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    The Vue

    Studio owners (lowest floors) should begin moving in by Fall 2010 and the interiors of the units will be completed floor by floor, so Penthouse units might be looking at a 1st quarter 2011 closing. All common areas will have to be ready before the first residential closing can occur.
  2. asulaura

    The Vue

    Drove by this morning and they are putting the crane together, so it looks like 3 days as opposed to 3 weeks for the first crane. Did anyone see them working last Sunday?
  3. Just overheard someone saying they recieved a letter from Helen Adams stating that 210 Trade was cancelled and contract holders would be recieving their earnest money back. Does Helen Adams have to pay it back or the developer?
  4. asulaura

    The Vue

    Found this on YouTube. ^I agree, wish there was a webcam for this development.
  5. asulaura

    The Vue

    http://picasaweb.google.com/lew1230/TheVUE Here are some great pictures! It's so exciting to see the tower crane being constructed.
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