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  1. Sorry I just saw this thread today....Haven't been on for a while. I went to the McFaddens grand opening and was not all that impressed. They did have Smithwicks though, so that made the waiting for snacks bareable, I thought the juggling leprecan(sp) dude was a bit much, but then after the DJ started blasting tunes it seemed to turn into your usual meat market kind of bar. By the way, he needs to check his mix...the bass was way over and I couldn't hear the tune at all. I'm sure there are plenty of people who love that kind of atmosphere, and that's cool...just not for me. Perhaps I'll g
  2. Used to be you had a pretty good view if you lived on the hill atop that painted 1826. Now folks will be looking at another building. AH yes....progress....
  3. Oh yeah O'Tooles!! I forgot cuz I haven't been there in a while. Thanks
  4. I only know of Black Rose and Flanigans.
  5. DUH... I think it's time for me to go home and pop open a Smithwicks. Thanks dude!
  6. I can't find a Newberry and Ionia on a map....what am I doing wrong??
  7. Wow thanks! I clicked on the Time button and perused the best voted websites and stuck a few in my favorites to look at later. Cool.
  8. Yes thank you! I posted an inquiry earlier about the stuff going on at 55 Campau NW cuz I work there.
  9. Does anybody know who draws these? Maybe that guy can tell us!
  10. The blank walls will probably be saved for plaques and name plates of big money donors. "This wall donated by(insert rich person's name here)"
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