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  1. What the hell is an Instagram museum? Is that where you pay an entry fee to have access to colorful walls to take pictures in front of? I'm getting too old.
  2. If the fountain is removed hopefully they replace it with (at least) a smaller, easier to maintain water feature. Simply having the sound of flowing water can really elevate an urban setting and if you're standing outside of "The Cut" or something the noise of cars, buses, people, etc. can drown out the BofA fountain just across the intersection.
  3. Pretty solid resolution too.
  4. Kinda sounds like how Wonderworks (the upside down building on International Drive in Orlando). Really cool concept and interactive stuff, but a lot of these hands on museum places don't do the required maintenance and upkeep. You pay decent money to enter but end up underwhelmed at the state of the place.
  5. I don't quite understand the "wrong neighborhood" comment. This is a neighborhood that has sprouted up from vacant lots, abandoned warehouses, and old industrial buildings literally right before our eyes in only the last fifteen or so years. This is exactly the neighborhood for something like this to go seeing as the only "constant" modern South End has known is rapid and drastic change. When this is all said and done South End is going to be very dense. Surface parking is becoming fewer and farther between and five story apartment buildings are no longer viable. Hell, it won't be too long before some of the earlier residential built in the area is razed for more ten to twenty floor towers. In fifteen years South End will feel night and day different just like strolling through today is massively different from what it was like in '06 or '07.
  6. Welp..... That isn't a misleading product listing photo at all. No sir.
  7. I gave up on this building once they gave up on the greenery for the garage.
  8. A friend of mine lives in the Bell Uptown building across from Bearden Park and on a few occasions when I've visited him his hallway reeks. He said other floors are the same. He also said he has experienced the same thing in the Museum Tower. I have no problem with the use of the stuff as long as your not overwhelming your neighbors with it. If I were paying what it costs to live in these buildings I would be pretty damn pissed. If you don't have a balcony or windows that open then do it in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on.
  9. Yes. No more coordinating Atlanta trips with Microcenter visits
  10. I absolutely love the random one and two story small-scale buildings dotted amongst the towers. It makes for a much more visually interesting urban landscape instead of corner to corner superblocks.
  11. I think the fact that not long after prohibiting left turns onto Tremont they closed off one lane of East/West a block north making left turns there so frustrating. If someone isn't thinking they'll go past that only to realize they HAVE to turn left at Tremont or take a long, convoluted, traffic-heavy detour to get where they want to be. I'm now used to crossing over to South further up at Park Ave., Bland, or Carson, but sadly many people feel like they have to make that last left because they have no other choice. Clearly they do but then they'll get to their destination five minutes later and that is just unacceptable.
  12. Can this even be considered delayed yet? Phase two wasn't going to get started until after the completion of the first apartment building right?
  13. Fifty degrees isn't really all that bad for someone running for 90 minutes straight. The fans will have to bundle up a little, but the players should feel somewhat comfortable.
  14. That second shot shows a really good angle of one side of the Tryon canyon. I like it.
  15. Across Tryon or Clanton? It's a little strange watching all this new development consume a sad and depressing stretch of road so rapidly. The pace with which this is all happening can make your head spin.
  16. Awesome shot. I've always loved a good layering effect. It kinda looks like multiple different pics photoshopped together.
  17. Here's a wild pie in the sky idea. How cool would it be if they could figure out a way to convert some of the building interior to parking and install one of those car elevators? I know, most likely impossible or so expensive it's a non-starter, but that would be pretty cool.
  18. Ahh, OK, I see what your saying.
  19. I'm not sure how the bill will affect social districts. Nothing I've read about it has even mentioned them so that will be interesting to see how that might change things. It seems the main focus is to allow business owners to be able to offer deals (such as a 2 for 1 type thing) and sale prices for alcohol during the happy hour. I think there are a couple of other things that generally give bars more freedom and flexibility, but the bulk of the bill is to allow price adjustments and deals.
  20. I like the extention to four years. I want my elected officials to have more than a year to focus on what needs to get done before they have to start begging for their jobs again.
  21. It's interesting that you post this today because House Bill 94 was just filed yesterday in Raleigh which will do exactly that. It has bipartisan support and I believe it is expected to pass.
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