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  1. Gallery on Fulton

    sez he _offered_ an additional 95k to the 25k non refundable he has in it. He probably has that much + in dd, meaning he'd be losing a lot of cash if he couldnt get it done. If he offered it, he's got it done.
  2. People talking about Grand Rapids

    the beaker esker
  3. 83 Monroe Center - City Flats Hotel

    I'm going to email my dad to email Tom Fox. I'm sure his sign remaining a fixture on MC will tickle him pink.
  4. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    I read that story and felt PROUD. Way to go VAI!!
  5. Rowe Hotel- Olds Manor

    I would say its time to pass the bong. Nice dream tho.
  6. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    well that should up the "400 students by 2014" in the building estimate from a previous press release.
  7. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    whoa, thank you for that (pdf)... that doc goes directly into my downtown GR marketing folder. Very helpful.
  8. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    his name isnt Wormer is it?
  9. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    a little misleading if the ramp is under the building - then the ramp is also the footings and foundation of the building. A pretty beefy ramp I bet. Assuming tv8 has it right... its a pretty big price tag for only 400 students by 2014? ?? any med types out there that can elaborate more on this? will there be a large faculty? will this provide more, lessor degrees than MD's...... how will this school/program compare to others nationally?
  10. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    Hints From Veloise.
  11. Medical Mile/Michigan Street Developments

    crushed concrete mixed with clay/crushed stone makes a very good substitute for traditional gravel road/driveway surface. It is less dusty when it is dry in the summer, and it holds up better when it thaws in the spring.... traditional clay based gravel turns to mush when it thaws on clay subsurfaces.
  12. Former JA Building Renovation

    well of course he is.......