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  1. Dude you're killing me here...
  2. So slightly offtopic, but today at MUC I happened to notice this on the board...
  3. So back to the topic of GSP, I was checking out the Google Satellite view, and it shows the basic outlines completed. Is the garden going to be landside or airside? Also, what are the opinions of the feasibility of glass jetbridges. I've seen that Huntsville, AL now has them, and I think Amarillo TX has them as well. I think that they would work really well for GSP.
  4. I want to see a direct to Boston, Toronto, Denver, and LA. LA is pipe dream, but not out of the question. With as many magazines and articles that come up for how awesome Greenville is, why the hell you don't have more destinations is a loss for me. Maybe instead of the people pods, put the money aside for JetBlue or Air Canada Express / WestJet.
  5. I think that if anything, this needs to be transformed to one of the VAL systems in use in France, similar to Rennes. Basically a very small light metro that is about 6 miles long. The idea of a glorified Morgantown PRT just doesn't sit well with me.
  6. There is a similar HT in Charlotte SouthPark near my office there. Starbucks and everything. If this is going to be similar then I'm not diametrically opposed to it.
  7. Maybe slightly offtopic, but I'm starting to wonder if HT is going to buy out a portion of the BiLo stores in the Greenville area. When I was last down there, the stores seemed to have really gone downhill, and as if there was no capex being spent on them any longer.
  8. I flew into and out of GSP last weekend and all I could say is wow. The airport finally looks like a real airport with the normal amenities that I've come to expect. Now if only JetBlue flew into GSP I'd be all set.
  9. My 2C in this... just found this browsing the net, I was in a CityTarget in Chicago, and that has the ability to fit in downtown. I don't think that a full size like what is on Woodruff would work downtown at all, but CityTarget and TargetExpress. Here is a link to the new CityTarget being built in Fenway I really think that would work nicely in the area of downtown. Maybe not the same size as the Fenway location but like Seattle's or Chicago's urban store.
  10. I flew into GSP today. Looks good, although a pain trying to navigate and figure out where everything went.
  11. Wow, but then again, when I lived on Cleveland St I just shopped at Publix anyways. BiLo just stopped taking care of their stores, and it shows. Is the Dollar General still in business at Lewis Plaza, or has that gone the way of the buffalo as well? Will Publix go where the health food store is / was in the back of the plaza? Sorry for the questions, but it's been almost 6 years since I've been back there.
  12. Is that the BiLo across from Tech? Or was there another one?
  13. That sucks. The pdf that I downloaded showed that the timeline and I figured that they'd be well underway by now, but oh well.
  14. Yeah, some of the time. Thankfully Somerville's store isn't very gaudy.
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