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  1. Mandarin better not have a glass wall facing Crescent. There better be something good there.
  2. Is there really going to be that giant sign that says trump? If so not only is it ugly but its stupid since spring st. is one way and the cars wont be moving in the direction to read it.
  3. nick


    I meant huge as in a denser Atlanta with its urban areas filled in as they should be, which would mean a big increase in population, which means what everyone is talking about with a 500,000+ population. I think you get what I mean.
  4. nick


    I'm telling you, it's not possible. Yeah the city is growing, but not at 80,000 people in 2 years. Look I want the city to be huge like everyone else, but think about this logically.
  5. nick


    The last estimates were at around 420,000-430,000 as of 2004. There's no way that Atlanta has added 80,000 people in a year and a half.
  6. nick


    I'm sorry, but there is no way the city itself has over half a million people within its limits.
  7. Buried power lines are always a step in the right direction (aesthetically speaking, of course).
  8. There are always people at Centennial Park though. I went there on a weekday morning at around 10am to do some homework and there were tons of people walking around and enjoying the day.
  9. I live in Midtown (W. Peachtree St) and I dont think Midtown is a dense liveable village at all yet. Development is sporadic still with LOTS and LOTS of vastly underused or completely vacant and open lots. Atlanta is moving in a good direction but it wont be where it needs to for a long, long time.
  10. D'oh! You beat me to it! I was riding my bike down W. Peachtree today on the way home from school and saw the machines tearing out the asphalt. Exciting!
  11. Well there we go! Let's start building!
  12. Well technically there may not be a shortage, but from what I gather tech's management department and business side are growing and I think having a nice midrise dorm in tech square could help out greatly.
  13. Exactly. I think a perfect spot for some new housing would be the entire northeast block of tech square at Spring and 5th st. Tech actually owns the block, at least that's what the midtown alliance told me, so I think it would be great if they made a mid-rise about 10 stories or so for the management kids. Not only would it add a ton to tech square in general, but it would allieve a lot of the overcrowded trolley rides from atlantic drive to tech square. Plus, just think if they put a best buy on the first two floors or something to add more street retail. God that would be awesome.
  14. State has been trying to sell these to Tech for a while now but the foundations these buildings rest upon are awful and deteriorating (from what I hear), so naturally Tech doesn't want anything to do with it.
  15. I'm just saying that the angle makes it look way more dense than it really is. There's a good amount of blocks between a lot of those buildings, but the pictures suggest that it's all conglomerated into one cohesive urban jungle.
  16. Nothing like a good optical illusion, huh?
  17. http://atlanta.bizjournals.com/atlanta/sto...23/daily20.html Looks like you can all say goodbye to the Masquerade. I knew this was a major development node of the BeltLine, but I hoped they would preserve this gem. I guess I'll have to go to the Tabernacle for my punk rock fix.
  18. I disagree. I also go to Georgia Tech and have finished a semester long project on the BeltLine in December. I think the Northeast section will be developed first (After consulting with Dr. Meyer a lot for this project, he agrees). You have to remember that Wayne Mason is literally chomping at the bit to get this thing rolling. When he recently wasn't included in the development plan (even though he owns five miles of BeltLine land), he basically threatened to go ahead and build and operate the transit portion himself for his land. Though this was merely an idle threat, because although his pockets run deep, he simply cannot afford it. Transit is surprisingly expensive to build, operate, and maintain. And remember, for this to even be successful there needs to be immediate connections to MARTA, or else you would have a local light rail system connected to nothing. Kind of defeats the purpose of the BeltLine. With this in mind, I think the Northeast provides the most feasible starting point to get the ball moving. Connect it to Lindberg (though they still don't have a definite plan on how to do this) and to an East line station and you have your first leg. Many of the prominent BeltLine development nodes are in this area as well, such as the Monroe/10th St. stop and the City Hall East/Ponce stop. The BeltLine concept is more adaptable to the northeast section because it's predominantly more developed. And once this is in place the ball will begin moving and with the success of the more obvious portion of the BeltLine the other sections will follow suit.
  19. I saw that last night riding my bike back to my apartment. I just got off marta about an hour ago but they were off tonight. I wonder why. Maybe they were just testing them? Anyway, do you live in Arts Center? Just curious because I live in it. Looks like you took that pic from the pool area.
  20. Yeah seriously, what happened? I live in Arts Center Tower and go to Tech and I can tell you that lively Atlanta is not.
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