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  1. I'm not sure what the whole situation is with the crown. I think it may be built mostly on the ground and I could of sworn I read in the newspaper once that it would be lifted up to the top by helicopter. As for the crown on the Riverwiew Plaza, this website shows what it will look like from two angles. Its a little flash slideshow at the top riverview hotel
  2. I had/have no idea. Where did you hear this? You're probably right though. I was just downtown two days ago and it looked awfully close to the spire. I didn't have my camera with me, but you could tell it was closing up to becoming a spire.
  3. I know its really not important, but does anyone have a picture of the new Wachovia logo on the SouthTrust Building?
  4. My mom works at the Ports downtown and she had to work when Hurricane Katrina it. Here are some crazy pictures of the flooding that you might like..... this is the oil rig that hit the Cochran Bridge.
  5. Here are some random ones I took during the summer..
  6. Being from Mobile, I've decided to add some downtown pictures. Here's some I took in early August from the cruise terminal.
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