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  1. go_vertical

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Not sure where to put this because it's not quite Pineville and not quite Ballantyne but I drove past the intersection of Park/Johnston and Pineville-Matthews road and noticed a retail/office building going up on the recently cleared tiny lot beside the Walgreens and in front of the Charlotte Catholic parking deck. Got a quick glimpse of the rendering on the fencing and it looks to be four stories and 5,000 sq/ft. Not particularly noteworthy, but this coming up to the sidewalk with Catholic's deck immediately behind it might look surprisingly dense for a second as you drive by.
  2. go_vertical

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    With tower two getting the fast track through permitting could we possibly see groundbreaking before years end?
  3. go_vertical

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    The proportions work soooo much better on this one.
  4. go_vertical

    Carolina Panthers

    So a new NFL owner who has mentioned MLS in a number of interviews and press conferences hires an exec from a very successful and beloved EPL team. Very interesting. Everyone, I'm getting more and more confident Charlotte WILL have a pro soccer team before too long. I would not be surprised to see Glick moved over to the MLS club once it's announced in five or whatever years. Tepper is going about this extremely smart.
  5. go_vertical

    Belk Place: Carolina Theater and Hotel Intercontinental

    Oh man, I can't wait for Charlotte to get its first skinny tower. I know I doubt I'll see it in my lifetime but it would be cool. This will be fairly slender but the lack of serious height won't give that super skinny look. Now, slap another 30 floors in this baby and then you've got something that will really be noticed.
  6. go_vertical

    B Tower (5th Street Retail Infill Building)

    Ever since someone on this forum said it I can't help but call this project plan B. Excited for it though despite losing the rooftop lounge area.
  7. go_vertical

    Charlotte Photo of the Day

    I know I've said this before and I'll say it again, once the North Tryon plan kicks off and if Levine figures his $#!+ out then the full skyline will be massive. I'm hoping for a few more towers around the height of what we are already seeing (Market 42, Carolina Theater, etc) with a steady stepdown to around ten or so stories abutting 277. A dense skyline from loop end to loop end would be a beautiful sight.
  8. go_vertical

    Legacy Union (former Charlotte Observer redevelopment)

    It looks like at the 5 second mark there was a little pause. I'm assuming that was when the accident occured?
  9. go_vertical

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    With development in the immediate area gaining some steam I would imagine the Midnight Diner might be needing to search for a new lot to plop down on before too long.
  10. go_vertical

    The Good News Report

  11. go_vertical

    The Good News Report

    A lot of beige in that one......just sayin'.
  12. I was going there way back when it was simply called 300 Stonewall. Think that was late 90's or maybe 2000. Uptown was a very different place back then.
  13. go_vertical

    MLS in Charlotte?

    I can't help but think that Atlanta's massive success can only be favorable for us. If continuously breaking attendance records doesn't tell MLS execs that the southeast is an untapped market I don't know what will. I'm expecting Nashville's program to start off with a bang as well. Not quite 72,000 butts in the seats but I feel MLS will be very pleased. A menage a trois rivalry would be pretty sweet.
  14. go_vertical

    MLS in Charlotte?

    Sounds like to me that this is Tepper's deal to screw up. Clearly MLS really wants a team here and they are just waiting for a competent person to step up with a realistic proposal.