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  1. It looks like the construction fence is up around the Thornton park tow home project. Anyone know if this is on it's was as well? Lots of good things happenning! I'd love to see citi tower get out of the ground as well.
  2. They have two cranes up now and it looks like the first floor of the parking garage is starting to take shape. They are moving fast here and I think this is going to be a good looking building.
  3. Walking by this morning.. Work is full steam ahead. Looks like a few trees near the corners remain for now.... I forgot to attach the picture!
  4. I drove by just now and work is fully underway. BUT, I am hopeful that some of the trees may stay. It seems like the ones closest to the sidewalk MIGHT be spared. I am very excited about this project and have my fingers crossed for the Citi tower. It will bring such great density to the neighborhood and hopefully some retail and more restaurants and activity. I'll post pictures when there is something interesting to see. Right now, it is just a bunch of cut up trees.
  5. According to this article in the Sentinal, it looks like work is going to start on 420 Church Street next week. I figure I'd start a new thread for it. I live close by so I'll check in with pictures, but I'm excited about this one. I live in the South Eola neighborhood and I've been a little jealous of all of the action in other parts of town: http://touch.orlandosentinel.com/#section/1229/article/p2p-80388317/
  6. I saw a Terracon truck on this site today doing some work. Environmental study maybe?
  7. Does anybody know of anything happening, apartment wise, on any of the vacant lots in South Eola? The new construction seems to be on the north side of Orange and it seems like now would be a perfect time for some of those long considered apartments in South Eola. Thanks!
  8. Cleaver5

    The Plaza

    Magic game in the theater was packed and lots of fun... If they can't get first run movies going, I am not hopeful for the future of this very nice theater...
  9. Cleaver5

    The Plaza

    No cost..free of charge..first come first serve. It will be shown on 2 theaters. Also, I think there is going to be a big screen in the Plaza courtyard.
  10. Cleaver5

    The Plaza

    They are going to be screening the Magic games at the theater. Go watch them!
  11. On my way home from work yesterday I noticed some heavy equipment on site at the FUMCO. Today I noticed that there is construction fencing up all the way around the building and it looks like it has already been torn up on the inside. Is this thing getting ready to be torn down for the re-routing of South Street in anticipation of the construction of the performing arts center? Does anyone have any info?
  12. Looks like they might be trying to reassure us that things are going as planned and that this thing is on track to be finished.
  13. I saw a flyer posted up downtown saying that they are going to unveil the design in the City Hall Rotunda at 10AM on Friday morning. Anybody know anything about this?
  14. Cleaver5

    The VUE

    When is the party?
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