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  1. I'll do my best not to be rude -- but this is the attitude that makes people from the central part of the state roll their eyes at NWA-ites. [And don't mistake my username for a bitter person from Little Rock... I made the choice to relocate to Fayetteville several years ago and love it] Within half a mile of the Marriott in LR: - six hotels (including the nicest hotel in the region) - three performing arts centers/theaters (including one that can host the much larger traveling Broadway shows such as Wicked that the WAC can't host) - River Market Pavilion (which hosts a variety of o
  2. This is an interesting point, and probably deserves its own topic. NWA is at quite the crossroads. The real estate fall out has pummeled the area and now Wal-Mart is moving to decentralize its operations. While it will still be a corporate behemoth, it's probably not going to contribute to any new growth. Wal-Mart has brought thousands upon thousands of talented people to the area. The question is, will these people stick around and become entrepreneurs and/or move to another company in the area? Or will they pickup and move to the next corporate job out of state?
  3. No offense, but this makes me laugh. Comparing an ugly four lane that is bordered by fast food restaurants, and cross sectioned with streets that lead to strip malls and random housing developments to a place like Hillcrest? What sense does that make? Hillcrest has its own style of architecture, its residents typically lead a similar lifestyle, and heck, it's even known for its liberal political leanings. It does require an area more "worthy," if that's the word you want to use. Fayetteville has 70,000 residents. There is no reason for big city monikers like "midtown," and to be
  4. Again...I'm not trying to be demeaning or insulting. I just want to be clear on that before I disagree with your post...I love NWA as much as the next guy. I chose to live here, after all... ...but, I find it patently absurd to say "midtown" in Fayetteville even remotely resembles a neighborhood like Hillcrest in Little Rock. It's just not true. What makes the area between Dickson and the mall a neighborhood? An unnattractive four lane street lined with chain restaurants (mostly fast food) with several cross streets that lead to random strip centers or residential areas? The area has no i
  5. I think "by the mall" is a much more reasonable way to describe what people are calling "uptown." Uptown just seems ridiculous to me - considering there is no true "downtown" to counter "uptown." I guess it just hits a nerve for me, because the only thing I've found to even remotely dislike about NWA is some of the attitudes. And I would bet, and I could be very wrong (you know what they say about ASSuming), but I'd bet the same people that want to call parts of the city uptown are the same ones that chafe me. Just let Fayetteville (and NWA, for that matter) be what it is - a wonde
  6. I'm certainly not trying to pick on you, but are people really referring to areas in Fayetteville as "midtown, uptown, downtown"? I really can't put my finger on it, but that drives me up the wall. I guess maybe because I'm originally from Little Rock and I even hesitated to use those terms there (except for downtown), but a town as small as Fayetteville especially doesn't have a true down/mid/uptown.
  7. There is no doubt that more money needs to be diverted to the more populated areas. Sometimes I'll be driving a brand new back road in the boonies and wonder if there's even 500 cars that pass over it per day. I know NWA people get upset thinking that LR gets too much money for roads, but they are really shortchanged as well as NWA. The vast majority of the busiest inersections in the state are in LR and a lot need work. Anyway, it'd be nothing but a benefit for the state for NWA and LR to see increased funding. Also -- any updates on Garland?
  8. I am glad they are growing slowly. UCA really stressed its infrastructure with their booming growth the last ten years. Professors sharing offices, students crammed into overcrowded classes, etc. The UofA has been getting their infrastructure in line first, THEN growing. Much better strategy.
  9. I think the new counting procedures had a lot to do with it....but they've also gotten a TON of bad PR lately, in addition to having to cut their advertising budget because they are so short on cash (which I think needed to be cut anyway). Also, didn't they cap the % of monies that could be used for scholarships recently? I think it is a good thing that UCA's growth is slowing down. They need to do like the UA is doing....get the infrastructure in place first, and THEN grow. Lu was doing it backwards.
  10. Sassy's looks really, really cool. I look forward to trying it. Also - I agree we need some kind of late-night food on Dickson. Just a waffle house type place, except local and much more aesthetically pleasing than waffle house. Maybe Sunrise cafe can fit the bill, but I do hate to give money to Tony C.
  11. That seems to be one of those locations that nothing works in, for whatever reason. Same for the place that had the old Alligator Ray's in it.
  12. It sounds like to me the state is open to a median, but Jordan isn't pushing it hard enough. When you are committing five million out of 6.5 million total for improvements on a STATE highway, you have a lot of leverage. And apparently Jordan doesn't understand that, and is going to get forced into something the people of Fayetteville don't want (again, despite the fact they are paying for it).
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