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  1. Here's a video if you've not seen it on Charlotte
  2. Has there been any update on the current daily ridership on the CATS Lynx Blue Line recently? I will be interesting how many people are using it now as for their actual transit. I'm susre a lot of people are still riding the system for the first time just to see what it's like to ride the train. I think these are great videos showing how the rails look inside and how the stations are announced.
  3. It is kind of strange that they don't have a gang of ticket machines at the transit stations. They may have not expected such turn out to ride the rails. A pedestrian walking across the tracks of the Hiawatha Light Rail Line in Minneapolis was struck and killed by a train pulling into a station just prior to this afternoon's rush hour, authorities said. -------------------------------------- Here's something that I hope Charlotte does not do with the future lines. I hope that Charlotte does not build its other light rail lines as modern day street cars. This is what can happen when the trains run in the streets. Sacramento The driver of an SUV was in critical condition Sunday evening after running into a Sacramento Regional Transit light rail train. The accident occurred around 4 p.m. at the corner of 10th and O streets in downtown Sacramento. Houston Houston is averaging 11 crashes per track mile per year. The METRORail has earned such local nicknames as "Streetcar Named Disaster" and the "Wham-Bam-Tram". In September 2004, METRORail set a new record for the most accidents in a year, passing San Francisco Municipal Railway's 2001 record of 61 crashes over 73.3 miles or nearly 10 times the length of the Houston Redline. As of April 15, 2006, there have been 129 crashes officially confirmed in Houston with Light Rail trains. There are several possible reasons for the high accident rate in Houston most of the track runs in city streets unlike systems with private right-of-ways of some systems similar to heavy rail corridors. Since implementation of several safety improvements, the crash rates have gone down significantly over the past few years from 62 crashes in its first year of operation to 14 as of May 31, 2007 with a goal for fiscal year 2007 of 28. Minneapolis Three months after the first phase of the Hiawatha light rail line opened an 87 year old man died when he drove his sedan past blinking caution lights, through a crossing gate, and onto the light-rail tracks at Hiawatha Av. and E. 42nd St. in south Minneapolis. He was struck by a northbound Hiawatha Line train traveling at an estimated 40 miles per hour. A Hiawatha Line light rail train slammed into a mini-van at the intersection of 52nd Street and Hiawatha in Minneapolis. Officials said the driver of the red mini-van, a 77-year-old man, was trying to do a U-turn just before colliding with the train. Salt Lake City A 73-year-old woman diedafter a TRAX train crushed her car. According to Salt Lake City police, just before 5 p.m. Menlove was travelling west on 800 South when she apparently ran a red light at 200 West. The northbound TRAX train hit Menlove's car and crushed most of it underneath the train. Collisions between TRAX trains and cars are relatively rare. 1100 East and 5th South was the scene of a collision between a TRAX train and a car. With the sun getting low, the car got into the left turn lane and got hit from behind by the Trax train. A man suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries when his vehicle was hit by a TRAX train. The accident was the 3rd between a TRAX train and a vehicle in two days. A 33-year-old man was attempting to make an illegal left turn on 500 South near 1100 East about 10:30 a.m. when he was hit by the eastbound train. Rupert Davies' father and mother, Dennis and Mal Davies, were like many University of Utah students' parents: delighted about coming to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Olympic Games. But the day before the Games began, a left turn onto 1100 East changed the Davies family's plans. Rupert, 28, and his father, 55, were headed up 500 South toward the U.'s recreation center. The usual route, 1300 East, was closed in anticipation of the Olympics' opening ceremonies, so Rupert turned onto 1100 East
  4. I hope Charlotte will expand their system fast so they don't get this kind of early news as Miami's heavy rail system did when it opened. Take a look at this 1980s news report on Miami's MetroRail. Video Miami's MetroRail after it was 17 years old Today Show Miami Metrorail WTVJ
  5. This is good to hear. I think as people get use to the system more will ride it. Just think if the northern portion of the Blue Line were already under construction going to the University Area.....This Blue Line will get a lot of riders.
  6. RDU has now almost 500 daily flights. Delta recently announced nonstop service from Raleigh-Durham to Cancun, Mexico starting on February 2, 2008. American Airlines will switch its Raleigh-Durham nonstop to London service from Gatwick Airport to Heathrow Airport on March 29, 2008. American Airlines began offering service from RDU to London's Gatwick Airport in May 1994 when RDU was the North-South (east coast) hub for American Airlines. Atlanta AirTran, Delta, Delta Connection Austin American Eagle Baltimore/Washington Southwest Bentonville, AR American Eagle (begins 11/07) Birmingham ExpressJet Boston American Eagle, Delta Connection, JetBlue Cancun, Mexico Delta (begins 02/08) Charleston, SC US Airways Express Charlotte US Airways, US Airways Express Chicago Midway Southwest Chicago O'Hare American Airlines, American Eagle, United, United Express Cincinnati Delta, Delta Connection Cleveland Continental Express Columbus American Eagle Dallas-Ft. Worth American Airlines Denver United Airlines Detroit Northwest Fort Lauderdale Delta Connection, JetBlue (begins 01/08), Southwest (begins 02/08) Hartford American Eagle Houston Continental, Continental Express Indianapolis Northwest Jacksonville, FL ExpressJet, American Eagle Kansas City, MO ExpressJet, American Eagle Las Vegas US Airways, Southwest London, U.K. Gatwick American Airlines (Heathrow Int'l. begins 03/08) Los Angeles Delta Louisville ExpressJet, American Eagle Memphis Northwest Miami American Airlines Milwaukee Midwest Airlines Minneapolis/St. Paul Northwest Nashville Southwest Newark American Eagle, Continental, Continental Express New Orleans ExpressJet New York, Kennedy American Eagle, Delta Connection, JetBlue New York LaGuardia American Eagle, Delta Connection, US Airways Express Norfolk US Airways Express Orlando Delta Connection, Southwest, AirTran (begins 02/07) Philadelphia US Airways, US Airways Express, Southwest Phoenix Southwest, America West Pittsburgh US Airways Express St. Louis American Airlines Salt Lake City Delta San Antonio ExpressJet Tampa-St. Petersburg Southwest, Delta Toronto Air Canada Washington Dulles United, United Express Washington Reagan National American Eagle, US Airways Express Year Total 1985 _2,771,009 1986 _ 3,100,002 1987 _4,854,073 1988 _7,352,007 1989 _8,594,671 1990 _9,265,665 1991 _9,381,586 1992 _9,925,364 1993 _9,695,886 1994 _8,999,491 1995 _5,937,135 1996 _6,417,871 1997 _6,724,874 1998 _7,228,653 1999 _8,941,775 2000 _10,438,585 2001 _9,584,087 2002 _8,241,253 2003 _7,912,547 2004 _8,637,606 2005 _9,303,904 2006 _9,422,112 2007 _7,506,719 (from Jan.-Sept) full year total not completed. A few quick facts about RDU Eastern Airlines began service from RDU to New York and Miami in 1943. These flights stoped in Richmond, Washington , D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia. Flights to Miami were also offered by Easter Airlines with stops in Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando, Vero Beach and West Palm. Capital Airlines (later renamed United Airlines) began service at RDU in 1947. Piedmont Airlines (now US Airways) begins service in 1948 at RDU bringing the total daily flights to 22. Delta Airlines became the 4th carrier to serve RDU in 1970. American Airlines begins service in 1985 as RDU's 7th carrier. Allegheny Airlines (later USAir and merged with Piedmont Airlines to form USAir/US Airways ), began service at RDU in 1979. Terminal A opened (the blue building) in 1981 and the original 1955 Terminal building was renamed Terminal B. Trans World Airlines (now part of American Airlines) began service in 1984 as the 6th carrier to serve RDU passengers. RDU opened the 10,000 foot runway 5L-23R in 1986. American Airlines opens its north-south hub operation at RDU in the new Terminal C in June 1987. American brought RDU its first international nonstop flights to: Bermuda Cancun, Mexico London, UK Paris, France Midway Airlines began service at RDU and relocated its corporate headquarters to Raleigh-Durham in March of 1995. In 1996 American Airlines ceased hub operations at RDU due to difficulty competing with the new Miami American hub the airline took over from Eastern Airliens and what was then called USAir's hub in Charlotte (now US Airways) and Delta's hub in Atlanta. RDU's first international carrier, Air Canada, introduced service to Toronto, Canada in 1996. Canadian Regional began service to Toronto, Canada in 1997. Other airlines once at RDU Ozark Airlines (TWA bought Ozark in 1986, and American Airlines purchased TWA in 1999) New York Air (Continental Airlines in 1986. The airline was integrated into Continental in 1987) Air South (Air South ceased operations on August 28, 1997 having lost $60 million) America West Airlines (the airline was based in Tempe, Arizona, and is now a part of US Airways) Pan American World Airways (known as Pan Am, was the principal international airline of the United States from the 1930s until its collapse in 1991) PEOPLExpress Airlines (People Express ceased to exist as a carrier on February 1, 1987, when its operations were merged into the operations of Continental Airlines) ValuJet Airlines (ValuJet now operates as AirTran Airways)
  7. It's been said a number of times the Terminal A wasn't only supposed to be temporary. I wonder what the original plan looked like for the permanent Terminal A. This of course was built before there was any plans for an American Airlines hub with its own terminal complex.
  8. Terminal A is the most ugly terminal in at North Carolina's 3 major aiports.
  9. There were once plans to build a stand alone 3rd Terminal behind Terminal A before Midway Airlines closed. Here's a link to some nice view inside the old American Airlines Terminal C http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfphotocraft/222189138/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfphotocraft/...in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=431687163&size=o http://www.consultwebs.com/ncphotos/images..._550_dropwm.jpg Here's old Terminal B (the original Terminal at RDU) http://www.consultwebs.com/ncphotos/images..._550_dropwm.jpg Take a look at this rendering show an expansion of the old Terminal C and Terminal A http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/RDU-Inte...html&st=320 This is RDU before there was Terminal C when American Airlines was building the then new runway.
  10. Not sure about an American Airlines Admirals Club at RDU. American Airlines opened its newest Admirals Club at Nashville International Airport in their Concourse C, Mezzanine Level, near Gate C12. This was the 44th Admirals Club. It's interesting that when American Airlines had a hub at Raleigh-Durham the airport was smaller and the population was much smaller. Raleigh-Durham gained a lot of status when it had a major hub for American Airlines. I wonder how American Airlines feels now about RDU? By the way here's a link to an original article printed in 1985 for the original Terminal C July 3, 1985 North Carolina Hub For American Air The New York Times http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html...754C0A963948260 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Here's an article when American Airlines closed their Raleigh-Durham hub December 11, 1994 American Eagle to scrap RDU flights The announcement throws doubt on the survival of American Airlines' hub and the future of the commuter airline's 778 workers here. By DUDLEY PRICE Staff Writer The News and Observer http://www.kekatos.org/keith/amer3.htm With the pullout, AMR Corp., the owner of both Eagle and American Airlines, will have reduced its presence in the Triangle to 60 flights, down from 192 flights 11 months ago. At the beginning of the year, American had 109 daily jet flights from RDU, and as recently as August, Eagle had 112 daily flights from the hub. American now has 63 jet flights daily and 94 Eagle flights,..... ------------------------------- Here's an arcticle about Midway Airlines moving from Chicago to Raleigh-Durham January 25, 1995 Midway Taking Wing For Raleigh-Durham Mary Ellen Podmolik Chicago Sun-Times http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-4266406.html As was widely speculated, the airline Tuesday announced plans to move its hub from Midway Airport to Raleigh-Durham, N.C., leasing seven gates at that airport from American Airlines. ------------------------------------ The ending of Midway article September 12, 2001 Midway folds day after terrorist attacks http://archives.cnn.com/2001/TRAVEL/NEWS/0...down/index.html RALEIGH-DURHAM, North Carolina (CNN) -- Midway Airlines announced Wednesday that it is suspending all operations and laying off 1,700 employees immediately.
  11. Here's a video of the terminal from Raleigh-Durham WRAL TV 5 CBS http://www.wral.com/news/local/video/1739272/
  12. Take a read of todays article and hear the audio clips on the Airport. Aug 24, 2007 RDU shows off terminal-to-be By Bruce Siceloff, Staff Writer The News & Observer http://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/681187.html Triangle news crews got a first peek this morning inside a $570 million passenger terminal under construction to replace the red-roofed Terminal C at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The new terminal will open in two phases starting next summer with completion set for 2010. At 900,000 square feet, it is three times the size of the terminal it will replace. When the first phase opens next summer, the remaining parts of Terminal C will be demolished to make way for the rest of the project. Delta Airlines will move from Terminal A next summer into the new terminal, along with Terminal C tenants American, Air Canada and United Express.
  13. When you see all the past images from the other dates on the blog you can see just how much more urban downtown Durham was before 1970.
  14. This is a great blog on downtown Durham. It's got some great images and a really cool video of one of Durham's tallest buildings that was emploded in the middle 1970s. At one time Durham was larger than Raleigh up until the late 1960s. You can tell this from the images of old Durham. http://endangereddurham.blogspot.com/2007_02_01_archive.html Explore the entire blog. There are a lot of good images of old Durham compared to the Durham one can see today. Go to the past months to see other photos of Durham on the blog. http://endangereddurham.blogspot.com/
  15. Raleigh-Durham International Aiport's website has some updated photos The main page also states the terminal will open next Summer http://www.rdu.com http://www.rdu.com/airportdev/termc-photos.htm
  16. This will be a nice addtion to downtown. http://www.catalystcharlotte.com http://www.novaregroup.com/portfolio_o_charlotte.html
  17. latest update of Terminal C replacement Source and more images at RDU website http://www.rdu.com/airportdev/termc-photos.htm
  18. Here are a few other images from The Wilson Group http://www.the-wilson-group.com/cdia-deck.htm
  19. Downtown Durham 1933 Northwest corner of Main & Corcoran, with the original Post Office, the Fidelity Bank and office building next door, the Washington Duke Hotel (twin towers) in back, and the Geer Building across the street on the right. Durham 1925
  20. Washington Duke Hotel later renamed the Jack Tar Hotel Washington Duke Hotel. Construction. July 16, 1924 http://dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e205.jpg http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e213.jpg Washington Duke Hotel- Construction. November 3, 1924 http://dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e208.jpg Washington Duke Hotel. Construction. ca. January, 1925. http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e211.jpg Washington Duke Hotel. Construction Feb.4, 1925 http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e212.jpg http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e214.jpg http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e216.jpg Washington Duke Hotel. April, 1925 http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e219.jpg http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e230.jpg Durham 1925 http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/e056.htm http://www.dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/d186.jpg Washington Duke Hotel- Lobby 1925 http://dclibrary.net/prod1/ncc/photoarch/photos/e220.jpg Martin Luther King, Jr., addresses the Southern Political Science Association at Durham's Jack Tar Hotel November 13, 1964. http://www.durhamcountylibrary.org/dcrhp/mlk5.htm
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