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  1. The Discovery Store in Winston lasted for about 3 to 3 years and was then replaced by a housing store then recently by a Maui Nix. I think a Maui Nix would do well with South Park and they would get alot of recognition for it because it would be one of the only malls in the nation to have one besides Florida and California.
  2. Sorry to be so blunt but all good things must come to an end.
  3. It is kind of funny how the fashion industry changes so much. From the types of clothes to the brands. First it was Limited then Aeropostale then American Eagle now A&F and Hollister. I don't really see American eagle going out because there are some wealthy individuals who do wear the stuff but your prediction about Limited sounds so true.
  4. How much money did we acquire (incentives) for this place? I know about Charlotte's incentives but how much did the State of North Carolina put up on their behalf to get the HOF? It seems we are resting on our laurels and don't think any other city is a competitor.
  5. Decatur and some parts of Ponce De Leon Ave (Not in the city of Atlanta but not that far out)
  6. I-85 isn't that far down Lenox Rd either (only about 1.5 miles). Plus Lenox and Phipps are near the MARTA train so that also helps out.
  7. I agree but he may have a point though
  8. Wouldn't Wilmington's be the first to go?
  9. Plus the investment in PTI but you pretty much covered it.
  10. Actually, Smith Reynolds was planned at one time to be the Triad's sole international airport. It was at one time but when others wanted to build in Greensboro the people who ran Smith Reynolds didn't invest enough in the airport and that is why PTI took over.
  11. I think the main goal of this should be to not develop it all in one stage and year. When we start seeing more growth in this area I think it should be planned according to what maps they draw up. I would like this area to focus on organized living and shopping instead of manufactuing and biotech. We already have enough areas in this region that already fufill that purpose and I don't think we need another one. The areas are competing against each other and there needs to be something that brings them together. G'boro already wants to develop their own research park off of Lee St in the east and Winston already has PTRP. We saw the bidding war between the two when Dell came to the area. If we try to create another biotech area then that will slow progress on PTRP. I think this area's main focus should be recreation and smart growth because even I wonder what there is to do in this area.
  12. That second pic by IDlover is so urban and I love it!
  13. I agree with you! I like your idea twincity but if we don't develop this area accordingly, it will just end up looking like one big mess. This is a big step! As cityboi said," We can do both."
  14. I don't think Atlanta hardly gets any shots from Piedmont Park or going south on Peachtree St from Buckhead getting ready to cross I-85.
  15. Didn't you already post that one? It is a good pic by the way but that Hard Rock has terrible food and you get VERY small portions!
  16. I hope Atlanta (Lenox) gets a Ruehl. DC is just too far away!
  17. Thanks! It looked like from the proposal that it was totally gone.
  18. Atlanta is beautiful in almost every season except summer!
  19. I believe citizens should have a voice for the project but to have one on the committee will delay the project and cause too much fussiness. It does sound a bit shady and I think it should be superheaded by our governments and not big time companies.
  20. I thought it was interesting to start a forum about this because of all the media this area has been getting. If you are not familiar with this project this is an area that is above High Point, to the east of Winston-Salem, and to the west of Greensboro that is aimed to have planned residential and commercial area along with biotech and research areas. The goal of this is to be a rivalry of Research Triangle Park in the Triangle Area, but have it planned better with walkable sidewalks, mass-transit, and everything within walking distance so that you don't need a car. Plans are calling for a new north/south highway and a new east/west road. Over the next few months, I hope this will be an established place where we can share updates and news stories and most of all our opinions. So what do you think needs to be done to get this started? Will this succeed if planned accordingly? Would you buy a house here? What kind of shopping do you think this area will have? Will it ever happen? Some related stories: Citizens discuss Heart of the Triad's potential Heart of Triad uses could be at odds 'Heart of Triad' to study its development options 'Landmines' may lurk in Heart of Triad
  21. Is Macy's totally gone from Cumberland? Meaning is it dead and never to reopen?
  22. That is totally awesome! 10,000 jobs! I might as well use all the emoticons for this one except the sad one. I was on my way to an event at another school today and I noticed how much construction has begun on some site near 52 that twincity mentioned and posted several pics of. The steel is up and everthing.
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