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  1. Mellisa, Replying to the snake comment, there is some snakes but it depends on where you live. I live next to a wooded area(In a Subdivison) and i've had some snakes come up to my house. The worst snake i've had was a rattler. But, they only come up once and awhile. The most of a kind that I have seen are Gardners. And bugs, well you get your fare share of them. Like snakes it depends on where you live. Mostly Mosquitos, Dragonflys, Nats, and Spiders(small ones).
  2. Welcome to the boards Mellisa. I may only be 15 but I do know a little about Jax. I know for a fact that LakeLander will be of a lot more assistance to you but I thought I would tell you, this. I lived in the cold and the very warm and out of the places i've lived (Nebraska, Belize CA, Chicago) this is a very cool place to be. And to answer your question if it rains all the time it doesn't. It just rains once and awhile, and when it does it only rains for like an hour.
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