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  1. I've been turned into a Coloradan, but I managed to make it back to Grand Rapids for ArtPrize last year and this weekend. The event is a ton of fun and thanks to the community for supporting it.
  2. Denver's newest downtown office building housing Xcel Engergy. The pile of dirt is from the excavation of the Union Station transit center being built.
  3. Here is a render from DenverInfill.com. I'm not sure how up to date it is.
  4. Embassy Suites hotel located downtown:
  5. Ok, here's a 5 story residential project at 13th and Downing called Alta Vera.
  6. I've been planning on submitting some updates on a few of the countless infill projects, but I haven't gone out to get some pictures yet. Check back soon.
  7. You have some great photos RestedTraveler. Were these all taken in the same trip?
  8. Not sure if this is a serious proposal or just a concept. A high rise hotel that would replace a couple low rise buildings along the 16th street mall. Hotel 31 by TAAG architects in Denver:
  9. Office tower under construction in Lodo.
  10. I didn't get a good look at it, but I think a big yellow crane is sitting on Michigan St. right now. Edit: It's just being used to take down tower 2's crane, MSU Med School is still craneless.
  11. This is the best thread on UP. Detroit has amazing photographers.
  12. Thanks Chris, I didn't know GVSU had a website for that stuff. Mackinac Hall will be huge when that's done.
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