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  1. Yeah, and neither do the other 99,9 percent of Charlotte area residents. Has he put information forth as to what he is planning? Renderings? Napkin doodles? Anything? We greatly appreciate what you contribute here, and I promise you I'm not trying to be confrontational or sound like a jerk here, but sometimes I think you forget that the rest of us here don't know the people you do, aren't getting CC'd on the emails you get, aren't sitting in on the interviews you give, and certainly don't have access to the visual aids you clearly do. You have the ability to look at uptown and surroundin
  2. I think it's pretty clear that the all-in-one entertainment district idea rarely works out. Sure, they're popular at first but once the novelty wears off people realize it isn't a place they want to spend a significant amount of time at. At least Charlotte has gotten a few built though. Look at what the Orlando Magic has been trying to do for more than a decade with not much to show for their efforts. I say instead of another Epicenter they try a master planned piecemeal approach. For example, build something at one corner of an intersection with a handful of establishments. A couple of
  3. I mean they couldn't have put at least one micro retail unit near that corner?
  4. I hope the city council collectively grow a pair regarding her "concerns". This is EXACTLY what needs to be going up a block away from a streetcar line that is going to need all the help it can get to reach ridership goals. Not to mention an urban greenway literally across the street. They successfully killed the office tower at 4th and Hawthorne further submitting the streetcar to a slow and probably painful start. This is blocks away from anything historical. Let's see; a Bojangles, a gas station, B of A branch, car wash, a relatively new apartment building and a cell tower are supposed to b
  5. Not a bad spot at all. I just wish connectivity from that side of the tracks could be a little better/nicer.
  6. I may be misremembering, but wasn't there something planned for the parking lot at the corner of Kings and Baxter at some point? It would have blocked the Asian Library from Kings.
  7. I would rather have two or three 200 - 400 footers over a 50+ floor signature. Of course if one was proposed I would be more than happy but I agree it's unlikely to happen in a city like Charlotte for a while. We were lucky to get B of A corporate, Hearst, Dec, and now Duke Metro when we did. Other cities with similar size CBD's to ours at the time we got them would have fallen over themselves in awe if they were announced there. We have the tall and distinct and now we need the density tapering off away from that to thicken (for lack of a better term) the center city.
  8. Again, I don't think it is extremely identical, but I genuinely think it does look quite similar to DEC. I understand there are slight differences. I simply don't think they are enough to make this stand out as much as some do. My opinion could very well change once this is complete, but as it sits right now this is how I feel. Some of the surrounding towers of this new cluster aren't helping the matter either (in my opinion). The obvious exception is Deloitte and to a lesser extent the Marriott. It feels like the developers were allowed to pick from three glass hues and four colors for
  9. From this angle would the top be around where the leveled out crane is?
  10. I'm actually happy we're not seeing Austin-level growth here. Charlotte has what I feel is a brisk but still (mostly) manageable pace of growth especially since it has slightly decreased from a decade or so ago. I kind of imagine what Austin is experiencing being like a Fortnight bus flying overhead everyday with people clutching luggage parachuting out and frantically running around looking for leasing offices upon landing.
  11. There is a fine line between complimentary and copying. I know this isn't identical to DEC but I think it does lean a little closer to trying be that than being something that plays off of it. Now, I'm not bashing the tower, I really like it, but small things could be done to differentiate it from its bigger brother and still have a common language with it. Darker or different color glass for example.
  12. This turned out pretty nice but I HATE how they did the Graham/5th corner.
  13. I know, but there was a rendering floating around showing an expanded and much more inviting pathway. Much wider and well lit. Kinda like the stadium's front porch and the park was the yard. It was absolutely pie-in-the-sky but it would've been nice.
  14. I really wish the pedestrian pathway underneath Charlottetowne connecting the park to the stadium was built. That would've taken this whole thing up a notch. Either way it's still a win.
  15. Speaking of Levine.... is he in hiding or something? Has he popped his head up at all in the last year or so?
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