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  1. The original Olive Tree is off Butler in Mauldin, across from Sonic. Excellent!
  2. He mentioned fuel cells, which would include hydrogen.
  3. I like thin crust pizza, and Brixx isn't bad. The portions are a bit small for the money, IMO.
  4. I'd say "Southwest VA" would be a good catch-all. Make sure it's labeled to let posters know it's for Roanoke, Lynchburg, Danville...and possibly points as far south as Bristol.
  5. I've already sent a private message to NCB asking him this
  6. Agreed! With all the reconstruction on the Ms Gulf Coast, and probable development just inland, this will be the perfect place to discuss. Also, I'm sure there's plenty of development in the northern part of the state, just across the border from Memphis.
  7. In order for that to work, more people have to fly thru GSP. As I've said before, because we're between Atlanta & Charlotte, that will limit how large GSP will grow.
  8. Nice map...but the stops in DT are WAY too close to each other in reality. And since this line doesn't run to Greer, I wouldn't have to worry about my property tazes paying for it!
  9. I don't quite understand the idea of running any light rail north of DT Greenville. It would make more sense, IMO, to run it east, towards Taylors & Greer.
  10. Look at it this way: I don't think most people here think transportation has reached a "critical mass". That being said, I'd think if given a choice, more people would vote to fund schools over light rail. Sure, two different issues, but it still speaks to people's views as a whole, which is....we're being taxed too much!
  11. Case & Point: Last week, voters in Pickens County (Greenville suburb), voted against a 1% sales tax increase for schools. Local voters said no to taxes for schools. You expect them to vote yes for a transit initiative? (yes, I understand they're in a different county, but mindsets do transcend borders.) Charlotte's traffic is worse than Grenville's. I think we can agree on that. if we're ever to get light rail here, it would take a private company paying a hefty portion of it, and I can't see that happening.
  12. The state is cash strapped as it is. I predict the creation of a local transit tax district (or the expansion of the current one), as well as muni bonds to pay for it. Again, tax, tax, tax. If it does come down to this, I also predict local voters will kill it off.
  13. The prospect of light rail here is exciting, indeed. However, just like the extention of bus service to Mauldin & Simpsonville, I can't help but feel this is another tax grab. However, I think light rail would have more riders than the aforementioned bus service. I know I'd ride it.
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