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  1. Charlotte really could be doing a much better job at putting its history at the forefront. A lot of people would be surprised if they had more opportunities to learn about the local history.
  2. I love how we keep getting signature towers. We really are spoiled here in that regard.
  3. According to that link the office tower has indeed dropped a couple of floors. Now 38 instead of 42. Kind of a bummer but still a stellar project with impressive height for south of the river.
  4. I don't follow golf, but yesterday I was near some footage playing and the commentator was briefly speaking on the whole LIV controversy and that the President's Cup was a shining example of how it should be done. He couldn't praise it enough.
  5. Maybe it's one of the custom built ones constructed from the warehouse of new-old stock purchased by the new Delorian company some years back?
  6. Anyone know when this little fella first appeared in front of the Mcoll Center? I've never noticed it but you can rest assured that I will always refer to it as the Disco Chicken Nugget.
  7. I would also like to see the rest of Legacy Union be residential and hotel. I also want to see some future signature office towers go up along trade on what ever few capable lots are left.
  8. I'm not sure if this says anything, but I have literally passed three different CATS buses broken down on the street with other CATS support vehicles nearby within the past week. I'm typically haunting the southern wedge area of town.
  9. The trunk isn't shown. I guarantee it's being held shut with a bungee cord.
  10. A few years ago I watched a little piece about a family fun park built practically next door to a guy's house in Houston. Go cart tracks, a few fair style rides, and a small roller coaster (think the Snoopy coaster at Carowinds). One of the coaster's turns wasn't far from his back porch and there was nothing he could do about it. That's a no for me dog. Strict but progressive zoning laws are a very good thing.
  11. I don't think anybody is gonna touch DeeDee's hole for the foreseeable future.
  12. Really nice colors on that one.
  13. Was hoping this would at least get started early 2023.
  14. Nah, they need to think bigger and shoot for a Toby Keith's I Love This Bar And Grill
  15. The traditional mid-range malls out there (your Northlakes and your Carolina Places) really need to be proactive and figure out what their identities are going to be in the "post mall/department store" era. With the exception of ultra luxury shopping centers, which I feel most mid size and larger cities can maintain at least one, the traditional mall concept is dead and isn't coming back. Condense your remaining tenants to half the indoor space and tear down the empty half. Build an outdoor portion with a strong sense of place that people will want to stroll around after a dinner. This area can have some soft goods retail mixed in with restaurants and entertainment such as bars, billiards, a small bowling alley, and unique activity spots like Puttshack in Atlanta (look it up it's really cool), outdoor stages for live music, etc. Now you still have a smaller and more manageable indoor shopping area adjacent a small and manageable stroll district with cafes and the like. For God sakes reduce the parking lots. Those asphalt wastelands are almost entirely empty 364 days a year and with black friday becoming more and more spread out over multiple days or weeks not to mention moving more online they are eyesores that desperately need to go. Tear up 70% of them, build one centrally located two story deck with a covered transit or bus stop between that and the new, hot local hangout spot. With the newly cleared land put up driving ranges, mid rise residential and office, boutique hotels, and parks. Boom, you're back in business. Sure, this wouldn't be cheap or quick, but if they insist on running the AC in a sad space that gets a handful of visitors a day then they're just throwing money out the window instead of making more of it.
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