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  1. The top rendering with the garage and office looking more uniform is the original one released when the tower was announced. The second (and in my opinion the uglier) rendering is the most recent that was made public. I'm willing to bet what is built will look more like the second.
  2. Yes, crediting the original photographer is always the right thing to do.
  3. A sizeable portion of residents in a senior living facility won't have their own vehicles.
  4. I imagine we'll start seeing an uptick in remodels/refurbishments of older office buildings being that a vast majority of vacancies are located in those. With new construction towers being sold at record breaking prices a spruced up twenty to thirty year old building would allow companies to enter the market at a much more digestible price. New office construction won't come to a halt but I think it will slow down quite considerably.
  5. Also, some pretty outdated skyline shots in there.
  6. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...?... not gonna get fooled again.
  7. Very nice. I like the addition of the silver line stops. I wasn't even putting any thought towards that with mine. I really think this general framework for the foundry land could be a winning plan. It just seems to fit all to well IMO.
  8. What!?! Wait, so Soulstice re-did the mural outside and then closed? And didn't Salvador build a new deck about two years ago? I know all kinds of crazy stuff is going down throughout all this recent crap but had no idea those called it quits.
  9. Yeah, nowadays it seems the starting price for a run of the mill stadium hovers around one billion. If someone is looking to make a statement architecturally and have all the bells and whistles you can easily add three to four hundred million to that. Edit: Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta was 1.6 billion.
  10. The only redeeming quality to that building and everything that has tried to work in it was that it was almost always uniquely decorated/painted and stood out. I wish more businesses in Charlotte would "color outside the lines" so to speak like that. I know there is Soulstice and Salvador Deli over in Noda and those add greatly to the neighborhood visually, but I would love to see more really creative, funky stuff. An example that I've always loved is the Vortex in five points Atlanta. When I was younger and my friends and I would trek down there on a whim for a weekend or something we would often find our way in there for burgers and beer.
  11. That's what so great about our most recent stretch of development being so office heavy. The desirability and usefulness of Uptown increased so much that now a ton of residential is sorely needed. Imagine if the last five to eight years had been mostly housing and hospitality and the hope was that the office component would come next. I imagine we would see a near dead stop in construction in the wait to see how things pan out after all this pandemic mess.
  12. I did a very quick and dirty to hopefully illustrate what I was trying to describe. Not a fun task on mobile. Ha. Stadium in black and aquarium in blue. The two red spots would be parking decks with the teal being entertainment, retail, bars, and restaurants. Although difficult and expensive to do the two green lines would be pedestrian pathways underneath 277.
  13. No doubt and it's not like I'm going to be up in arms about the loss. I just think this one is an example of something that is a slightly more aesthetically pleasing than many others in the neighborhood and if it were to be saved then cool, but I'm sure what is coming will have better street presence and bring a more active block to the area.
  14. I know that many on here probably think I'm all for the destruction of older structures but I do want to say that the long building to the right of Rosemont that is supposedly coming down for this apartment is an example of one that I would rather see not removed.
  15. I really like the idea of this land becoming an entertainment district. A new stadium (with never-blocked signage to cars passing by) wedged in between 277 and 77 would work out really well where office and residential wouldn't be the most desirable. Have bars, shops, and restaurants along Morehead with dense residential bleeding north along McNinch, Cedar, and Eldridge. The removal of BofA stadium would help facilitate the rebuilding of the street grid in the area and also provide growing room for the success that is the southern tip of uptown. The land south of 77 would be perfect for another large scale attraction such as an aquarium adjacent to the 277/77 interchange. Just improve the connectivity underneath the highway and place a garage for events just outside of 277 with easy access for cars thus minimizing the need for out of town visitors to use surface roads. This would also give the Gold District more room to grow and provide some solid attractions and customers for area businesses. I just think this stretch of land is perfect for large scale developments without disrupting the fabric of the central core too much.
  16. So this whole time that I thought garage screening was required was really just the city encouraging and asking for them to be covered? I don't know why I thought that.
  17. What's your best guess as to when we'll start seeing some real movement on this? Not necessarily full build out but vertical construction.
  18. I have a question for anyone that may have a deeper understanding of how the requirements are worded than I. Is a deck screening this threadbare allowed by-right or is it possible Ally or whoever petitioned the city to be able to do this? I'm happy that raw dog garages aren't allowed anymore and I don't believe they necessarily have to be beautiful but this is such a piss poor excuse for a covering and this is the only recently constructed one that really gets under my skin. I love that there are beautification requirements are in place but if they are pitifully vague or developers aren't called out for skirting them then what's the point? The skid mark that is the Truist signage is another glaring example.
  19. Nothing actually since what I was indirectly saying is that I don't think CATS budget should be increased. Instead, I would prefer to see the money they already have used more effectively. How? I'm not sure as I don't know the inner workings of the agency. I'm just an average citizen standing on the sidelines who feels like many other do in that the city's transit is broadly dropping the ball.
  20. An increase in CATS budget would be pointless until top management is replaced with people that will use that money wisely.
  21. ^^ That's some Blade Runner looking $#!+ right there.
  22. The people at CATS know damn well they have screwed this up big time. I'm sure a labor shortage is playing some role in this, but they know the way they have rolled this out has made it undesirable for a majority of people that would use it and that absolutely nobody would ride if they had to pay. Hell, the cars are 95% empty every time I see them now and it's free
  23. Interesting reads that further illustrate the problems they are struggling with. It also shows how important it is to have experienced people on your development boards and city council. In one of the articles it mentions that other than adaptive reuses and parking garages there has been almost no significant development in their downtown since 2001. Their downtown is twice the size of uptown and South End (3.9 square miles vs. our 2.1) and look how much we have accomplished just along Stonewall let alone South End. I know they are competing with more population centers there than we are here but Florida has grown considerably more than North Carolina and there really isn't any great reasons why they are lagging the way they are other than not having the talent in place to make it happen. https://www.thejaxsonmag.com/article/will-10k-residents-really-revitalize-downtown-jax This is another article by the same publication from a year ago that provides the sources they used for the population densities and the 30,000 they quoted for Charlotte came from the CCCP 2018 annual report. Does anyone have any idea how many new residential units have come online in the Uptown/SE area since then and how many more residents that may translate to? And while I'm asking, any idea how many more we could see in the next year or two?
  24. Well crap. Hopefully they come up with something better than what that looks like it was going to be. A simple black mesh wouldn't be so bad if it was on a smaller scale, but the size that garage is would be a little much. Hell, they could do the whole garage like that but have a color gradient as it climbs up like black to dark grey-light grey-white or maybe a pleasant lighting scheme behind it.
  25. I'm guessing the deck screening will look like the black mesh that we see on the lower portion in this photo. It won't be an exposed garage, but man will this appear to be dark and dreary if that is the case. We already have a Darth Vader so I'm gonna call this one Kylo Ren.
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