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  1. Wow, thanks for all of the feedback everyone. It was curious to me. Down the road, moving out of Atlanta might happen for me and the family. Charlotte covers a lot bases (including geography for several reasons for us). Because of this (and general regional city interest), I've tried to keep up somewhat with Charlotte and Belmont looked like a decent place.
  2. Why is Gaston county growth more modest relative to other bordering counties?
  3. The stock market and economy in general have been growing since 2010. time will tell if what happened this week is a short term correction or something larger.
  4. It's rare. Regarding DC being on the list 3 times - it's because of the nessecity of MD, DC and VA to have had to submit separate bids. This is a list of bids. The reality is that all of these bids offer more than one location (at least they should).
  5. That's not an amazing transformation. "Yeah, um sure I'll think about it" is not "Sure, we'll fund MARTA with % of the tax"
  6. Let me elaborate - I wasn't insinuating that more lanes are the answer, but it's ridiculous that the state would tie its hands. If limiting poorly planned sprawl is a byproduct, great, but at the same time, I don't see sprawl not happening. It's terrible because the only MARTA expansion is going to up 400 (good in itself) but Cobb still won't have any, among other areas and Cobb will soon have the Braves but no MARTA or any transit expansion to ease the massive pain that is coming.
  7. I totaly agree. People can't truly appreciate what a mess Atlanta is. It's great on paper, but not reality. I've lived in Atlanta for some time. I hope to move in out in the next year or so. I might be stuck here much longer, but hoping to leave. I work in Perimeter which is the absolute worst of everything in Atlanta. A train wreck. I've been trying to keep up with Charlotte news because that's the best option for us to move to. I have to admit that I'm concerned that Charlotte isn't doing enough to avoid Atlanta's fate, but at least your center of business is still in the core and hopefully your rail can expand. I also just read where the state gave a sweetheart deal to a private company for toll lanes and that in that deal, the state can't expand non toll lanes or do anything else on I77 for 50 years. That's mind blowing.
  8. I'm sure that you're right, but it's worth noting that Ritz is Marriott. That said there are many upscale and luxury brands that should take a look.
  9. The regional divide isn't the only problem. The state of GA has been dominated by anti-guv'ment extremism for years... unless it's corporate welfare....
  10. Regarding various comments about hotel brands. The big hotels companies don't own most of their hotels. They are franchised. While the companies may look for locations. It's owners who mainly look for a location and negotiate for a brand that fits etc. It's a lot more complicated than Marriott picking and choosing with absolute control.
  11. I asked exactly because of the "exceptions." Shouldn't the biggest metro in the state have direct limited access east and west? Shouldn't 74 have been considered as that route long ago and been upgraded as such?
  12. I wasn't explicit in saying this since this is the Charlotte forum, but I meant a route through Charlotte.
  13. Has the state ever considered a toll road from Wilmington to Asheville - essentially a turnpike? As mentioned before, a toll road (with properly limited access) would limit sprawl and the same time provide good east-west access. Additiionally, it would have funding built in. I just find it amazing that in 2014 there isn't a completed road running between those two cities and Charlotte....
  14. Oh come on, SC politics takes it to another level, though, I'll admit of late, NC's legislature is heading into flat Earth territory of SC and the Deep South. I hope that trend reverses...
  15. Can someone explain why there is no direct route east - even if not northeasternly to Raleigh, why not a more direct route to the coast/Wimington etc...?
  16. Yes it is, but that doesn't change the relevancy of my point.
  17. It would seem that the opposite is true. It's just that the Triangle's business is inherently not downtown oriented. Additionally, the city losing a banking HQ is business being business and has nothing to do with the locale. RBC was going to sell. One can look to it as a positive in that their tower will still stand and would not have been built otherwise - eventually that office space will get absorbed etc.
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