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  1. I think it's about time for people to give this a rest. The South End of today is much different than the South End of five or ten years ago. The original South End identity is for the most part already gone. Sure, there is still some of that funky, grungy, quirky in the 'hood, but as the area continues to densify that stuff will become more and more diluted. I highly doubt most projects coming online in the next decade are going to go for the Phat Burrito/Common Market kind of vibe. South End has a new identity now that is only going to get more refined as the years go by and I say bring it on. I miss the old South End, but it is gone and what is rising in its place is pretty damn sweet.
  2. I don't have any engineering knowledge so those on here that do can let me know if this idea is feasible. I've always liked the idea of a cap between College and Church. Would it make financial sense to build the north and south walls of the cap to include pylons (or whatever would be necessary) for a building foundation? Where the ground slopes down now becomes developable lots (on both sides) with space for a relatively easily dug subterranean parking deck. The now unusable land between Hill and 277 on both sides of Tryon could hold Deloitte sized towers. Same on the southern side. Directly above 277 could be plaza space and the new towers abutting it could have cafés, coffee shops etc. The sale of these lots could bring in millions to help recoup the cap cost. Down the spine of the plaza, which would be the median of 277 there could be sail-like canopys for shade with an artistic touch (I know it isn't the most original idea but when done right it looks good) and bistro tables, benches, and a children's play spot underneath the shade. With the vertical walls bearing the weight of the adjacent towers the strength requirements of the actual cap could be less right? This could keep the cost down right? Again, no structural engineering knowledge here so I could totally be in lala land. What does everyone think?
  3. I know it's not the same, but years ago there was a El Pollo Loco down in Greenville SC. It stood out to me because I've always thought that was a west coast only chain. It didn't last long so I'm not sure it was them testing out the region or if it was a copyright infringement kinda thing. It had the same yellow and red sign too.
  4. The cantilever kinda gives off a tunnel vibe when on Tryon, especially at night.
  5. A couple of murals going up at West Elm
  6. So with so many signs of a looming recession around the corner what is the likelihood that the Honeywell tower will be the last for this project until the next cycle?
  7. Forgot I had taken these last Sunday. Across College from Epicenter these kids had moved a construction barrier and propped up a makeshift ramp with one of their boards. I sat and watched for a bit and I thought the amount of "chill" going on right here was pretty cool. The kids were being respectful of passersby, a handful of people had stopped to observe for a minute snacking and whatnot, and two uniformed officers halfway down the block also hanging out and just watching. It was pretty cool.
  8. Steady progress on the mural. Too early to tell if I'm gonna like it but I'm interested.
  9. Oh I know they were talking about metros. Orlando proper isn't all that bad, it's a fairly solid grid in most areas. But go outside the city limits and nearly every road is at least a 6 to 8 lane drag strip with massively wide concave medians needed for water runoff. I mean it'll sometimes be up to a half mile in between intersections and the county can't be bothered to put down pedestrian walkways in a lot of areas. So a 104 heat index on a narrow sidewalk close to 60+ mph traffic and no destination in sight. I'll pass.
  10. I'm calling BS on that list because Orlando isn't in the bottom 10. Everyone should go and live in almost any Orlando suburb and then they would say the same thing.
  11. Yeah, I thought the renovations were going to focus on ingress/egress/parking with a roundabout here and there. From what I can tell nothing is happening. With the holiday shopping season right around the corner I highly doubt anything is gonna happen this year(or maybe ever?).
  12. Action in South End today. Tryon is currently closed between Summit and Winona. Medic, CMPD, and first responder truck on site with someone laying motionless in the street in front of Apostrophe Lounge. Hope it isn't what I'm thinking.
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