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  1. Thats neat. Can't wait to see final design.
  2. elb401

    Mardis Gras Park

    I like this idea a lot. However, i really wish they would change the name. Kind of trying to hard. I know Mobile likes to push Mardis Gras, but there are so many other great historical figures and events in Mobile's past to honor. Not a Carnival celebration that happens all along the Gulf Coast and around the world. Even if Mobile was the first in the lower 48 to celebrate it. It just doesn't feel completely unique to me.
  3. elb401

    Town of SaltAire

    The following is from the most current Real Estate article from Mobile Bay Times: The bank-owned Saltaire property on Mobile Bay sold to Blake Southern Homes for more than $1.2 million. The investors see the project as a bay front alternative to driving across the bay-way to Eastern Shore subdivisions. Blake Southern will use the original master plan for a 500-acre town with 1,250 homes, a fitness center, park, retail stores, two stocked lakes and restaurants. Investors plan to build 100 houses in the community this year. About nine homes were built in Saltaire before progress was stopped in 2008. About $19 million had already been invested in the lakes, a bridge and roads. A local developer kept more than 100 acres on the southern side of the property.
  4. elb401

    Come Back!

    Yeah, things have really slowed down. I maybe check this site every few months just to see if anyone has posted anything interesting.
  5. I believe that healthy downtowns are very important for cities. As "where to live" trends change (the demand for urban housing is increasing every year) cities are going to need healthy walkable vibrant downtowns. People want interesting places to live. The city of the future needs to have a mix of urban and suburban areas. Lets face it, suburban sprawl isn't going anywhere, especially in the south. There will always be someone that wants a half acre lot and live behind a gate. But, Cities and counties need to help facilitate and encourage growth in their downtown areas while also promoting green field new urbanism. Green field new urbansim will help limit land consumption, new and upkeep infrastructure costs, city or county services costs (trash, police and fire protection), and energy costs. If cities don
  6. Those are some great pictures! I haven't been to the downtown area of Montgomery since 2005. Great to see the city trying to bring back its downtown area!
  7. Looks like the golden years of Baldwin county are up. More crime, crashing home values, and endless sprawl. Its really sad. Mobile county is finally on the up swing....its just sad that suburban baldwin county is going down hill. The Metro needs to stay strong. They need planning and they need it fast!!
  8. elb401

    Downtown Mobile

    that really sounds nice. the steel and glass.
  9. elb401

    Mardis Gras Park

    The county commision is acting dumb. Why did they even try to get a non historic design passed anyways? I hope the city doesn't allow the county to build until they change the design. Steve Nodine is an idiot!!
  10. elb401

    Downtown Mobile

    I hope they lose!!!!!
  11. I'm sorry... I don't understand? could you explain this more. I don't know what that bridge looks like in tampa.
  12. elb401

    Downtown Mobile

    haha thats what I was thinking.
  13. yeah, but its only two stories tall and they are trying to do something good for that area.
  14. elb401

    Town of SaltAire

    Yeah, it really is. I just hope there will be more. I hope that developers will build onto saltaire to continue that new urbansim feel. I'm so happy that all of the waterfront will be open to the public!!
  15. elb401

    Downtown Mobile

    I just hope he opens it. I never really liked roussos. It wasn't very good.
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