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  1. Nah, they need to think bigger and shoot for a Toby Keith's I Love This Bar And Grill
  2. The traditional mid-range malls out there (your Northlakes and your Carolina Places) really need to be proactive and figure out what their identities are going to be in the "post mall/department store" era. With the exception of ultra luxury shopping centers, which I feel most mid size and larger cities can maintain at least one, the traditional mall concept is dead and isn't coming back. Condense your remaining tenants to half the indoor space and tear down the empty half. Build an outdoor portion with a strong sense of place that people will want to stroll around after a dinner. This area can have some soft goods retail mixed in with restaurants and entertainment such as bars, billiards, a small bowling alley, and unique activity spots like Puttshack in Atlanta (look it up it's really cool), outdoor stages for live music, etc. Now you still have a smaller and more manageable indoor shopping area adjacent a small and manageable stroll district with cafes and the like. For God sakes reduce the parking lots. Those asphalt wastelands are almost entirely empty 364 days a year and with black friday becoming more and more spread out over multiple days or weeks not to mention moving more online they are eyesores that desperately need to go. Tear up 70% of them, build one centrally located two story deck with a covered transit or bus stop between that and the new, hot local hangout spot. With the newly cleared land put up driving ranges, mid rise residential and office, boutique hotels, and parks. Boom, you're back in business. Sure, this wouldn't be cheap or quick, but if they insist on running the AC in a sad space that gets a handful of visitors a day then they're just throwing money out the window instead of making more of it.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ridiculous piece of steel pipe sticking out of South Blvd in front of the Lowes has finally been removed and paved over. It has irrationally bothered me that the city didn't address that for so many years. I realize that it wasn't a massive danger, but if you drive a car with sport/low profile tires it was quite jarring and I've seen too many people try to swerve at the last minute and startling the car next to them. With the increased pedestrian activity there that really could have caused some harm.
  4. I think there should be an additional free lane added at least down to Tyvola.
  5. I think along Sharon where the old Colony apartments were would be a great spot for something like that.
  6. As others have said, it's the vast swaths of shadeless, sterile, bland concrete surrounding the Vikings facility. BofA is built up to the street with greenery and shade which makes it much more inviting than a concrete slab. I've witnessed people on many occasions jogging or walking their dogs around the stadium because despite the fact that there isn't constant activity here it can still be a pleasant stroll. I doubt that happens near U. S. Bank stadium as often. Also, I'm confident the area surrounding BofA will improve sooner rather than later. Ideally residential/hotel with an active ground floor will rise at the corner of Mint and Brooklyn Village/Graham, the Duke building conversion and expansion will bring more warm bodies, the Mint garage will eventually be redeveloped potentially bringing more restaurant and retail directly across the street, and hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll actually get our entertainment district along Morehead and Cedar. If a way is found to extend 1st street underneath the tracks to Graham and move the power substation and connect that to Graham St Pub with more development then you would hands down have one of the best if not THE best active urban neighborhoods surrounding a stadium in the country.
  7. It would be nice to have active use spaces here if not only to be a continuation of the potential entertainment district on the other side of 277. The underpass and that side of the stadium property is already going to be a momentum killer to whatever activity we may get on the other side of Morehead and it would be nice to pick it right back up here instead of flatline any sort of life.
  8. It's on the corner of South Tryon and Levine Avenue of the Arts in front of the Bechtler museum.
  9. Would the plans for H&H also include the recently built Atrium OB/GYN office?
  10. The second they try to move that hut it's going to crumble into dust.
  11. I believe that block is owned by one of the RR companies and they're in no rush to sell.
  12. If people that have a choice are finding other methods to get around then that DEFINITELY is a result of an unreliable and inconsistant system, but let's not lose sight of the fact that a sizeable portion of bus riders more than likely ride out of necessity. It's not like restaurant, retail, and service jobs have work from home options. Safety is another big piece of the puzzle too. With two recent shootings resulting in one death you're absolutely going to see people that do have another option choose that. The seemingly lax response from leadership to these front and center issues cannot be looked over. Sometimes it feels like the attitude is if readership is depresses then their days are easier now and they don't have to try as hard. Add to that their knuckle dragging on adding convenience features like realtime bus tracking and maintaining a consistent schedule and there's no doubt that those in charge are dropping the ball. I mean, that sort of drop in bus ridership numbers can't just be explained away by yelling pandemic. There is absolutely a leadership issue and it needs to be addressed. Blue line numbers aren't quite as bad but with people now saying that cars are packed at peak hours and the inability (or unwillingness) to bump up capacity whenever large events occur uptown why isn't more being done to increase the numbers? A decent portion of those lost riders could be recovered if Lewis and others were actually doing what they've been hired to do, lead and improve the capability and perception of the system. Sure, covid really put a stress on everything but cracks were beginning to show before 2020 and I really don't think the current leadership has what it takes to deliver the system that a city the size of Charlotte requires. We're growing too fast to not have people in charge that can make quick, confident, and concise decisions. There needs to be a real vision and I'm not confident Lewis has one.
  13. Not surprised at all. Never before have I voted strictly by party, but you can bet I am now. The party of division and hate needs to be severely weakened and only then will they (hopefully) learn a majority of this country doesn't want their vision of America.
  14. Hey, politics are now forced into every aspect of daily life so don't regret a thing. The comment really was a nothing burger and the response was a little overheated.
  15. I'm not going to form an opinion about the Eastland site yet until some information comes out. There could possibly be a very good reason as to why he canceled, but to be honest I'm not too optimistic there will be one. Given the opinion that is beginning to form about him and his antics I think it would have been smart to announce that he was donating a wad of cash to beautify the area, build/repair sidewalks, or to build a top notch park to help get something going..... anything. Hey, the job generator and entertainment isn't happening but I want to make your neighborhood a beautiful place to live and walk around in. Definitely would have softened the blow some and made him not look like a complete jerk. It isn't a good look to start pulling things left and right and disappointing so many people not all that long after bluntly saying that he's going to be demanding hundreds of millions of dollars pretty soon from those same people. I don't really fault him for the crap across the border. They made a deal that they realized later they weren't going to be able honor and expected him to renegotiate all while throwing shade and snide comments at him. If I had his wealth I would have pulled the plug too. I wouldn't want to throw down that kind of change for a permanent fixture in a place where I couldn't trust the people on the other side of the table. That's not a one time "build it and then go do your thing" situation. That's a long term partnership and he would have inevitably needed to work with them on other things in the future. He probably avoided some other stupid BS down the road.
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