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  1. It was strangely entertaining yet mildly disturbing.
  2. I'm not looking forward to seeing this one branded.
  3. Photoshop some palm trees in there and that would give off somewhat of a South Beach vibe.
  4. I still don't understand why everyone has so much confidence in this guy.
  5. Completely agree with this. What I hope to see is the southern side of 277 built up like the other side has with dense office in the 15 to 20 story range (with a couple of 25 to 30 sprinkled in) until around Midnight/1100 S Tryon and then a steady drop to a more pedestrian scale as you continue south. By the time anything like this were to materialize something would have happened (or is happening) in the northern end of uptown. Imagine Tryon being a continuous cavern of activity from the Brookshire through South End.
  6. I think you may be right about that. I'm sure the powers that be in Atlanta are coming to the realization that Charlotte has risen to become a legitimate competitor in the region.
  7. That stretch is a nightmare right now, and I've been having to make twice monthly trips to Greenville for the last few months. That drive used to take about an hour forty five and now two and a half to three is the norm.
  8. I can't wait for the serious density on this side of uptown after all these projects are completed.
  9. I doubt anything is going to happen with that course until a majority of the surface lots across Johnston are turned into office.
  10. The city/county size is somewhere around 800 square miles and a HUGE portion of that is rural and surburban.
  11. I know I'm really tired of people blocking a lane of S Tryon with their hazards on because they are either picking up or dropping off someone at the Publix. With the way a lot of people dart out from behind someone trying to make a left turn I'm surprised a serious collision doesn't happen daily right there.
  12. Are annual attendance numbers for the park ever made public? I'm curious to know how well it's doing since Cedar Fair began all the improvements.
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