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  1. The Discovery Store in Winston lasted for about 3 to 3 years and was then replaced by a housing store then recently by a Maui Nix. I think a Maui Nix would do well with South Park and they would get alot of recognition for it because it would be one of the only malls in the nation to have one besides Florida and California.
  2. Gosh cantnot! You were just right there! The Whole Foods was right tere almost next to Thruway minus a few streets and turns. You would have loved that place it looks really awesome! (saying this in a joking manner)
  3. Sorry to be so blunt but all good things must come to an end.
  4. It is kind of funny how the fashion industry changes so much. From the types of clothes to the brands. First it was Limited then Aeropostale then American Eagle now A&F and Hollister. I don't really see American eagle going out because there are some wealthy individuals who do wear the stuff but your prediction about Limited sounds so true.
  5. When they started construction on it about in November 2005 it looked like it was going to be 2 stories. I wished they had made it more urban looking like made the building touch Knollwood St and it have 2 stories. All it is now is a typical sububan looking restaurant placed in an urban area.
  6. How much money did we acquire (incentives) for this place? I know about Charlotte's incentives but how much did the State of North Carolina put up on their behalf to get the HOF? It seems we are resting on our laurels and don't think any other city is a competitor.
  7. Most of that stuff besides Kirkland's closed about a year ago and beyond. There were some rumors going round that Saul was pressuring them to move out to make way for some more upmarket stores. I don't believe them because other stores have closed and they have been because of no business. But, they may be right because when Border's came knocking Saul didn't have enough room for them so he pushed out Paddington Station and K&S News for them. He also pushed out Redding China for Bed Bath and Beyond. He usually replaces the stores very quickly so expect to see another store soon in the Kirkland's space. As for the lower level, it hardly gets any stores (if at all) and probably will be converted into office space because there is hardly any foot traffic down there and it looks so old.
  8. I went to McDonalds yesterday night and looked over at the new Sprint logo and found that the Kirkland'd lettering had been taken down and that there were no lights on and everything had been taken down. I guess the store in the mall did better than this one in Thruway. I would say it closed about less than a week ago. Right before they closed they had a inventory reduction sale and I thought they were just trying to clear some stuff out. I did notice that there wasn't as much merchandise in there as usual and the next couple of days later they were gone.
  9. It left in about 2000 or 2001. Along with that there have been many other closures on that same level. Those stores would include The Packaging Store (said they were to move to Country Club but it doesn't look like it yet becuase they are still there), some chinese restaurant (replaced by Fox and Hound), and a lamp store closed I believe. On the top part of the mall there have been some recent closures including Kirkland's. On the bottom level there is a rendering of what the lower mall would look like if a renovation were to happen there. To me it looks very modernish and a little bit too West Palm Beach for us with palm trees and alot of glass. So are these oppurtunities for Saul to develop these parcels into high end stores? But I like Thruway's mix of stores and I think it is cool the way it is, but just replace that Kirkland's space because it looks really crappy when nothing is there.
  10. Decatur and some parts of Ponce De Leon Ave (Not in the city of Atlanta but not that far out)
  11. The area is pretty urban and walkable. While it is not the best it sure is better than nothing. What really needs to be done is to fix up the lower mall. That area is stuck in a time warp! I would say losing the library would be the biggest blow because it drew people from all over Ardmore, Buena Vista, and the Country Club Rd area.
  12. I-85 isn't that far down Lenox Rd either (only about 1.5 miles). Plus Lenox and Phipps are near the MARTA train so that also helps out.
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