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  1. HSVTiger

    The Shoals/Quad Cities Developments

    New hotel under construction An $11 million apartment-style hotel will begin construction in August adjacent to the old Sweetwater Plantation, and tourism officials expect it will accommodate visitors during peak tourism times. The Marriott Residence Inn is expected to be completed by the fall of 2009, bring 35-40 jobs and is projected to have $2.8 million in revenue for its first year. The hotel will have a total of 110 studio, one bedroom and two bedroom suites that will include full kitchens, will be larger than typical hotel rooms and will resemble the layout of an apartment. "The goal of the property is to provide a homelike atmosphere with business amenities and give a sense of community to its patrons," says Tony Contigiani, regional director of operations for Yedla Management Co., the project's developer out of Huntsville. "This can be achieved by guests connecting with guests, connecting with the associates and connecting with the community," he said. http://www.timesdaily.com/article/20080522.../805220327/1011
  2. HSVTiger

    The Shoals/Quad Cities Developments

    This is a big building.. from WAFF 4,000 feet long, 700 feet wide. It will soon be the North Alabama railcar plant. Project executive Paul Panelli says the biggest challenge with this project has been the design. "As new process equipment vendors have been coming on board, we learn more about that equipment so it's caused some changes to the design very late in the process," Panelli said. A process that's taken 300,000 man hours and 90 days of construction so far; but this project hasn't worn Panelli down. "Very excited when we first started the project and the level of excitement has continued to build throughout the project.," he said. A project that started with 300 workers on site, and will ultimately provide jobs for 1800 people.
  3. HSVTiger

    Nashville International Airport

    Coming this summer Air Show in Huntsville, http://www.hsvairport.org/airshow/index.html
  4. HSVTiger

    Metro Huntsville Development News

    I think a renovation of the Winn Dixie strip center next door would be a better alternative than this. Better access, visibility and location. I guess costs are probably too much, easier to build something smaller and new.
  5. HSVTiger

    Metro Huntsville Development News

    very nice!, I like the airport and Space Center shots
  6. for another perspective over 900,000 people live in a 50 mile radius of HSV. There are some similarities but it's not really an easy comparison. The main thing is Greenville is showing alot of communities how to do things right including Huntsville/Decatur. Greenville is a great city. Not to throw the topic off, but for those interested, more things to look at http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread...638#post3291638
  7. From the visits made earlier, Greenville the inspiration. One side note, Decatur and Greenville are not the same size. I guess they may mean the inner city, anyway hopefully Decatur can carry through. http://www.decaturdaily.com/stories/3487.htm
  8. HSVTiger

    BJCC Expansion plans

    Is Birmingham the only city in the United States considering building a dome? Others (Indy, Dallas) are building new stadiums for their NFL teams but I believe they are either open air, retractable roof or some variation. Just seems odd to push an idea that isn't desired by bigger city's anymore. Even the proposed new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings (which is on hold at the moment) would have a retractable roof. Birmingham may get their desired dome but why not lead with new ideas instead of chasing 20 year old ones?
  9. HSVTiger

    Nashville International Airport

    That's too bad, and I'm surprised JetBlue is ending this service. I expected Nashville to become a big player in their routes. What was the problem in the first place? Not enough convenient service, wrong time slots?
  10. HSVTiger

    Metro Huntsville Development News

    I hope the biggest project for 2008 will be a downtown project announcement slated for a 2009 completion. It may be a stretch to see Constellation and or Harris Hill completed in 2008. Airport expansion will be ongoing with a 2009 completion as well. You would like to think there will be a surprise or two.
  11. HSVTiger

    Downtown Huntsville

    Local officials announced today that the Heart of the Valley YMCA will open a 14,378-square-foot fitness center on the first floor of the Huntsville Utiliites building on Spragins Street. The Downtown Express Center will include weight machines, an aerobics studio and a state-of-the-art cardio theater. Other amenities planned for the $850,000 project, which is expected to open in May, include aerobics and spinning studios, a whirlpool, women's and men's locker rooms and a child watch area. Cardio machines such as treadmills and stationary bicycles will be equipped with individual audio feed and video screens. http://blog.al.com/breaking/2007/12/ymca_c...downtown_h.html
  12. HSVTiger

    Nashville International Airport

    maybe this is related http://www.ajc.com/business/content/busine...delta_1121.html By RUSSELL GRANTHAM The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 11/20/07 Delta Air Lines' pilots will work to block a New York hedge fund's "poisonous vision" for a merger with United Airlines, the leader of the union said Tuesday. Union Chairman Lee Moak told members in a letter posted on the union's Web site that the group views the proposal by Pardus Capital Management as a hostile takeover attempt akin to US Airways' bid for Delta late last year. "Pardus' demand for a merger between Delta and United is a poisonous vision built upon an artificial timeline and focused primarily on a financial transaction," said Moak. "As we demonstrated in the case of the US Airways assault on our company, we can stop a consolidating event that is not in our best interests, and we will treat the demands by Pardus no less seriously that those presented by US Airways last year." Pardus Capital proposed last week that Delta merge with United Airlines in a stock-swap deal. The New York firm, which owns 7 million Delta shares and 5.6 million United shares, has been meeting with investors to drum up support for its plan. Delta and United executives have both said they believe the industry needs to consolidate, but both carriers say they are not in informal or formal merger talks.
  13. HSVTiger

    Metro Huntsville Development News

    not sure if this is related but there is a zoning issue coming up in this area. The location described is a bit confusing. 1. Resolution to set a public hearing on a resolution and ordinance authorizing the approval of and consent to the vacation of a East 45-foot right of way of 10th Street, North of Governor's Drive to the Southerly right of way of 3rd Avenue and North of the Northerly right of way of 3rd Avenue to the Southerly right of way of I-565 for West Huntsville Land Company, Stove House 5, Inc., and Gregory Scott Hodges. (December 6, 2007 Regular Council Meeting) (City Attorney)
  14. HSVTiger

    Nashville International Airport

    Thanks Lexy, top notch photos. Any special planes from the CMA awards last week? Hard to believe George Strait flew commercial.