WIRE HANGERS" I think!?
  7. LIGHTBULB going off in my head suddenly after reading your comment! I work in the real estate industry and a colleague of mine who has been in the business for over 30 years and has a gazillion contacts told me about a month or so ago that there would be a late summer/early fall announcement in the area about a major project coming to the area. She was basically saying that anyone looking to purchase large tracts of land around the actual site where the project was going should do so immediately when the announcement is officially made because she forsees a similar situation occurring as happened with BMW's announcement that they were coming. Some of her contacts back during the BMW days scooped up anything that they could find around the site and sure enough, not too long down the road BMW and the state came through and offered to buy the same area of land at an obviously higher price. She said some of her contacts declined the initial few offers because they knew that the offer price would continue to climb and eventually they would sell thus making their huge profits. She even said that one contact of hers (supposedly?) made a $100,000 PROFIT on his sell! Very smart, very smart. SO...with what you wrote in your comment, I am starting to think that Audi/Volkswagen may have been the project she was talking about. My sources tell me that an October announcement is most likely, which would fall into the timeline my colleague offered, and since she specifically mentioned the BMW situation, that would seemingly link it to a possibly similar Audi/Volkswagen situation...right? Hmmm? Oh yeah, one more thing. My source who provided the confirmation info also told me that it is sounding like Rolls-Royce will be coming to the area, but he didn't have any official information on the issue, just grumblings between his circle of contacts. But, who knows?
  8. Thanks. I normally don't have many sources on things discussed on this site compared to a lot of you guys, but on this one a few seemed to randomly fall into my lap. I agree with you that the Powdersville/Southern Connector area will explode with growth in the coming years. Maybe now at least there will be more people using the Southern Connector on a daily basis, lol?
  9. I love how RDU's website makes their "redevelopment/expansion" of Terminal C sound more like an entirely brand-new, major addition is being built and diminishes somewhat the fact that the terminal already existed and had been vacated when American Airlines closed their hub their back in the 90s. I mean they mention the AA tidbit but it's not like AA wouldn't have sold the lease back to RDU. I guess it's just funny to me, who knows? That isn't to say that GSP should not strive to become more like airports such as RDU, which I agree they should and RDU is a very nice one.
  10. CONFIRMED: Audi/Volkswagen IS coming to the area! Okay, so I touched base one more time with my sources yesterday and ironically one of them had just spoken to a contact of their own who works for Audi/Volkswagen in Detroit and had been told (again) that Audi/Volkswagen was definitely building a new manufacturing facility in the Upstate area...with an official announcement coming soon. From what I learned, the location will be in Anderson County somewhere near Hwy. 86 (I am not all too familiar with the Anderson County area so does that highway # sound correct?) on an estimated 700 acres of land. Fortunately for our area this spot was selected for the facility by narrowly beating out a site just over the state line in neighboring Georgia. Woo hoo! My source tells me that this was the original site that BMW wanted to build on but did not? I wasn't around the area when BMW was looking for locations years ago so I don't know if that is true or not? Anyone know more about that tidbit? SO, yippie we landed yet another huge company in the area. My source said that with Audi/Volkswagen looking to revamp their Audi line to better compete on the luxury car level, in addition to this area already having BMW (with it's established foundation of suppliers, roadways, etc. in place already to build off of) as well as being so close to the Mercedes plant in Alabama, and lastly with the current value of the euro compared to the dollar being such a deal that now is the time to move forward with their long-desired US plant. (Supposedly I learned, they were wanting to come to this area about 3 years ago but pulled out since the timing wasn't right?) One more thing...from what I hear high-level associates at BMW are already submitting their resumes to Audi/Volkswagen!
  11. From what my sources tell me, Audi is planning on building some type of automobile manufacturing plant in the US and South Carolina is on the short list of potential spots, with Greenville targeted if they do come to SC. Supposedly Audi wants to come right into BMW's backyard and create a bit of rivalry. Audi is planning on really reworking it's line in order to better compete with BMW and Mercedes. Supposedly? My sources tell me that it appears that Audi in SC is basically a done deal...their reps have been in the area quite a bit in the past year or so, unnoticeably I might add, and several people told me that it was their understanding that an October announcement should be expected. Who knows if this is true or not, BUT...it must be worth something because BMW has gone into HR-crisis mode in fear of losing tons of disgruntled associates en masse to Audi sometime in the future. Plus, my sources are all reliable and extremely knowledgeable about the international auto industry, especially since a few work in the industry.
  12. H&M stores are quite large in size, close to the size of a department store so it wouldn't fit at Southpark since there aren't any spaces that large open. Who knows where a store like that would be able to find a suitable spot?
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