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  1. The Discovery Store in Winston lasted for about 3 to 3 years and was then replaced by a housing store then recently by a Maui Nix. I think a Maui Nix would do well with South Park and they would get alot of recognition for it because it would be one of the only malls in the nation to have one besides Florida and California.
  2. Sorry to be so blunt but all good things must come to an end.
  3. It is kind of funny how the fashion industry changes so much. From the types of clothes to the brands. First it was Limited then Aeropostale then American Eagle now A&F and Hollister. I don't really see American eagle going out because there are some wealthy individuals who do wear the stuff but your prediction about Limited sounds so true.
  4. How much money did we acquire (incentives) for this place? I know about Charlotte's incentives but how much did the State of North Carolina put up on their behalf to get the HOF? It seems we are resting on our laurels and don't think any other city is a competitor.
  5. Decatur and some parts of Ponce De Leon Ave (Not in the city of Atlanta but not that far out)
  6. I-85 isn't that far down Lenox Rd either (only about 1.5 miles). Plus Lenox and Phipps are near the MARTA train so that also helps out.
  7. I agree but he may have a point though
  8. Wouldn't Wilmington's be the first to go?
  9. Actually 98.7 has gone from KISS to Zone to currently nor Simon "We play everting." Alot of the news stations around here change their traffic reporters so often but the one that seems to keep them for a long time is WGHP. I will never forget when my dad took me to Raleigh for the first time and we were in the car listening to the radio and the traffic report came on on Oldies 93 and the name of their traffic watcher was "Sky Angel Karen." I though how stupid of a name that was to be broadcasted over the entire area.
  10. That stretch near the airport is so WIDE! It is like Atlanta or something. I do like the road a whole lot better than what it currently looked like with 4 lanes and a guardrail median.
  11. I-40 in G'boro near 68 (PTI) has lighting doesn't it?
  12. Plus the investment in PTI but you pretty much covered it.
  13. Too much money that the DOT doesn't want to shell out is the only reason I could think of. The plans were to have the lighting going all the way up and down the middle plus the light ploes were included in the budget for the widening. Go figure?
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