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  1. cameronm

    NBA Talk

    Poor TRAGICS!!
  2. Talk about Tourist, it would be like living in another country!
  3. Hey, it's cool to know Orlando metro has 18 Home Depot's
  4. That angle from I-4 makes downtown seem big.
  5. Thanx's for these great photos!
  6. cameronm

    The VUE

    That first pic looks like Miami.
  7. cameronm

    The VUE

    To me it looks taller than the suntrust in that pic.
  8. cameronm

    The Plaza

    I love that statue!
  9. cameronm

    55 West

    Lol your funny!
  10. cameronm

    55 West

    Yeah those kids can be a real pain, but I love them
  11. It's not that they don't get respect. It's because the league is not as popular.
  12. I don't see anything. But anyways their from one of the crunkest county's in America. Which is ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA!!!!!
  13. Downtown has more construction going on though.
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